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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 627: A Confession Bahasa Indonesia


When the last bell signaling the end of school finally rang, Tsuki immediately made her way towards me with her usual charming smile, “Aniue~ I’m going to the student council room to register for the student council president elections. Do you want to come with me?”

“Hmm? I don’t see why not. Will you guys be joining us as well?” I asked the other three of Tsuki’s friends.

Nishimura gestured to his bat, “Sorry, I have baseball practice today.”

“The manga club is meeting today as well, so I need to go there,” Maeda explained.

“And I have my part time job to rush off to,” Fujiwara added apologetically.

I waved at them, “No worries. You three have fun~”

“We’ll see you tomorrow, Onii-san!”

The three waved back at me before dispersing out of the classroom, leaving me with Tsuki.

Tsuki wrapped her arm around mine with a cheeky smile on her face, “Ehehehe~ We’re alone now~ Shall we go now, Aniue?”

I quickly packed up my things and the two of us left the class together, making our way towards the student council room at the top floor of our school building so that Tsuki could formally announce her participation in the event.

It was my first time going there so I was a little bit confused to find a door that was ornately decorated like the entrance to a mansion. There were even two lion marble statues standing on either side of it as though to intimidate any visitors.

Definitely not something you’ll expect to find within a high school and yet here it was.

Tsuki rapped her knuckles on the door and a voice called us to enter a moment later.

“Excuse me,” Tsuki called out, entering the room with myself following behind her.

Oh wow, even the room was ornately decorated, reminding me of the grand hall in Queen Guiying’s palace.

They had a large table arranged in an upside down ‘U’ shape so that visitors would have to stand in the space in the middle, allowing all the members to look at them from three directions. I don’t know about you but this table seems pretty inefficient for meetings when everyone’s so far apart.

They even have a chandelier dangling from the ceiling… Is this really a student council room? Is there really a need for it to be so extravagant?

Judging by the fact that Tsuki barely batted an eye at the sight, it must seem normal for the students here. Is this how student councils are supposed to look like?

The boy sitting in the middle centre stood up to greet us with a business smile. I assume he was the current student council president judging by his seating position.

“Ah, good day. It seems we are blessed by the presence of ‘the beautiful ice princess’ herself. What can the student council do for you?”

Tsuki smiled at him, “Oh good, you know who I am, then I shall dispense with the unnecessary introductions. I am here to formally announce myself as a candidate for the next student council president.”

Everyone in the room was visibly stunned by her proclamation.

“I’m sorry?” The current student council president muttered.

“Ahem, I said I’m here to formally announce myself as a candidate for the position of the next student council president,” Tsuki repeated.

It took another minute for the people in the room to comprehend her words.

“You… Want to be the next student council president?”

Tsuki sighed dramatically, “Is the current student council president hard of hearing? Do I need to repeat myself a third time?”

Woah… What’s with the sass, Tsuki?

The boy beside the student council president stood up, “Yukihime-sama, could we know the reason for your participation?”

What the hell? This guy is actually calling Tsuki ‘snow princess’? I’m trying my best not to cringe here, you know?

Tsuki turned to him, “My reasons are my own, Takeda-san. I do not believe I have to state a reason to become a candidate, do I?”

“No, no. Not at all, Yukihime-sama.”

Oh… So that’s the Takeda boy? I think I know what’s going on now even without peeking into the boy’s mind.

He’s simping hard for Tsuki and he’s absolutely jealous of me. His new rule of preventing people gathering outside the school was made solely to prevent me from waiting for Tsuki in front of the school, not to make it safer for the students.

I’m guessing he was hoping he could then use that time to try and get closer to her since Tsuki would always make a beeline to me when I’m waiting there for her, giving him more chances to interact with Tsuki.

That would also explain why he was shooting me dirty looks the moment I entered the room.

Seriously man, my respect for you just went entirely down the drain… You’re nothing but a simp…

The student council president sighed and instructed one of the members to provide Tsuki with the necessary documents to officiate her participation.

While she was busy with that, the Takeda boy approached me with a clearly displeased expression on his face.

“Could I talk to you for a moment?”

I shrugged, “Aren’t you doing it now?”

He gritted his teeth, “You set Yukihime-sama up to this, didn’t you?”

I gave him an incredulous look, “Now why would you think so?”

“It’s obvious,” He huffed, crossing his arms in front of his chest. “You’re afraid that I will take her away from you. You’re afraid that Yukihime-sama will prefer me over you.”

“Oh? Really confident are you? What makes you think that I even knew about your existence before today? I don’t believe we’ve met before this.”

“Hmph! Just by the fact that you enrolled yourself into this school, it’s obvious that you feel threatened by me. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you’re just trying to keep Yukihime-sama to yourself by limiting her interactions with others. If I could have just a few minutes with her, she would be mine.”

Unless this kid has some mind control Technique up his sleeve, I highly doubt that’s going to happen…

But well, I’ll entertain him since he seems so confident of himself.

“Tsuki,” I called out, gesturing for her to come over when I got her attention.

She skipped over to me, “What is it, Aniue?”

I smiled at her, “Takeda-san here said that he would like to talk to you for a few minutes.”

Tsuki regarded the boy beside me with an icy stare, “What do you want?”

As though he had seen salvation, the boy’s face lit up, “Yukihime-sama! I really like you! Please go out with me! If you do, I promise I can give you anything your heart desires! Fame and fortune, I can give both to you!”

“Not interested,” She rejected immediately before turning back to me. “Is there anything else, Aniue?”

I reached out and patted her head, causing her to squirm and giggle, “Nope. Are you done yet?”

“Auuu… Eh? Umm… I just need to sign a few more forms and I’ll be done. Could you wait for a while more, Aniue?”

“Umu, take your time. I’m thinking of making curry again today.”

She gasped, “Aniue’s curry?! I will be quick!”

Without acknowledging the still shocked Takeda boy, she returned to where she was to continue her application.

“Good try I guess. Except you know nothing about Tsuki and you made the mistake of thinking Tsuki can be ‘owned’. Just some advice from me to you, Takeda-san. Give up before you get burned.”

He turned to glare at me, “I knew it… You brainwashed her… Mark my words, I will do everything I can to break her out of it, just you wait!”

Without waiting for my reply, he stomped his way back to his seat, ignoring the stares from his fellow council members.

Wow… This guy’s not only overconfident, he’s also completely delusional…


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