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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 622: My Little Princess Bahasa Indonesia

(Memory Tsuki POV)

“Nii… Nii-chan? What is going on?”

Nii-chan smiled at me, “Sorry for keeping it from you, Tsuki. But you’re actually a princess of a faraway kingdom that was struck with civil war. I was assigned as your bodyguard and we were sent here to hide for your safety. Now that the war is over, you need to return to take over the country as the crown princess. Shall we return home, princess?”



Wait… Nii-chan, you’re not joking are you? C… C… Crown princess?! Isn’t this like those stories you used to tell me before we sleep? Are you saying those stories were actually real for me?!

Look! Even the bitch and her posse are staring at you with their mouths open comically you know? This is a joke right?!

But… Would Nii-chan do all this just for a joke?

“Umm… Umm… Nii-chan… Is what you said… True?”

Nii-chan nodded at me seriously, showing me a face that indicated he was not joking.

I gulped, “Which… Which country am I a princess of?”

Nii-chan suddenly broke into a mischievous smile, “You’re the princess of our family at home of course. My cute little sister will always be my little princess~”

It took me a second to register the fact that Nii-chan just trolled me.

I immediately ran up and started hitting Nii-chan, “Mouuuu!! Nii-chan is always bullying me!! Not fair!!”

I felt his hand pat my head, “Well, I’m not lying after all. You have always been my little princess.”

“Auuu… Nii-chan… Suddenly acting so cool and saying those words is unfair…”

He gave me a wry smile before turning to look at the bitch behind me.

“Aoki-san, yes?”

“Y… Yes?” She stuttered.

Hmm? For someone who was talking crap about Nii-chan, why is she acting so shy right now? She’s even squirming and poking her fingers together.

She also seemed more surprised by Nii-chan’s presence than the crowd of bodyguards surrounding Nii-chan.

At least her posse was understandably shaken by the sight, the person they believe to be some poor shut-in suddenly shows up with a fleet of cars and steps out looking like a prince.

Eh? She’s blushing?

Don’t tell me all this time her picking on me was because she was jealous of me having Nii-chan and wanted to sabotage my relationship with him?

Oh, this is rich.

“As you can see, I’m not a poor slob that coops himself up at home with nothing to do. If you must know, I do own a few businesses which I believe even your father is one of my clients. I would appreciate it if you leave my sister alone from now on, preferably not even coming within a meter of her. Understand?”

The bitch bowed her head, something I could never imagine her doing before, “Y… Yes! I completely understand! Please accept my apologies! I will never do it again!”

“That’s good. I understand girls your age are prone to such feelings of jealousy, but taking it out on others is quite deplorable.”

“Ugghhh… I… I understand… I’m sorry for all that I’ve done, Tsuki-san…”

Woaaah… Nii-chan managed to get her to apologise just like that? As expected of Nii-chan!

Nii-chan turned to me, “What do you say, Tsuki?”

I looked at Aoki-san who still had her head bowed, “I forgive you, Aoki-san.”

“Thank you. I promise not to do it again.”

Nii-chan nodded his head, “Umu, I prefer well-mannered women after all. Don’t waste your youth on petty jealousy.”

Eh? Nii-chan? Well-mannered women?

Umm… I see… Maybe I should… Wait, what am I thinking?

I felt Nii-chan grasp my shoulder, “Let’s go, Tsuki. We’ll get some pudding on the way back.”

I was ushered into the car and big sister Yumi closed the door for me, Nii-chan moving to the other side to board the car after me.

Big sister Yumi and big brother Hiroto entered the car, prompting the rest who were outside to get in their vehicles too.

“Where to, Aniki?”

“The convenience store just down the road, please.”

Big brother Hiroto nodded and drove us to our destination.

I looked at big sister Yumi and gave her a questioning look, only to get a wry smile from her in return.

Turning to Nii-chan who had a self satisfied smirk on his face, I pouted at him, “Mouuuu… What was all that, Nii-chan?!”

He feigned ignorance, “Hmm? What was what? If my little sister princess is getting bullied, of course it’s the duty of the big brother to protect her, right?”

I started hitting his arm with my fist, “You know what I mean! Did you go hire all these actors just to come and make fun of me?”

Nii-chan chuckled, “Oh, not at all. Everyone you saw here today were my subordinates and working for me. I own the cars too, in case you were thinking they were rental.”

My eyes widened, “Ehhhh? Nii-chan is actually rich?”

“Well, it depends on what you define as rich. But you do remember I have something special now, don’t you? Doing something like this isn’t that hard anymore.”

Ah! Nii-chan has the system now! He’s probably making use of it to his advantage! Maybe it gives him rewards like extra abilities or an extraordinary sum of money! I almost forgot about that!

Well… nii-chan is awesome after all, I wouldn’t be surprised if he managed to do all this without the system’s help anyway.

I gazed at big sister Yumi and big brother Hiroto who had their attention focused on the road before leaning towards Nii-chan and whispering, “Do they know?”

Nii-chan shook his head and placed his finger in front of his lips.

Guhihihi~ So it’s our little secret!

I was about to reach out and hug Nii-chan when I suddenly remembered what he said to Aoki-san a few moments ago.

Nii-chan likes well-mannered girls… Maybe that means I should change a little bit too? Ehehehe~ Since Nii-chan played this prank on me, this will also be my revenge on him!

“Say… Umm… Nii… I mean… Aniue… Did you do all this for me?”

The look of surprise on Nii-chan’s face made it so worth it.

“Did you just?”

“Umm.. I thought I should be more like a proper lady since Aniue is also a refined member of society, right? And Nii… I mean, you did call me a princess after all… So I should be more well-mannered from now on too, don’t you think so, Aniue?”

He looked away from me, “Huh… So I inadvertently caused this one too…”

I didn’t really understood what he meant but before I could ask about it, he turned back and patted my head, “If that’s what you want, I won’t stop you. But you’ll still be my cute little sister no matter what.”

Unnn… It’s not fair… Why are you so cool Nii-chan?

“Also to answer your question if I did this for you…” Nii-chan added. “I knew those girls were bullying you at school so of course I would put a stop to that. Only I can bully you after all.”

“Mouuuu! Nii-chan!!” I protested, smacking him again.

“Ahahaha, what happened to calling me ‘Aniue’ and the well-mannered lady behavior? Already giving up?”

Grrr… It sounds like Nii-chan doesn’t believe I can do it. I’ll definitely do it and show him!

“Gnunununu… Just you watch, Aniue! I’ll transform myself into the perfect, well-mannered lady!”

And when I do, you’ll become so smitten with me you won’t be interested in any other girl!


Why… Why do I want Nii-chan to look at me like that? He’s my Nii-chan… Do I really want Nii-chan to look at me like that?

I mean… I definitely love Nii-chan as my brother, but… Was there anything more to my feelings?

I definitely cannot imagine a life without Nii-chan, and if possible, I would want to stay by his side forever. Nii-chan did so much for me and I feel so happy when I’m with Nii-chan that I don’t want this feeling to stop.

Did I fall for–

“Aniki, we’re here. Should we follow you in as well?” Big brother Hiroto called out suddenly, breaking me out of my thoughts.

“No need to scare the other patrons, just wait outside for us. Come on, Tsuki.”

“Yes, Nii… I mean, yes Aniue.”

Ugh… This would take some time to get used to though.

But to see Aniue smile like that when I call him… It’s worth it~~


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