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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 626: There’s No Way My Cute Little Sister Is The Ice Princess Bahasa Indonesia


After that proud declaration from Tsuki, we returned back to class just as the bell started to ring.

“Tsuki-chan… I might be imagining things but… Did your breasts get bigger?” Maeda asked, looking pointedly at my little sister’s chest area.

She smirked, “Hehehe~ I had a growth spurt and it’s a cup size bigger than before! Jealous?”

I did my best to keep my face neutral and pretended not to hear them.

I caught Nishimura glancing towards Tsuki’s direction, his eyes widening for a moment, before quickly turning away and pretending he did not hear nor see anything as well.

“Heeeeh~ I’m definitely jealous,” Fujiwara groaned, looking down at her own chest. “Did you do something special to make them get bigger?”

Tsuki’s eyes gleamed, her eyes darting to me for a moment before returning back to her friends.

No, Tsuki, don’t say it…

“Fufufu~ It’s all thanks to Aniue!”


Three surprised voices leaked out and the same three pairs of eyes turned to me.

I sighed, “I told her to drink more milk and get more exercise.”

The three of them nodded their heads in understanding while Tsuki just tilted her head at me in confusion.

Come on now, Tsuki. What were you expecting me to say? I mean… I don’t mind revealing to your friends about my abilities but I thought you were happy to keep it as ‘our little secret’?

Don’t tell me that the possibility of showing off my abilities overruled your desire to keep it secret?

A smirk suddenly manifested on Maeda’s face, “Speaking of which… Now that we know Tsuki-chan comes from a rich family, maybe we should start calling you ‘Tsuki-ojousama’ instead?”

My little sister visibly shuddered, “Ew… Please don’t. It gives me shivers just thinking about it… Oh, but feel free to call Aniue ‘Onii-sama’ instead, I don’t mind if it’s–“

“Rejected,” I interrupted immediately.

“Booo… Aniue is no fun…”

Fujiwara broke out into laughter, “Ahahaha! Seriously, Tsuki-chan, you act so differently in front of your brother than with anyone else!”

I raised an eyebrow at her, “What do you mean?”

“Heh heh, didn’t I tell you? Tsuki-chan is known as ‘the beautiful ice princess’ for a reason you know? If she was in front of anyone else, she wouldn’t even mmmgggff!”

Tsuki quickly covered Fujiwara’s mouth before she could finish her words.

“Ehehehe~ How about we hurry back to class, Aniue? Class is about to start soon!” Tsuki suggested, keeping her hands planted firmly over Fujiwara’s mouth.

Well… I could simply find out what she wanted to say by looking through her memories, but since it’s something that Tsuki doesn’t want me to know, I’ll refrain from doing that.

Hmmm? Why am I only respecting Tsuki’s privacy and not anyone else’s?

Of course I would place my cute little sister above everyone else in this world. So if she doesn’t want me to know something, I would respect that.

Thus, I didn’t comment on it and we managed to return to our class without any other incidents.

That is, if you don’t count the other two girls fawning over Tsuki’s new assets as incidents of course. In hindsight, I should have placed a charm on her that prevented people from noticing her increase in bust size.

Too late for that now anyway so I’ll just ignore it.

I returned to my seat by the window just as our teacher walked in, starting our Japanese lesson for the day.

Coincidentally, our Japanese teacher was also our homeroom teacher so it wasn’t surprising when she announced at the start of the class about the student council elections that were happening soon.

It was more of her just informing us about it so the last thing she expected was Tsuki to raise her hand and declare, “Sensei, I have decided that I will run for student council president as well.”

Our teacher blinked a few times at Tsuki before letting out an “Eh?”

If I’m correct, the student council president in this school is usually chosen from one of the two current vice presidents of the student council who would have joined the student council as a member when they were first years.

Of course there were no rules against someone applying for the student council president position even if they weren’t a member, but it’s no secret that there would be some favoritism in the results.

Especially since it’s decided on popularity and the two vice presidents would have been involved in many public relation activities with the students so they should be more well known.

So even if someone were to try, they most likely wouldn’t win anyway.

According to Tsuki, she would be the first second year student who was not part of the student council to get the position of student council president. Something that hasn’t happened in this school before.

The teacher finally regained her senses, “Umm… Tsuki-chan… Are you sure you want to?”

“Of course, sensei. I have already made up my mind to do so. The current two candidates are less suitable for that position and thus I have seen fit to offer myself for the greater good of the school.”

That definitely isn’t the reason you told me just a few minutes ago, Tsuki…

I mean… I can guess why the previous Tsuki wanted to run for president that badly since I wasn’t enrolled in this school in the other timeline, she would have more incentive to run for the position then.

But if she really wants to try this time around as well, I would of course support her as much as I could.

Not to the point of using my powers though, since that might spoil her too much down the road if things are handed to her so easily.

No, the breast enhancement does not count. That’s something unattainable by her under normal circumstances.

The teacher smiled wryly at Tsuki, “Is there something wrong with their policies? Perhaps you could just talk it out with them?”

I leaned to my right and whispered, “Aoki-kun… Why is our teacher so against Tsuki running for student council president?”

The girl looked surprised by my question, “Eh? Does Onii-san not know about Tsuki-san’s position in our school?”

You too? Is everyone just going to call me Onii-san? Oh whatever, it’s not that I mind anyway.

I nodded my head at her.

She peeked at Tsuki who was delivering an eloquent speech about her passion in working for the school before turning back to face me.

“Tsuki-san is known as one of the top three beauties in our school and ‘the beautiful ice princess’. At least a quarter to half of the school are her fan club members. If she were to announce herself as one of the candidates, she would definitely have a chance of winning due to the support she has.”

I guess that’s the power of having good looks for you…

“Incidentally…” She continued, suddenly acting shy. “I’m also one of the three beauties… Umm… ‘The charming ojou-sama’… Is what they call me.”

I raised an eyebrow at her, “‘Ojou-sama’?”

She hid her face behind her hands, “I know… It’s embarrassing… I’m not the one who came up with the names…”

Well whoever came up with those names need to get their eyes checked, how dare they call Tsuki an ‘ice princess’? It’s obvious she’s as bright as the sun! Look at her! She’s so utterly cute and adorable!

Yep, I’ve decided. If I find out who gave her that name, I’ll definitely give that person a slap and tell them to look properly.


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