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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 547: So Many Questions, So Little Time Bahasa Indonesia

(Elaria POV)

Ehehehehe~ Onii-sama will be so proud of me!

Onii-sama had always told me that “flying through space in a big ass ship is every man’s dream”.

With this test done, the start of Onii Sama’s Space Navy can go into full production!

What’s more, Onii-sama also said “Giant robots are the future!” so being the good little sister I was, I made them too!

I’m sure Onii-sama will praise me lots when he sees them!

Ehehehe~ I can’t wait!

Ah, I shouldn’t lose focus right now, my fellow sisters need help after all.

It’s all thanks to sister Manami that I got the hyper jump drive to work using her teleportation Technique. With the Technique inscribed on the ship’s engines, we didn’t even need to invent a jump core before such a feat was possible.

If it wasn’t for the fact that sister Manami had been constantly keeping contact with us, we might have wasted more time before getting combat ready.

The original plan had been to meet up with Onii-sama’s monsters and come over with them. But since my sisters were facing a crisis, I decided to jump here without them.

I feel a tiny bit bad that I snuck a few tracking devices on my sisters without their knowledge, but it’s all for the greater good of finding Onii-sama so I’m sure they’ll forgive me!


“Fire main cannons!!” I yelled, posing on the ship’s bridge with a hand on my hip and my other arm outstretched. That was definitely the standard pose for issuing such an order!

“Yes ma’am!”

The roar of our ship’s main cannons firing at those monsters was very therapeutic indeed.

I swung my arm and declared dramatically, “Clear a landing zone, then drop the EXOs on the ground and begin ground assault!”

“Aye, aye, ma’am!”

I turned around, making sure to flair my military jacket to make it look as dramatic as possible before moving towards the hangar where the EXOs are.

Of course there would be one suit for me, I even made one for Onii-sama too!

Ehehehe~ Onii-sama will definitely praise me when he sees this!

All the EXOs were designed with a rough human shape around ten metres high each though it was missing a head on top of the torso. The cockpit was located in the torso section where a single pilot would sit in and control the entire suit.

I climbed into my EXO, powering it up and giving a thumbs up to the engineers before closing the pilot hatch.

The screens around the cockpit flickered to life, showing me a perfect view of the outside.

Confirming that all statuses were green, it was just a matter of time before we launched.

“Landing zone is clear! Prepare for EXO drop in five! Four! Three! Two! One! Drop! Drop! Drop!”

I felt a sense of vertigo as my EXO was released and dropped from the hangar, the thrusters at the back of the suit kicking into life to slow my descent.

Over sixty EXOs landed around me, sending shockwaves that knocked over the monsters closest to us. Without requiring further orders, all of us immediately drew our automatic cannons and started firing at the endless horde that had been plaguing my dear sisters.

With my reinforcements, my sisters managed to rally the rest of the defenders and formed another defensive line against the horde alongside the EXOs.

With OSSN Sun Destroyer overhead providing constant aerial bombardment, we could cover the entire field no matter where the new rifts opened up.

This is our battlefield now!

Rockets and fireballs flew alongside each other to decimate the ranks of the monsters while bullets and arrows continuously peppered the charging horde.

Even if their increasing numbers, there was no way those things can get past our killzone!

The one sided slaughter carried on for another hour before something shot out of one of the rifts at high speeds and flew straight up in the air.

It only took me a moment to recognise what that ‘thing’ was.



Both my sisters and I shouted out at the same time.

Onii-sama looked up and spotted OSSN Sun Destroyer and stared at it for a good long moment, most likely admiring it. I can already picture the praises he will be giving me later!


There is another girl with him that I hadn’t seen before?

It’s not like it’s the first time Onii-sama had taken another woman into his ever expanding harem and it’s not like I mind it in the first place. Like my sisters, I knew Onii-sama’s love was meant to be shared and he belonged to no one.

But for some reason, when I saw that girl flying beside Onii-sama, I felt a great sense of danger and trepidation.

It was as though she was my natural enemy or something.

Onii-sama waved his hand over the field and a black ball formed above the field, causing every remaining monster that had been there to immediately get sucked into it and disappear from existence.

As expected of Onii-sama! You’re so cool!!



When I came out of the rift and back into the Spiritual Plane with the craz… With Tsuki in tow, the last thing I expected was to see a ship floating in the sky and bombarding the field below me.

I didn’t even need to ask to know that this was definitely Elaria’s handiwork.

And are those mechs I see below?

Those are mechs aren’t they?

I think Elaria’s gone a little bit too far this time… I’ll really need to give her a good spanking later.

It’s a wonder those busybodies haven’t showed up yet, I wonder if they were still busy with appeasing Lilith or something.

Wait a minute… My disciples are there too? Elaria must have gotten them involved in this as well…

And if they are participating in the city’s defenses, that also means they have met Luna as well…

The worst case scenario actually happened to me, why is this even happening?

Ugh, just thinking about it is giving me a headache and I still have this crazy girl… I mean the girl who claims to be my sister from another world to deal with too.

The fact that Muon had told me about my status as a Star Power user makes it possible that I really might have been her brother in another world.

But the real question lies in why she had been hearing and speaking gibberish all this while and why she had tortured me so badly in my other life? And most importantly, who exactly is she?

She looks entirely compliant now and even gave me a cute smile when I looked at her, calling me “Aniue” affectionately.

I’m seriously very confused right now… What is with my sisters and their craziness?

I knew there was nothing good about coming to this Plane! Now how am I supposed to explain to my dear disciples about all this?

Argh! Whatever, I’ll deal with things one by one. Let’s take care of these monsters first and deal with the other things later.

At least with my Star Power, the monsters here wouldn’t even be a threat at all. I’ll just create a black hole here and let it do all the work.


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