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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 567: They’re Just Really Trusting Bahasa Indonesia

(Elaria POV)

Gunununu… I hate to admit it, but Tsuki was definitely stronger than I was in terms of personal abilities.

At least Onii-sama’s love does not depend on how strong we are and would still love me despite that.

Hmph! I am definitely still cuter than her though! Everyone knows that the imouto should be the cutest one! So I win!

“As I thought…”

I looked up upon hearing sister Kiyomi’s voice, seeing her stop in front of a glass window on one side of the wall.

I peeked over her shoulder and found an interesting scene of fairies sitting in what appears to be individual miniature jail cells.

Sister Kiyomi rapped her knuckles on the glass, causing all of them to look up at us.

Most of them seemed surprised by us, though there were a few that immediately started hitting their fists against the glass, clearly enraged at our presence. The glass seems to be sound proof since we heard nothing even when their mouths were moving.

“Prisoners eh? That woman most likely tricked them and captured all of them to be used for experiments,” the fake little sister mused. “They don’t look too friendly so I doubt freeing them will ingratiate them to us either. I suggest we just leave them be.”

I frowned at her, “What? Of course we have to rescue them! They’re such a valuable source of information and potential manpower, how could you not see that?!”

Typical of someone like her to not realise the potential of having them on our side, just think of all the possible things they could make with their tiny hands that humans won’t be able to! I must have them on our side!

She looked at me with a weird face, “You’ve really become a tyrant huh…”

I puffed my cheeks at her, “I have no idea what you are talking about. All of my workers are paid and treated fairly and even given days off!”

“Mmhmm… Still doesn’t change the fact that you’re exploiting them though.”

“I don’t exploit them!”

“Whatever you say.”

Gunununu…. This girl is really irritating!

I turned to sister Kiyomi, “What should we do?”

“Mmm… I would have to agree with freeing them in this case since they would know more than we do about this place. Let’s set free one who seems less aggressive first, they might be able to calm the rest down.”

Sister Kiyomi stepped forward and placed her hand on the glass, freezing a small part of it that shattered into tiny pieces a split second after she moved her hand away.

The female fairy who was set free did not take the chance to escape from her prison. Instead, she huddled herself even further back towards the far wall, pressing herself against it.

Sister Kiyomi moved closer to her, “Hello, do you understand what I’m saying?”

The only response from the fairy was a fearful wail while she pressed herself even closer to the wall.

“It’s ok, we’re not here to hurt you. We already dealt with the bad woman, you don’t need to be so scared anymore.”

The fairy wailed even louder, now attempting to merge herself with the wall.

I rolled my eyes, “Allow me, sister.”

Taking sister Kiyomi’s place in front of the glass prison, I punched the wall hard enough to cause the entire glass prison to shake, sending a few of the fairies sprawling onto the ground.

“SHUT UP! Stop wailing you maggot!”

The fairy immediately clammed her mouth shut.

“Oh good, you can actually understand me. For a moment I thought you were too stupid to even comprehend human language. Get over here,” I ordered, pointing to the front of her cell.

She hesitated, looking between my finger and me.

“Don’t make me drag you out of there,” I warned her, cracking my knuckles to prove my point.

She finally lumbered forward and stood at the edge of her cell, obviously still frightened.

“There, all yours, sister Kiyomi!” I grinned.

Heh, heh, am I a genius or what?

The fake sister frowned at me, “Truly a tyrant.”

Hmph! Say what you want but I got us the results! And you were prepared to leave them behind as well so you’re the last person I want to hear that from!

Sister Kiyomi gave me a weird look before turning her attention to the fairy, “Don’t worry, we’re not here to hurt you, do you understand?”

She nodded her head slowly.

“We came here looking for the Fairy Lake to cure our Master of His amnesia. But we found this woman named Hazel who tried to kill us, are you all her prisoners?”

The fairy furrowed her brows, “Hazel… She tricked us… Made us into her experiments for her biomancy… Hateful monster…”

“In that case, there’s no need to worry anymore, we took care of her already. “

“You… You killed Hazel?”

“She’s frozen in an ice block just down the corridor. Do you want to check?”

“If… If you would allow me to?”

We stepped aside and she immediately leapt out of her cell, her tiny wings fluttering and carrying her down the corridor at a surprisingly fast speed.

“Aren’t you worried she might run away?” Tsuki pointed out.

I sighed dramatically at this fake sister’s words, “And leave her friends behind? Then she’s a scumbag that we don’t want to associate ourselves with, no loss to us.”

“Or do you mean you have no need for workers with escapist mindsets?”

“Hmph! I’d prefer to say that I like compassionate people!”

As though to affirm my words, she flew back to us quickly, looking all excited, “You killed her! You freed us! Our saviours! What do you need of us?”

Sister Kiyomi gestured to the glass wall, “If I set the rest of your friends free, do you think you can stop them from going on a rampage? Because some of them look like they won’t listen to us.”

She nodded, “Let me stand on your hand, they will listen to me.”

Sister Kiyomi extended her palm and the fairy leapt onto it without hesitation, her tiny wings fluttering and trying to balance herself while Kiyomi moved.

The fairy gave us a nod and sister Kiyomi waved her hand over the glass, shattering the rest of the glass prison easily.

A few of them immediately leapt out of their prison and flew up into the air, summoning various Techniques around them in preparation to attack us.

For a bunch of people that aren’t even the a tenth of my size, they sure are hot-headed.

Thankfully, they stopped themselves when they realised one of their own was standing on Kiyomi’s palm and trying to get their attention.

“Brothers! Sisters! Rejoice!” The fairy shouted while waving her hands around in the air. “They are our saviours! The betrayer is dead! The monster is no more! We are free!”

Those words sent the fairies into a frenzy, all of them shouting out at the top of their lungs in celebration.

A rather old looking fairy flew up in front of us, “Dearest benefactors, words cannot describe how much we are indebted to you for saving us from that monstrosity. Is there anything we can do to repay you?”

“We need the water from your Fairy Lake,” The fake sister wasted no time in telling them.

“Ah… I see. I suppose that is expected for anyone who comes here… In that case, follow me, I will lead you there. For our saviours, that is a small price to pay.”

Eh? They are quite a trusting bunch aren’t they? I mean, they were just tricked by another human so I thought they would be more suspicious of us.

Is that why that woman managed to trick them too? Because they’re just that gullible? Oh well, works better for us!

Alright! Just wait, Onii-sama! Your cute imouto will come back with your potion soon!


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