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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 527: Paying For A Service Bahasa Indonesia



Surprisingly, she actually rejected my request to go into the hidden archives.

“Umm… May I know why?”

“That place is too dark and scary for you! What will I do if my dear husband gets frightened while inside?! Ah, but if I light up the entire place, it might not be so bad. But some books might still hurt you if they are opened. Maybe I should just burn all those books first before my husband goes in? Yes, that is good. Maybe burning the entire place down would be an even better idea? If there is no archive, husband will not be hurt by the book!”

Please don’t, there is countless priceless knowledge kept within those books, I know for a fact that a few of those books are even the last print in existence. Another reason why I want to gain access to that place is to read those books I never got the chance to read in my previous life.

“It’s fine Luna, I’m pretty sure I can handle myself well enough to read a few books,” I tried to assure her.

“Absolutely not! My dear husband is my most precious flower! Absolutely no harm must come upon you! I will do everything in my power to prevent anything from happening to you! Yes, my dear is already perfect and flawless, there is absolutely no way I will allow anything to besmirch your perfection! You don’t need to go out, just stay here with me, stay here and never leave, my dear!”

“I think I need to remind you that I have yet to accept your proposal…”

“Oh but that’s alright! I will do my best to make you fall for me! I will be the perfect wife for you, caring for everything that you could ever want! There is no need for you to think, just become mine and everything will be good. All of your needs and wants, I will fulfill them all. Won’t you become mine, my dear?”

I saw my chance, “In that case, let me into the hidden archives.”

“Ugghh… Does… Does husband really want to go there that much? That place is really nothing but dusty old books you know? Wouldn’t it be a better choice to just stay here and enjoy tea and cakes with me? That’s much better isn’t it? I would definitely choose to spend time with my husband instead of some books in a secret library you know? Should I ask Rina to make us some tea now?”

I sighed internally, figuring that there was only one way to get what I wanted from her.

I reached forward and cupped her cheeks, the Matriarch looking up at me in confusion of my actions.

Without hesitation, I brought my lips forward and captured hers in a kiss.

Her eyes widened in surprise but she recovered quickly, her hands moving to wrap behind my back and pulling me towards her in a tight embrace.

Before she could properly enjoy it though, I had pulled myself back to break the kiss, placing a finger on her lips to stop her from chasing me.

I grinned, “That… Is just a small taste of what I might give you if you allow this small selfishness of mine.”

She blinked at me for a moment before turning to look at the maid that was staring at us, “Rina… Please show husband the way to the hidden archives. Protect him with your life.”

“By your command, your Majesty.”

Score one for me.


“I was expecting you to throw some kind of remark at me or maybe even hurt me in some way for what I did,” I admitted, following Rina back into the Royal Archives.

“There is no reason for me to interfere,” She commented dryly. “Her most gracious Majesty has recognised Master as her husband, if I were to interfere in any way would mean I do not trust my Mistress’s judgement. Such a thing is unbecoming of a maid like myself. It is natural for a husband to kiss his wife so there is nothing for me, a mere servant of my mistress, to say anything.”

I could tell that she was trying to convince herself more than me. It was obvious she was still a little upset that Luna was obsessed with me for some reason, but her respect for Luna did not allow her to treat me like the rest of the men.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel a sense of satisfaction after knowing her predicament.

“Lady Rina, welcome,” An archivist came to greet her, obviously taking over the role of the dead archivist from before.

“Her most gracious Majesty is allowing this man to enter the Hidden Archives. Go and inform the Director at once.”

The archivist glanced at me for a split second before returning his gaze back on Rina, “Understood. Please wait here.”

He quickly ran off in the direction of the Director’s office, leaving me alone with Rina.

I looked at the maid in front of me, “You despise me, don’t you?”

“Why would you ever think that?”

“An unknown male that you’ve met for the first time today just became your mistress’s most important person overnight. I’m sure anyone would feel dissatisfaction from that.”

She turned her head to look at me with half-lidded eyes, “You don’t seem especially thrilled that the most powerful person in this entire Plane has her eyes focused on you. Any other man would be leaping at the chance to have her most gracious Majesty fawning over them but not you. Why is that so?”

“Did I not mention that I already have someone else occupying my heart?”

“A person who is better than her most gracious Majesty? Unless you are delusional, there should not be such a person in this entire Plane.”

I smiled at her words, “In that sense, you might be correct. But unfortunately it is true that my heart is already elsewhere.”

“Then what was that kiss you gave her?”

I gestured towards the archives, “My payment to her for allowing me to enter there. It is a fair trade is it not?”

“You are scum.”

“I most certainly do not wish to hear that from someone that thinks men are not worth the dirt beneath her heel. I remember how you… No, I apologise. It really might have been scummy of me to take advantage of Luna’s affection for me like that, but I am in by no ways trying to lead her on. She desired it, and I saw it as proper compensation to get what I wanted. It was nothing more than a business transaction if you will.”

Her eyes narrowed slightly, “Do you even know… How long her most gracious Majesty has been searching for someone to stand by her side as her husband? Why does it have to be you of all people?”

I shrugged, “I never asked to be picked and I literally just met her today. If you are pinning the blame on me purely because of the fact that I’m a male, then I have nothing to say to you.”

She looked like she wanted to say more but the archivist returned before she could.

“Lady Rina, I have approval from the Director, this way please.”

The maid gave me the look that screamed ‘this isn’t over’ before following the archivist towards the hidden archive’s entrance.

I’m still having trouble remembering the people of this timeline had not done anything to me yet it seems…

I shouldn’t be blaming them for something that another version of them has done, right?


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