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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 566: You’re Barely Even Worth Our Time Bahasa Indonesia

(Kiyomi POV)

The three of us snuck towards the trapdoor, checking it for traps before descending down the stairs after our quarry.

There was no source of light at the end of the stairs, but such a thing was not an issue for any of us.

Elaria and Tsuki wore their magic goggles while I activated a night vision Technique, allowing me to see in the dark as clear as day.

I led the way down the stairs, sticking close to the wall just in case that woman had set any traps for unwelcome visitors.

We reached the bottom without incident, sneaking round the corner to find ourselves in a long and empty corridor.

This place definitely screamed of traps.

Elaria fiddled with her glasses with her hands and inspected the corridor.

“Eh… Seems like a pressure plate arrow trap. We’ll need to step on specific spots to get across this place without being peppered full of holes. I can highlight the spots we need to walk on to go across…”

“Unnecessary,” I declared, positioning myself in the middle of the corridor.

Gathering the ice Quarks within me, I let out a blast of frost that completely froze the entire length of the corridor in a split second.

Cladding myself with an ice shield just in case, I stepped forward and walked through the corridor, moving through the entire length of it untouched.

“You girls coming?” I asked, looking back at the two who were still standing at the other end of the corridor.

The two of them quickly crossed over the frozen path I made to join me without incident.

Tsuki looked back, “Hmm… I suppose such tricks are rendered useless in front of overwhelming power.”

I smiled, “Naturally. The weak will always fall prey to the strong. If one is strong enough, you need not fear the path you tread. And Master is at the pinnacle of the strong.”

The two of them nodded at my words.

At the end of said corridor was a large solid iron door that stretched all the way to the ceiling, large enough that if it were opened, six men could walk through it side by side with space to spare.

“A rather huge door to be used by fairies, don’t you think?” Tsuki pointed out.

Indeed… A normal fairy is about the size of my hand, there was no reason for them to make such a huge door.

Unless, of course, they weren’t the ones who made this and it was meant to lock the fairies in.

I placed my hand on one side of the door, trying to push it open only to find it locked tight.

“Let me,” Tsuki offered, moving to stand in front of the doors.

Her body seemed to glow red for a second before a hole seemed to open up in the door. It wasn’t that she destroyed the door, but more like a tunnel had suddenly materialised within the space itself.

I looked at the hole in wonder, “What did you do?”

“Mmm… It’s like a Spatial Tunnel of sorts. It connects between two spaces to reduce the distance between them to near zero. This one in particular connects to the other side of the door.”

Interesting… I suppose she does have some skill.

We walked through the hole, all of us appearing on the other side as though the door didn’t exist.

What we did not expect to see waiting for us there, however, was a giant monster that looked like someone melted a pot full of living creatures and stuck them all together.

The monster turned towards us, a hundred pairs of eyes both human and animal directing their gaze down on us.

“Not a necromancer she says,” Elaria commented sarcastically. “If she isn’t one then what the hell is this?”

Tsuki shook her head, “She’s actually telling the truth. She’s not a necromancer… She’s a biomancer.”

Hazel appeared from behind the monster, “Tsk… So my story was that unbelievable huh?”

I shifted my gaze to her, “Not at all. We just never trusted you from the start. And you left the skulls of fairies lying around in your alcove, it was obvious you were not on friendly terms with them either.”

“Tsk… It does not matter then. The tea you drank would have–“

“Ahahaha! You think we actually drank the tea from someone we didn’t trust? You’re more naive than I thought you were! Hahahaha!” Elaria laughed.

“Ghk! At least you don’t have the help of your magic ship here! You won’t be able to beat my flesh golem with just the three of you!”

The monster roared, rising up to its full height, towering over us.

“It possesses the strength of all the living beings that were merged into it! With the few Practitioners mixed in, it can even use Techniques to crush you! With its super regeneration from mixing in the Fairy Lake’s water, there’s no way you can kill it! Ahahahahaha! I’ll have you three join its body soon enough and then… That stupid Matriarch will have to bow to my power! Hahahaha!”

I sighed, “Truly, this is the toad wishing to taste the swan’s meat…”

The idiot shot me a dirty look, “What was that?! You dare look down on me?!”

“You really think just with this you can take over the world? I think you have a better chance of dying than even dreaming about it.”

Her face scrunched up in obvious rage, “Kill them! Make them suffer!!”

The flesh monster roared and lifted up one part of its body in an attempt to take a swing at us.

I was going to freeze it before shattering it to pieces but Tsuki beat me to it.

With a simple snap of her fingers, the monster was sucked into a miniature black hole, never to be seen again.

Hazel looked at where her flesh golem had been with a dumbfounded look on her face.

We even gave her time to properly comprehend what had occurred, aren’t we nice?

“What? How?” She muttered, still looking at the ground in disbelief.

I rolled my eyes, “I told you, you’re weak.”

She stared at the ground for a few more seconds before taking out a knife from her belt.

Seeing her efforts completely swept aside must have broke her, there was no way that knife was any use to her against us after all.

“Can we just get rid of her? She’s really just a hindrance,” Elaria suggested.

I clapped my hands together and a miniature blizzard blew around her, encasing her in a solid block of ice.

We weren’t done with her of course, she has much to suffer for and I’d really like to take my time with tormenting her. Once we were done with our objective here, I’ll take her back with us and we can properly torture her together. I’m sure elder sister would like to join in as well.

She may even serve as a good form of reference for Brendan.

Leaving the hindrance behind, we continued through the tunnel. Seeing the security this woman had put in place here and the fact that she mentioned mixing it into the monster, there’s a high chance that the Fairy Lake would not be far.

We should be able to go back to Master soon and receive His affections~


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