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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 596: This Is Not My Kink Bahasa Indonesia


“Daddy! Daddy!” The other me giggled while hugging my waist.

The woman was on her knees in front of me so her head was located in a rather troublesome position.

Cai Hong was hugging me from my side and pouting at her while clinging to me, “Muuuuu… Papa… Papa…”

Oh my heart, why is a pouting Cai Hong so cute too?

I would have immediately gone to console Cai Hong at any other time but I’m currently still being weirded out by my lookalike hugging my waist and calling me ‘daddy’.

I looked at the other me, “Can I ask… Why are you calling me daddy?”

She just smiled at me, “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!”

Ok… So apparently that’s the only thing she can say. Good to know.

“Hnnng… It’s not fair… She looks exactly like Master…” Lian Li protested, her fist clenched over her heart.

Lian Li, please… You really look like a blushing schoolgirl right now. You’re the one that’s unfair you know?

“Hehehehe, Onii-sama X Onii-sama GL… I need to get this material written down for Onee-sama to draw!” Elaria laughed maniacally, scribbling something in her notebook.

I should remember to get rid of that book later. Yep, I definitely should get rid of that book later.

“Guhehehe~ Could Master awaken to selfcest?” Diao Chan giggled pervertedly while hugging herself. “Kukukuku~ Just thinking about Master embracing Master…And then slipping myself in between them… Just like that night in the bar… Ahhh it’s heaven! It’s definitely heaven!”

This damned Witch… I’ll smack her for spouting such weird things in the middle of the day. No one’s awakening to anything, ok?

Tsuki was deep in thought while staring at the other me, “Having more than one Aniue… Unn… That actually doesn’t sound too bad… Then we can be the imouto of each Aniue!”

I don’t even know where I should start commenting. Could you please stop that line of thinking?

The other me was now rubbing her face on my thigh and making purring sounds, periodically calling out “Daddy, daddy”.

Cai Hong was obviously not happy with her and clung even harder to me, looking up with teary eyes and bouncing up and down.

“Papaaaaa… Muuuu… Papaaaaa… ‘Cawwy’…”

Well I couldn’t help it so I picked her up in my arms to cuddle.

Cai Hong squealed happily and immediately wrapped her arms around my neck while she rubbed her face against mine.

The other me saw this and gasped audibly, taking a small step back to reach her hands towards me as a gesture of wanting a hug too.

Even though she could stand on her feet to reach my height, she was still on her knees to make herself look shorter than me for some reason.

“Daddy! Daddy, daddy, daddy!” She cried, waving her arms around.

I made a face, “No, I’m not going to carry you.”

“Daddyyyyy…” She wept, still reaching her hands out to me.

Seriously, what the hell even is that liquid Origin?

I can kind of guess already but I suppose because I ‘created’ that vial of Origin, when it grants life to something that does not have one before, that new being would see me as their father or something.

Which is entirely weird because I’m obviously female now so I don’t even know why that’s even a thing.

Not that her calling me ‘Mommy’ would make things better anyway.

I’m just glad it doesn’t have this effect on living things or else Shiori and Akari would be doing this too.

“Oh Master, why don’t you just carry her? I don’t think she will calm down if you don’t, you know?” Kiyomi suggested, obviously being quite entertained by my current predicament.

“Ufufufu~ Such a thing shouldn’t be a problem, right Master?” Manami agreed, the vixen hasn’t stopped giggling ever since the other me started hugging me.

I know for a fact that Manami was definitely committing this to memory so she could imprint it on a piece of paper later.

Eris frowned at them, “This one would like to humbly remind you two that this is not a show… Ah, but I do believe she wouldn’t stop crying until Master actually does what she wants…”

Yeah… The other me is wailing pathetically right now like a spoiled child, her arms still stretched out towards me.

I turned to Brendan, “Are you done yet?”

He shifted his sight to the cauldron that was still boiling, “Umm… Just a few minutes more and we’ll just need to let it cool, Master…”

The plan was to try and brew the potion now and let the other me drink it. Since she wasn’t the one who created the Origin liquid, she should not be restricted to the rule in that recipe.

If something bad happens to her, then of course there would be no reason for us to try any further.

I sighed before gesturing for the other me to come closer.

She let out a yelp of glee and the tears were quickly wiped away before she waddled up to me, letting me wrap my arm around her bottom to lift her up.

She immediately wrapped her arms around me as well and mirrored Cai Hong in rubbing her cheek on mine, squealing “Daddy~ Daddy~” even as Cai Hong continued to giggle “Papa~ Papa~” on the other side.

Normally this would be a touching scene of a father doting on his daughters, except in this particular scene, the ‘father’ has the figure of a woman and one of the ‘daughters’ look exactly like the ‘father’.

Seriously, how did I get myself in this position?

I coddled the two of them for some time until Brendan approached me with a vial of bluish white liquid.

“Master… It’s done,” He gulped, presenting the vial to me.

I lifted the bottle with telekinesis and floated it over to me.

“Could you drink this for daddy?” I asked the other me, hovering the bottle in front of her.

“Daddy!” She squealed, before emptying the bottle into her mouth without hesitation.

Brendan tried to take the empty bottle away from her but she snarled at him, like actually snarled with her teeth on display, causing my poor alchemist to back away lest she tried to bite him.

“She kind of reminds me of you, sister,” Shiori commented, nudging her sister with a tail.

Akari made a pouty face, “I don’t look like that! I’m cute and cuddly!”

The two of them were currently sitting on top of the still tied up Feng Jie and gagged, making sure she remained where she was just in case she tried to create another me. Although it’s evident from the look on her face that she was enjoying the view anyway and had no plans on moving.

I plucked the empty bottle from the other me’s hands with telekinesis again to pass it to Brendan and she let go of it without complaint, resuming her action of cuddling me.

Another minute passed before her body jerked suddenly, the other me falling out of my grasp and onto the floor, laying still there.

We watched her with great interest, the potion should be taking effect now and this would be the moment of truth.

Her body shook a few more times before going rigid and relaxing almost immediately.

She blinked a few times before shifting her gaze to me.

“Daddy!” She squealed, leaping up to hug me as though nothing had happened.

“Huh… So it didn’t work?” Lian Li asked.

Brendan shook his head, “No, she didn’t have any lost memories to begin with so there was nothing to restore. This experiment was to test if it was poison or something worse. I guess we can at least confirm its safety…”

He uncorked the vial containing the liquefied Origin and dropped some on top of the other me’s head.

The liquid quickly took effect and the other me transformed into a piece of stone, presumably what she was before she had transformed into my form.

Yeah, there was no reason to keep another me around. If my disciples wanted a group session with me, I could just split myself.

And I most definitely do not want to have another me calling me ‘daddy’ constantly, I’m not into that, ok?

Now that experiment was rather successful, we just need to create that Origin Liquid without relying on me.

That means it’s time for Tsuki to learn how to create it. If she was similar to me, she should be able to ‘will it into existence’ as well. But since she couldn’t do it now, I suspect I need to get her to be able to achieve that Star Power state first.

Easier said than done…


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