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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 526: Let’s Take A Step Back Bahasa Indonesia



“What is it, Xun Guan?” I asked, peeking out the window of the guest room to figure out my escape route.

“If our objective is to get to the hidden archives… Couldn’t Master just make use of your new lover’s authority and gain access to it?”

I stopped myself and looked at her, “Ok, first things first. She is not my lover. Secondly, you are a damn genius, Xun Guan. Come out here so I can pat you.”

She did so and I patted her head thoroughly before letting her go back into my clothes. I will ignore the fact that she started squeezing me all over during and after the headpats.

Ok, I admit, I’ve been quite on edge ever since I got here and I’m not really thinking properly. I’m getting a really bad case of tunnel vision here.

Alright then, since I was given this room to rest, I should take this opportunity to actually calm down a bit and figure out my plans properly.

Looking back, I’ve just been focused on finding that crazy girl that I didn’t consider anything else.

In the first place, what made me so sure the portal is even here?

For all I know, the portal might be sending living things with souls to different places on the Spiritual Plane, which explains why my clone and the rock managed to come back through the portal but not myself.

If that’s the case, there isn’t any reason for me to find that crazy girl anymore. In fact, it would be better for my well being to not even find her in the first place. Who knows what kinds of things she will get me involved in just by being near her?

Thinking about that, keeping away from her would be the best idea.

But the fact remains that she is currently inside the hidden archives, the place where I learnt most of what I knew today. Knowledge that helped me become even stronger than I had been in my previous life by several tens of times.

If this was also where she had gone to learn before moving to the Cloud Plane, it wouldn’t be surprising for her to become as strong as she had been.

With that in mind… Should I stop her from growing any more?

I mean, she got to the point where those busybodies got involved with her, you know? To make matters worse, she even made these same busybodies, who were notoriously stubborn and uncompromising, to actually give up on dealing with her.

Ugh… Then again, I can’t deny the fact that I felt a sense of satisfaction from seeing them getting their ass handed to them on multiple occasions by her…

If I could, I would definitely want to punch the face of that guy who tried to take my sister away.

I guess taking a peek at her wouldn’t be too bad, just to see what she was doing. Maybe I can also get myself to her level in the worst case scenario.

And I’ve yet to find out the link between myself and the guy who looks like me in the picture she dropped.

As for the portal back home… Hmm… Maybe Muon can help me find it?

But seeing that even she believed that the Earthen Plane was a mythical Plane that doesn’t exist, it might be difficult for her to find it too. But if I were to learn how to use my Star Power properly from her, I might be able to do something about it.

Ok, let’s recap a bit. Primary objective is to return home, the first option is to enter the hidden archives and search there for the portal. If the portal isn’t there, then I will check that crazy girl and find out what she has been up to.

Second option is to use my Star Power to create my own way back, which might take longer since I will need to learn how to use it properly.

Well, instead of rushing for results, I should take this slowly and do it properly.

“Is Master still planning to head into the archives?” Xun Guan asked suddenly.

“Umu, that is the plan now, yes. Is there a problem?”

“My clone is still there and it seems like the director has been trying to look into Master’s background.”

“Well, she won’t find anything since I’m not originally from this place anyway.”

“There is that but… I think she is planning on going into the hidden archives as well.”

I frowned, “Then that would mean she would see that crazy girl…”

“Most likely. The director only suggested that in passing though, so she might not actually think it is worth the effort to do so.”

“No, knowing her, she would definitely do it so it’s a matter of time. If not today then most likely within the next few days. That means I have to get there before her in case anything happens.”

“Eh? What is Master worried about?”

“Aside from the two of them fighting and resulting in the destruction of priceless tomes of knowledge? Nothing much, really.”

“Ah, I understand. Shall I make sure she stays out of there then?”

“Just don’t do anything drastic.”

“Hehehe, I used to be an assassin, Master. I know what I’m doing.”

“Yes, yes. While you’re busy with that, I shall go and ask that woman for access to the archives.”

With our roles decided, I went to the door to leave the room, only for the door to open itself before I could reach it.

Luna walked in as though she owned the place, which now that I think about it, she actually did.

“Oh, hello my dear husband. I’m here to make sure you get a good rest!”

Behind her was Rina with several stacks of pillows in her hands, looking ready to build a pillow fort or something.

Without waiting for my answer, I was pulled back into the room by Luna and Rina quickly laid down the pillows to cover the floor.

I was then dragged to the mass of pillows and made to lie down on Luna’s lap, the Matriarch looking very pleased with herself.

Rina then proceeded to build an actual pillow fort around us, encasing Luna and I inside. What are we, five? I mean, not that pillow forts are only restricted to five year olds but… This is just so sudden.

“How is it? Is this comfortable? Should I get more pillows? Would you like a massage? How about some sweets? Is it too hot? Maybe I should cool the room down with an Ice Technique? Are those clothes comfortable? Feel free to strip yourself, I wouldn’t mind you know? I can also strip too if you want, we’re engaged after all!”

This woman…

The word ‘moderation’ is definitely not in her dictionary, guess I’ll have to wait for her to calm down first before I can ask her about it.

Ugh… I miss my disciples…

I hope they’re eating well and not too worried about me back home. I’ll have to get them some souvenirs before going back.

The first thing I’ll do is to spend an entire day head patting them, before bringing the girls to bed and cuddling them.

Yep, best plan.


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