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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 657: The Rescue Squad Bahasa Indonesia


I was a little surprised to see a minotaur of all things but my surprise was quickly suppressed since it was something normal to see in this type of situation.

I mean… Demi-humans have been a part of society for a long while now, haven’t they? I even have a few demi-humans within my Family too, just look at Alpha and the maids under her.

In fact, there were also people who have awakened to abilities in this world, so it should be normal for me to overpower this minotaur by myself.

Yep, totally normal.

I dusted my hands, “So… You guys have two choices. One, you guys give up everything you have and I let most of you live. Two, I kill every single one of your people today and drag you three to the Ryu headquarters to demand compensation.”

The Kashima Patriarch looked like he was considering my offer for a moment before he raised his hand in the air.

“I apologise, Kitakura-dono, it seems like you can’t get what you want after all…” He whispered, though still loud enough for me to hear.

My senses screamed at me of an oncoming threat and I shifted my sight to the roof of a building a few hundred meters away.

Perched on said roof was a sniper with his sights aimed at me, his muzzle flashing in the darkness as the trigger was pulled.

I reached up my hand and casually plucked the bullet out of the air, my hand a blur as I threw the bullet back at the shooter and let it bury itself into his cranium before he could even blink.

I turned back to look at the people gathered in front of me with a raised eyebrow, “You guys brought guns?”

Instead of answering me, Kashima waved his hands and his men pulled out firearms that they had hidden on themselves, moving to point them at my family.

Ok then, you guys signed your death warrant.

There was the loud whirring sound from my left and several of them turned to look, only to be mowed down by a rain of bullets shot from a M-one-three-four Minigun.

Gamma stood her ground above the warehouse roof as she swung her weapon in an arc, peppering everyone unfortunate enough to be below her with lead.

Huh… I didn’t know she had brought that with her as well. Where was she even keeping that?

Almost half of their men got mowed down before the rest could take cover from the hail of bullets. Unfortunately for them, their attention had been completely focused on the minigun threat that they’d forgotten the enemies in front of them.

My men pulled out their own guns and began their own massacre, leaving me to stroll up to the three Yakuza heads who were currently hiding behind a few crates unmolested.

“This was not part of the plan!” Hirose growled at his associate, ducking his head as splinters flew past him.

“And what was that, Kashima?! You were planning to kill him! I did not agree to that!” Kitakura shrieked. Seems like the woman really wants me as her sex toy or something.

“Shut up! I didn’t expect him to have a centauress with a minigun of all things! Our plan was definitely leaked somehow, they were too prepared! How the hell did that brat even catch a bullet with his bare hands?! We need to get out of here!” Kashima yelled back.

I leaned on the crate casually, “So… You three ready to be dragged off to the Ryu headquarters yet?”

The three of them recoiled away from me, surprised that I was there.

Hirose was the first to react, his hand reaching out to grab at my collar before pulling his hand back in an attempt to punch me.

“How nice of you to show up here yourself! I’ll kill you right here and now!”

This guy has amnesia or something? You’re picking a fight with someone who literally killed a minotaur with one punch in front of you, you know?

I had intended to snap his wrist before breaking his legs but before I could do that, an icicle shard blew his head off his shoulders, killing him instantly.

I blinked for a second before two more ice shards blew off the heads of the two yakuza leaders that were standing in front of me.

Looking up, I saw Kiyomi standing on top of a roof looking down at the carnage with Brendan crouched beside her. Behind the two of them was Elaria who was holding some sort of device that was in the midst of breaking apart, causing the portal next to her to shut.

The three of them quickly came to me, ignoring everything else that was going on.

“Master! We finally found you!” Brendan cried out, leaping off the roof to land in front of me.

Elaria leapt forward to hug my arm, “Onii-sama! Here you are! We’ve been looking all over for you!”

I tilted my head at them, “What are you three doing here? Shouldn’t you all be back at the mansion?”

Kiyomi appeared beside me, “Not good… It seems Master has been affected as well.”

Brendan grabbed my shoulders and shook me a few times, looking quite desperate, “Master! You have to remember! All of this is not &[email protected]! We’re being %#$%#! You need to &*%$!”

Hmmm? The gunshots seem to be drowning out his words and I can’t hear them well.

“Sorry, what did you say?”

“Damn it! My words are being jumbled too? Master, find *&%$! You need to $#%$#!”

Ugh, this is quite irritating. Was my hearing always this bad?

Hmm? Is it just me or are all my senses suddenly dulled? Everything looks blurry and muted now, the sounds of gunshots were also getting fainter and fainter…

My senses returned back all of a sudden with a ‘pop’ when I heard a loud roar behind me.

All four of us turned to see a horde of those End Shadows sprinting towards us.

Eh? The world didn’t even change, are you telling me the End Dimension is not a thing anymore or they’re already capable of crossing over now?

Right, before worrying about that let’s deal with these monsters fir–

“Weaklings,” Kiyomi declared, waving her hand in an arc.

In an instant, the entire area was frozen solid, catching all the End Shadows within it.

Unfortunately, some people were also unfortunate enough to be caught within the Technique, including a few of my own.

What was a little weird was the fact that no one stopped fighting, as though all of this wasn’t happening right in front of them. They weren’t even reacting to the End Shadows’ appearance either.

Did their perception skills get reduced to zero or something?

“Brendan, hurry up, we don’t have much time,” Elaria called out, looking down at a watch she was wearing.

My alchemist nodded before pulling out a few bottles from his storage ring.

He looked at me in worry, “Master… Do you trust me?”

“Of course,” I answered immediately.

“Then please remove all of your defences for just a few seconds.”

I frowned at his request but I did it anyway, making myself feel naked without all those defensive inscriptions active on me.

He nodded before smashing the bottles he held at my feet, creating a smoke cloud that I inhaled.

The smoke caused me to choke and I started coughing, my vision became blurry and everything faded to black.

The next thing I knew, I was being grabbed by Hirose again.

I quickly snapped his wrist with my hand before sweeping his legs out from under him, letting the big guy fall onto the ground with a loud thud.

Eh? Where did Brendan, Kiyomi and Elaria go? Weren’t they just here a while ago? And where are all those End Shadows that were attacking us before? They couldn’t have just disappeared like that, could they?

Also, didn’t these three die from getting their heads blown off by Kiyomi? Why are they fine now?

Did I imagine all of that?


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