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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 550: I Need Answers Bahasa Indonesia


Ok, instead of standing around on the field like before, we’re now seated in the reception room of Luna’s palace.

And by seated, I meant there were only seats for Luna and I, the Matriarch obviously removing every other seat within the room so that the rest were made to stand.

I wanted to protest against such an arrangement but my disciples and Tsuki didn’t seem to mind, taking up positions to my sides.

Only Cai Hong came up to sit on my lap, the little dragon slowly falling asleep in my arms since it was time for her afternoon nap.

Shiori and Akari were curled up under my chair, watching the newcomers attentively. Neither of them had said much after we came here and I knew that means they were on absolute high alert.

I’d like to tell them that they could relax but seeing how they were snarling at Tsuki, I doubt they would listen.

Rina and Manami started preparing tea almost right away, both sides neglecting to serve any to the other group while I had two cups placed in front of me.

Seeing as how both of them were staring at me, I knew they were counting on which cup I chose to pick up first as an indicator of who I favour.

Though it pains me to do so, I decided not to pick up either cup. Any other time and I would’ve picked Manami’s cup but I don’t want to start another quarrel now.

I turned to Luna, “Ok, I’d like to first address the biggest question here. What in the world was that obelisk and why did it do what it did?”

Luna took a sip of her tea, “I would assume that the obelisk was a lodestone of some sort for the denizens of the Damnation Plane. Has husband heard of it?”

I shook my head.

“The Damnation Plane exists only to consume other Planes. There were myths of a fight between the Gods where one side sought to reset everything back to null and the Damnation Plane was said to be one of the things that were created.”

Hmm? Was this the war between the big tentacle monsters and Origin that Muon told me? I wanted to ask her to come as well but I’m pretty sure this would just create another misunderstanding.

“And such a dangerous thing just so happens to be underneath your house?”

She smiled at me, “Though I may have ruled this Plane for hundreds of years, I am not the first ruler to have occupied this palace. There had been no records of its existence prior until I stumbled upon it by accident during the renovation of the palace.”

“How convenient, isn’t it?” Lian Li commented sarcastically, clearly insinuating that Luna had lied about everything.

Luna ignored her, pretending that there was no one else in the room except for Rina, herself and I.

I don’t really see a reason for her to lie so I’m inclined to believe what she has told me. By all means, Luna should have more knowledge than I do since I’ve learnt most of what I know from her library anyway.

Ok, so the obelisk is pretty much a dead end. The next pressing question was…

“When and how did you make that ship?” I asked Elaria.

“Eh? I’ve been working on it ever since Onii-sama told me about it, you know? Everything I did up till now was to make that ship a reality for Onii-sama!”

I raised my eyebrow at her, “I take it it’s something that I had said before I lost my memories?”

Elaria nodded her head with a proud smile.

Luna turned to look at me, “Husband… Lost his memories?”

Manami snickered, “Ara? Did Master not trust you enough to tell you about it? Ufufufu~”

This vixen… Was the spanking I gave you just now not enough?

I waved my hand at her, “It’s a long story but yes. It’s not important so don’t worry about it.”

Luna looked unconvinced but still relented, “If husband says so…”

I then turned to the newest person in the room, “Which brings me to the other thing… You claim to be my sister from another world?”

Tsuki nodded enthusiastically, “Yes Aniue! It seems like you have forgotten but I know what will help you! I did quite a lot of research for just this purpose!”

For some reason, I have a bad feeling about this…

She pulled out something extremely traumatising for me from her storage ring, “All I need to do is to send you back to our world temporarily and you’ll regain your memories soon enough! This is my special ‘truck-kun stick!”

I immediately blasted that stick into pieces.

There was absolutely no way I’m going through that hell again.

At least the reason why she’s been ‘tormenting’ me in my previous life has been explained, she had been trying to get me to remember her or something like that.

But it definitely did not help that I could not understand her during that time and really thought she had been torturing me for the fun of it.

I sincerely believe there are other ways to go about restoring my memories so I’m not sure why every single thing she did involves pain.

Maybe I should take the memory loss more seriously and try to find a way to restore it? Considering how the past has affected me so far, I think it’s a good idea.

I mean, Luna turned out to be grooming me to be her husband, Tsuki here was actually my sister from another world. What’s next? The Divine Primordial Dragon turning out to be my roommate or something?

Better not jinx it.

Tsuki looked at the stick that I had obliterated, “Umm… Was there something wrong with the stick, Aniue?”

“Everything is wrong with it, so don’t bring it up again. What I want to know is how did you even get here? Like, this world?”

“Unn… After Aniue got assassinated by those stupid idiots, I sought a way to reunite with Aniue again of course. Then when I died as well, I met a god who offered me a second chance in life in another world.”

That god wouldn’t be Sylphy would she? No, since she did say the first time she gained consciousness was during the slave auction, Sylphy had already lost her godhood so it can’t be her.

Not noticing my brooding, she continued, “At first the god wanted to send me to some random world and not Aniue’s so I went ahead to beat him up until he sent me to Aniue’s world.”

I blinked at her, “You… Beat up a god?”

The crazy girl nodded, “He was being really obnoxious and annoying. So like how Aniue had taught me in our previous life, I beat him to an inch of his life and made him beg for mercy.”

“You… Died… Then beat up a god and forced them to transmigrate you to this world.”

“That is correct, Aniue.”

Ok… Yeah, she’s still crazy. Who in the right mind will start beating up a god after dying? You know what, don’t answer that.

It’s a small wonder that those busybodies couldn’t lay a finger on her either.

If she could beat up a god before she even started cultivating, what makes anyone think they could stand a chance against her after she grew even stronger?

I looked down at my hands, if I managed to beat her… What am I?

Elaria turned to glare at Tsuki, “I would appreciate it if you could stop calling Onii-sama your ‘Aniue’.”

Tsuki scoffed, “I should be the one telling you to stop calling Aniue your ‘Onii-sama’. Aniue only needs one imouto and that will be me.”

I raised up my hand, “I’m not sure what you mean by ‘need’? I never ‘needed’ a little sister you know? And who said I can’t have two little sisters?”

“NO!” Both of them yelled out at the same time.

“Everyone knows that Onii-sama pampers your imouto! If there’s two of us, then there won’t be any pampering!” Elaria insisted.

I have no idea where that logic came from and it made absolutely no sense.

But for some reason, Tsuki was nodding along beside her too.

“So, Aniue! Please choose one of us to be your official imouto!”

When faced with such a question, what could I do?

Of course I did the most sensible thing by giving both of them a forehead flick and getting them to sit in seiza in the corner of the room.

Now can we move on to the next topic please?


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