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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 597: Entanglement Bahasa Indonesia


After that weird encounter with the other me, it’s time to figure out what our next step was.

“I think some more testing should be required, perhaps I can get some subjects from the prisons of our host?” Brendan suggested.

“Wasn’t that the idea?” I pointed out.

“Yes, it was, Master. But her Majesty is away isn’t she? I thought Master might be able to contact her directly since all we have now are some mice I caught.”

I shrugged, “Well, I don’t have one so I guess we’ll just need to wait for her to come back. Also, how long are you guys planning to have Feng Jie tied up like that? Don’t you think we should let her down now?”

Not only was the Phoenix bound in a turtle shell bondage, she was now also blindfolded, gagged and left suspended in the air.

It seems like my disciples really harboured a grudge against her for creating another me with that liquified Origin for some reason, even though they were clearly enjoying what they saw just moments before.

Diao Chan made a face at me, “But Master, what if she tries to do something again? It’s obvious she’s quite unhinged when it comes to Master so it’s better to be safe!”

Well, I can’t exactly deny that and since Cai Hong is still here and still a little pouty over the other me’s actions, I guess we’ll just let her hang around for a bit more.

Who knew Cai Hong had a jealous side to her?

Even now she’s still clinging on to me and burying her face in my chest murmuring “Papa, Papa…”

Guess I wouldn’t be adopting any more children soon.

She’s still cute though, so I had to give her lots of head pats to console her.

Sighing, I turned to my disciples, “Welp, guess we’ve got pretty much nothing to do until Luna comes back.”

“Master, how about we test the potion for you?” Lian Li suggested.

I shook my head, “No, I will not risk that. There’s no rush for it anyway and I promised Cai Hong we’ll play when I came back. So how about it, would you all like to join as well?”

Diao Chan immediately started waving her hand in the air enthusiastically, “Oh?! Playing with Master?! Please count me in! There’s a lot of games I would like Master to play with me!”

I would spank her but I couldn’t reach her in my current position so I made Eris help me do it instead.

The Witch hissed at the swordswoman, clearly upset that I wasn’t the one who spanked her.

“Ara, ara? I definitely wouldn’t mind playing either. Maybe we can raise the stakes a little?” Manami suggested.

Kiyomi nodded beside her, “Mnnn, it would definitely be more interesting if there’s some sort of prize that we’re playing for, Master.”

Elaria clapped her hands together, “Oooh~ Maybe the winner gets to ask Onii-sama for something? Ehehehe~ Like posing with a clone of himself… Holding hands… Embracing each other… Guhehehehe~”

Tsuki crossed her arms, “Maybe before thinking of the prize, we should consider what we should be competing in first?”

That question made everyone turn to look at me.

I shrugged, “Preferably, we should do something that doesn’t involve us running around the place. We’re still guests here and this isn’t our Plane so let’s not stand out too much.”

Elaria raised her hand and waved at me with a wide grin on her face.

I raised an eyebrow at her, “What is it, Elaria?”

“Ehehe! I’m glad you asked, Onii-sama! I have the best game for us!”

Saying so, she pulled out a mat with multiple coloured circles arranged in neat rows and two small spinners. One of them had the same colours as the mat around the needle and another showed body parts on it.

“Twister!!” My little sister declared proudly.

Both Tsuki and I groaned at the same time.

“Twister? Some of us are not able to manipulate Air Quarks though?” Lian Li pointed out.

Elaria grinned at her, “Oh not that kind of twister! This game doesn’t need any Techniques to play! It’s a really simple bonding game!”

“And why did Master and sister Tsuki groan like that?” Kiyomi asked, looking at the two of us.

“It’s an embarrassing game,” Tsuki explained, still hiding her face behind her hands.

“Also… I believe that’s way too many body parts to be included on that spinner. Why do you have ‘boobs’ and ‘butt’ included there? And also the colour spinner should only have colours, not other player’s body parts.” I pointed out.

Elaria’s grin became wider, “Oh come on Onii-sama! It’s much more interesting this way! All of you are superhuman anyway so a normal game of Twister wouldn’t be as interesting!”

“No, no, no. Do you even hear yourself? That’s not a good reason at all.”

“Ehehehe~ How about we vote for it? If more of us want to play it then let’s play it!”

The rest of my disciples looked confused so Tsuki began explaining the rules.

“It’s really simple! These two spinners will spin on each of the player’s turn, then that player just needs to place that specific body part on the specific location given without letting any other body part touch the ground! The last one to remain on the mat is the winner!”

“Ara, ara? That sounds simple enough. So why is it embarrassing?”

Tsuki wagged her finger at her, “Why do you think the game is called ‘Twister’? You have a single mat and several people will be on it trying to reach for different colours at the same time… And since you’ll also need to touch each other…”

I sighed, the fact that you can get the combinations of putting your hand on someone’s chest or butt as well is already beyond what a normal game of Twister should be…”

It took my disciples a few seconds to imagine what would happen if they played such a game.

Predictably, they were really pumped up about it.

“Master! Let’s play it!” All of them yelled at the same time.

Wait, Tsuki, even you?! I thought you just said it was embarrassing and yet now you’re fine with it? I thought you were my ally in this!

I raised my hand, “Sure, you guys can play it. I’ll take the role of the spinner and watch you guys play the game.”

Heh, I never said I would join in would I? I can just safely stand at the side and avoid the embarrassment of playing it easily. Nothing they say will convince me to join them.

I felt a tug on my shirt and I looked down to see Cai Hong staring up at me from in between my breasts looking like she was about to cry, “Buuu… Papa no play with Cai Hong?”

“Ghhhk! Papa will play ok? So don’t cry ok?”

“Yayyyyy! Papa play with Cai Hong!”

If it was my other disciples I would have resisted… But I definitely can’t win against her…

Hopefully I can hold out long enough before the girls start to make the game weird…


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