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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 623: The Transfer Student Bahasa Indonesia


I’ve already spent a few months within this world and I’ve pretty much gotten used to life here.

I told Tsuki about the yakuza business I was in and she simply accepted it without batting an eye, as though there was nothing wrong with her brother being involved in the underworld side of society.

The other me might have intended to keep her pure so he refrained from telling her in the other life, but we all know how that turned out anyway so no need to keep all this secret from her.

The Kashima Family whom we subjugated adapted to their new role quite smoothly. So smoothly that one can’t help but be suspicious of them.

Of course, I already knew what they were planning to do so it’s not like I have to worry much about them. I’ve already given Hiroto instructions on how to deal with them so they were effectively neutered and not even a threat, despite their patriarch thinking otherwise.

There’s still the old men at the top of the Ryu Alliance who might take offense at my presence just because I was young. But being the conservative and greedy bastards they are, a simple monetary gift to them was enough to keep them quiet.

For the more troublesome and self-important ones, I just needed to go to them and say some superficial words of respect and assure them of my intentions of helping the Alliance prosper. All they really want is to see me genuflect myself to them so they think they’re above me.

Incidentally, I didn’t have to do it myself since I could simply make a clone or even an illusion of myself doing it, so no big deal really.

I also took the time to teach Yumi on international logistics and had her take over the trading company that was supposed to be our front. With my help, she managed to expand it even faster than I did in my other life.

We quickly became indispensable to the Ryu Alliance thanks to our logistics and we’re growing to be one of the giants of commerce as well.

It got to the point where we even had a fleet of cargo haulers, trucks and even a few planes under us now. The girl’s got a good head on her shoulders so I’m quite happy she’s definitely not going away this time.

I found out from my memories the reason she ‘left’ us in the other life was because Kashima tried to use her against us. He sent someone to kidnap her and break her but she committed suicide before they could get anything out of her.

Just for that, I have something special in mind for that Family.

I know this world is merely just an alternate world and not the real one, but precisely because it’s an alternate world, I’m not going to restrain myself. Well, not to the point of just outright smashing them using a meteor since I don’t want to use my powers too much.

No, it’s not because I’m trying to keep the world balanced or some other inane reason like that, I’m just here for a good time and things get pretty boring when you have to rely on cheats all the time after all.

When you know that everything will go your way no matter what happens, life will start to look meaningless you know? If every pull of a gacha gives you the same results, it would lose its thrill entirely.

So far, only Tsuki knew about my abilities since I saw no reason to tell anyone else about it.

I asked Tsuki if she wanted to move to a larger house since we were practically rolling in dough now but she was fine with what we have, as I had expected.

She did ask me if it was possible for her to gain some powers too so I tried to teach her how to cultivate. Unfortunately, the Tsuki of this world did not have a Cultivation Point so it was impossible for her to cultivate any abilities.

It was theoretically possible for me to use Origin to create a Cultivation Point for her, but I’d rather not risk it since I’m still not absolutely sure of how it works even now. I’ve only just begun to recall the memories of my childhood with Elaria after all.

I’ll probably experiment on it some more before deciding on that. In the meantime, I could use inscriptions or maybe create some items that can bestow abilities.

By now, I’m pretty much prepared for anything the future might throw at me.

Since there wasn’t much that required my personal attention, I’ve found myself stuck with a lot of free time. Which brings me to where I am today.

“There is someone I would like to introduce to all of you today. Please welcome your new classmate,” The teacher gestured to me.

I bowed my head slightly to the class, smirking a little when I spotted Tsuki rolling her eyes at me from the front of the class.

“Good day, I believe most of you already know who I am so I won’t take too much of your time. I am Tsuki’s elder brother and due to some circumstances, I never completed my education. But now I decided to come back and finish it so even though I may be older, I hope you can treat me just like any other classmate of yours. I look forward to learning with all of you.”

The students immediately bagan murmuring amongst themselves with a few of them directing their gazes towards Tsuki who was sitting at the front of the class.

The teacher nodded at my self introduction before gesturing to the back of the class.

“You can take the seat beside Aoki-san at the back. If you have any questions, she can guide you.”

Of course, I got the ‘main character’ seat at the back of the class right beside the window.

I thanked her and made my way to the seat beside Tsuki’s former bully, the poor girl getting more and more anxious as I got closer to her.

“Good morning,” I greeted her.

“G… G… G… Good morning!!” She greeted back, on the verge of hysteria.

“Relax, I know you have kept your word. Though I definitely do not approve of you bullying my little sister, it did help her grow as a person. I won’t thank you for that though.”

That was not lip service either. My memories of the future showed that because of Aoki-san’s bullying, Tsuki became more resilient as a person and she was also one of the reasons why she ran for student council president.

So in a way, she did help Tsuki somewhat.

Of course, I was only fine with this girl since her bullying was only limited to verbal insults directed more towards me. If she had tried to hurt Tsuki any other way, she would have ceased to exist.

“Ummm… Th… Thanks…” She muttered a little pathetically.

Homeroom soon ended and I was quickly surrounded by my classmates trying to get to know me.

But before even one of them could ask me anything, Tsuki had barrelled her way through them and grabbed my hand, pulling me out of the class at record speed towards the rooftop.

I let myself be dragged along and smiled at her when we reached our destination.

“Aniue! What are you doing here?” She demanded.

I pretended to be confused at her question, “Hmmm? Didn’t I already explain in class? I never finished my education so I’m here to finish it.”

She started hitting my chest, “That’s not it! It’s entirely weird that you managed to enter into my school in my year and also my class so easily! Not to mention the fact that Aniue actually didn’t have any education background before this so there’s no way you could… Ah.”

I chuckled, “You finally realised huh? Yes, I might have done some ‘special’ things to make this happen.”

She pouted at me, “Mou… Was there any reason you had to become my classmate? Isn’t it better if Aniue became my senior instead?”

“Well it’s already the middle of the year so if I did, I could only spend at most another half a year with you in the same school. Besides, if I was in the same class as you, we would be able to spend more time together.”

She looked away, “Gnununu… It’s not fair that Aniue say such cool things… I can’t even be mad at you anymore…”

I tilted my head, “Hmm? Does Tsuki not want me to be here?”

“No! No! I’m… I’m really, really happy! It’s just… Mou!! You know why! Aniue is bullying me!”

“Hmmm? I actually don’t know why. Care to explain?”

“Grrr… Aniue is such a bully! If Aniue is here, I’ll be giddy with happiness all the time and make a fool of myself!”

I reached out and patted her head, “It’s ok. I’ll be here to support you all the time.”

“Mnnn… Aniue… Unfair…” She protested, though her face was showing happiness at being patted.

Well, I guess this means it’s the start of my school life with Tsuki.


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