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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 548: Introductions First Bahasa Indonesia


I looked at the three groups of people standing in front of me, all of them glaring at one another with clear hostile intent.

Seems like I was too optimistic about this.

“Alright… Umm… These are my disciples who have already introduced themselves… Umm… This is Luna, the Matriarch of the Spiritual Plane. Beside her is her maid, Rina.”

“The only person in existence that can call me by that is husband. I am Lunamaeniera Sharrow, you may address me as your Majesty or Mistress.”

Eh… I guess this is a matter of pride for her?

Manami hid her mouth behind her hand, “Ara? I think the only thing we’ll call you is ‘delusional’, ufufufu~”

Woah there Manami, what’s with that sharp tongue of yours?

Kiyomi followed her sister’s actions, “Some roadside trash thinks they can lord over us? They must really be living in their own fantastical world.”

Ok, you fox sisters need to get spanked later.

Rina furrowed her brows, “A group of commoners dares to talk so audaciously to her most gracious Majesty? It seems like you have issues with living.”

Rina, please put those knives away.

Eris stepped forward with a hand on the hilt of her sword, “Dat’s sum’ big word comin’ from you peeps who needed ‘elp to fend off those monsters! Not even a word of thanks!”

Eris… I see you unclasping that sword of yours. Please stop.

Luna scoffed, “We never needed your help. Our city is built prepared for a siege and the monsters wouldn’t have broken through our walls anyway. If anything, it was you who needed help since you exhausted yourselves fighting a field battle.”

I’m not sure what happened while I was gone but it seems they really were in a predicament?

Lian Li’s eyes glowed slightly, “And why were the monsters even summoned in the first place? Was it not because of you keeping something dangerous within the city? You had put our beloved Master in danger and you still dare to act high and mighty in front of us?”

Err… Technically it was me who caused it to react like that but…

“Husband merely wished to find a way back home and I provided a possibility to. Are you faulting husband for this?”

I mean… It technically is my fault I guess? I should have checked the obelisk thoroughly first before trying to activate it. But my desire to return back to the Earthen Plane made me impatient.

Diao Chan scowled at her, “It’s all due to you tempting Master that this happened. If it wasn’t for your honeyed words, Master would not have made such a decision!”

Bold claims you’re making there Diao Chan, though I guess it is kind of true that she did so in order to appeal to me more…

Sensing that the atmosphere between the two were near breaking point, I coughed to get their attention.

All of them calmed down almost immediately, turning their attention to me instead.

“Ahem… And last but not least… This girl… Umm… Well… She claims to be my little sister from another world… Tsuki…”

I noticed that Tsuki and Elaria had been glaring at each other ever since both of them learnt of each other’s status from how they had both addressed me.

Not moving her glare away from Elaria, Tsuki introduced herself, “I am Tsuki, Aniue’s real little sister from Earth. It is I who knows Aniue the best and longest amongst all of you.”

Elaria chuckled mirthlessly, “Ohohoho! The ‘real’ little sister huh? Onii-sama was born in this world and raised in our family, I am Onii-sama’s one and only true imouto!”

Tsuki intensified her glare, “You are merely Aniue’s step sister, you’re not even related by blood. Whereas I was Aniue’s blood related sibling in the other world.”

“Ohoho! As you said, it was the other world. This world is different now and you’re the outsider. So you’re no longer Onii-sama’s little sister!”

Is the little sister role really such a big deal that these two have to fight so intensely for it? It’s not like I can’t have two little sisters right?

Seeing how the two of them were still glaring at each other though, I feel like it wasn’t an appropriate time for me to say such a thing.

“Papa, candy?” Cai Hong offered me the treat, the little dragon being carried in my arms.

Of course I accepted the sweet and gave her a pat on the head for being such a good girl, the only one besides Brendan amongst everyone else who wasn’t showing hostility to anyone.

Both Luna and Tsuki seemed to have a stroke when I introduced my little dragon too. It was only when I mentioned I had adopted her did they calm down a little.

I did plan to give my disciples a good scolding for bringing Cai Hong here, but it seems it was Cai Hong who insisted she came to find me. Seeing how she kept clinging to me with teary eyes the moment we were reunited, I could guess how Cai Hong was like with them.

Since I know how stubborn Cai Hong can be, I can’t blame them after all.

There’s still one thing I need to make sure of.

“I’m guessing all of you came to this Plane via Elaria’s giant ship?” I asked.

“Master’s pet foxes came and told us about the portal. We used it to come here after Master,” Brendan explained helpfully, seemingly ill at ease being stuck in the middle of the three groups with me.

“Huh… So I guess you guys know about the monsters in the Sanctuary already?”

I shouldn’t be surprised since I did tell Akari and Shiori to inform my disciples of my situation after all.

“Of course Master, we even came here with… Oh no…” Brendan suddenly stopped himself and his eyes widened. “We forgot about those two foxes!”

All of my girls turned and gaped at Brendan before turning back to me with wide eyes.

I looked at them carefully, “Shiori and Akari followed you all here and you guys lost them?”

Lian Li poked her fingers together, “Ummm… We were so caught up in the new Plane that we… Forgot…”

Well… They’re two really powerful foxes so I don’t think they would have any problems surviving here, not to mention the fact they literally can’t die since I possess that sealing orb anyway.

Hmm… I’m not even sure if the sealing orb works here? Let’s give it a try.

The moment I pulled it out of my storage ring and tried to contact the two foxes, a puff of smoke appeared above me and the two foxes in question leapt onto my shoulder and started nuzzling my neck.

“Divine One!”


Both of them cried out, ignoring everything else around them and fully concentrating on cuddling me.

Their tails curled around my neck and face, fully immersing me in their extremely soft and warm fur.

Uwaaa so fluffy~~ I am healed~~

Ugh, Tsuki, Rina, Luna, please stop looking at me like that. I’ll introduce them properly but let me enjoy the fluff first ok? It’s been a really tiring day.


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