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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 551: Would You Like To Extend Your Stay? Bahasa Indonesia


I’ll really need to find out how to deal with my memory loss later but let’s address the other problem in the room.

I looked at my disciples, “Alright, I guess you guys already know about the monster followers I have?”

Lian Li nodded, “Yes Master. Akari and Shiori came to us with news of your disappearance and brought us to the… Umm… The Sanctuary.”

I looked below my seat to see the two foxes beaming at me, as though expecting me to praise them for a job well done.

“You know… When I said to tell my disciples, I didn’t mean to bring them here. I meant just let them know where I went and that was good enough.”

Shiori tilted her head, “Eh? Did Divine One not mean for us to organise a rescue?”

“Not to undermine your efforts or anything but… As you can probably tell already, I didn’t really need a rescue. It might have taken a little more time but I believe I would have returned back anyway.”

“But we miss Master… And everyone didn’t want to wait! Sister also wanted to cudd–” Akari started to protest, only for her sister to smack her and tell her to be quiet.

Manami reached forward and hugged me protectively from behind, “That’s right Master. You didn’t really expect us to sit still while you’re missing did you? I’m sure if any of us went missing, Master would have flipped the entire world in search of us.”

I would have liked to refute her and say that she was exaggerating, but I remembered what happened when Manami and Kiyomi were taken by the Dark Sect and wisely kept my mouth shut.

“So it’s true then. Husband is in that sort of relationship with your disciples?” Luna asked.

I raised an eyebrow, “What do you mean?”

“Your disciple, the one with the golden hair. She showed me a picture of the two of you embracing each other like lovers to convince me that they were indeed who they said they were.”

My head snapped towards Lian Li who was busy averting her eyes from me, “You what?!”

She poked her fingers together, “I… I didn’t know what else to show at that time Master… I thought this would be the best material to convince her…”

“No, no, no. I didn’t even know there was a picture of us like that? How did you even make one? Elaria?!”

“Ehhhh… It’s not me this time, Onii-sama!” Elaria protested frantically, still sitting in the corner with Tsuki.

I narrowed my eyes at my first disciple, “Show me.”

Lian Li pursed her lips before materialising a picture in her hands.

It took me a second to recognise that it was that time I kissed her on the beach during the barbecue. It was rather romantic too, since the sea was calm and perfectly reflected the moon on its surface.

Ok, this one’s on me. When she said ’embraced’ I thought it was the other kind of embrace.

Hey! It was a possibility ok? But how did she even get one of those?

As though sensing my question, Manami spoke up from behind me, “I made those Master… Using Space and Astral Quarks, I managed to imprint memories on a piece of specially made paper to be preserved at my sisters’ request…”

I looked at each of them in turn, “Do I even need to ask if each of you have such a picture?”

All of them blushed and nodded.

I’m not sure if I should praise her for innovating such a thing that no one else has done before or should I scold her for using it just to get candid pictures of me?

Honestly, I’m more inclined to the former but I don’t want to encourage them too much for doing such a thing. Next thing I know, they might even be making lewd versions of this or even worse, collaborating with Odriana to make BL stuff.

I guess I’ll scold them later when we’re it’s just us.

I sighed, “Just to make sure, is this all of you who came over? There’s no one else that you might have forgotten right?”

They shook their heads collectively.

“And what was the plan for you all to go back home?”

Elaria raised her hand enthusiastically, “The ship is capable of Planar jumps Onii-sama! I already registered the coordinates of our home so we can go back anytime!”

I suppose I should be glad that they at least came with a plan of some sort and didn’t just blindly charge in here. Even if it did involve Elaria making something as ridiculous as that…

Huh? Why do they look relieved when they heard Elaria say that?

“Did… Did you all come over without a plan to return?”

“… Yes, Master…”

Ok, yeah, I’m giving all of them spanks later.

Luna reached forward and grasped my hand, to which my disciples reacted by drawing their weapons or summoning their Techniques to point at her.

They reacted so fast that even I was impressed.

Rina had of course moved forward to stand in the way of their hostility but even she can’t block all of them from actually pointing at her mistress.

“Does Husband really need to return back? Your disciples are already here and if me turning a blind eye to their existence allows Husband to stay here, I do not mind such an arrangement you know? I’ll take care of everything, I won’t inconvenience Husband at all, everything at my disposal will be used to make sure Husband lives comfortably here. If it’s something Husband doesn’t like about this place I’ll change it immediately. There is no need for Husband to go, right? Husband should just stay here after all. I will take care of you and everyone here. I will do everything to change this Plane to your liking. There is no need to go. Just stay here!”

I shook my head, “No, as I said, that’s my home and that’s the only reason. I do not yet have any plans to leave that place at all so I will have to decline your offer.”

I half expected Luna to try and convince me to stay again but surprisingly she simply nodded her head and sat back on her chair.

“I see… In that case, does Husband want to try to recover your memories?”

I tilted my head at her, “What are you suggesting?”

She gave me a knowing smile, “I’m saying that our hidden archives should have tomes and knowledge that deal with the recovery of memory loss. So if Husband is interested… I’m not saying Husband has to stay here forever but if Husband wishes to just stay here for a little while longer, maybe Husband can find something?”

She’s a shrewd one alright.

I turned to look at my disciples and it was obvious what they thought of the offer when they had put away their weapons, clearly worried about me.

It was obvious they thought recovering my memories should be something important to me.

I suppose I can stay here for just a bit longer… I’ll change to my female form if I have to in order to continue teaching my disciples too. Wouldn’t be the first time I did it anyway…


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