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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 516: When You’ve Become Too Strong Bahasa Indonesia


“I… I guess it’s expected of Senpai who had come from the Legendary Earthen Plane…” Muon stuttered, her head bowed and not meeting my eye.

“No, no, no. This whole thing is weird no matter how I look at it, isn’t it? Why is this even happening?”

“May I speak, Master?” Xun Guan asked suddenly.

Muon was instantly alert, summoning two balls of fire in her hands and looking around her for the source of the voice.

“Relax Muon, she’s friendly. What did you want to say, Xun Guan?”

“Ummm… This might just be my guess but I think it holds merit seeing what Master did just now… The Earthen Plane has an abysmal concentration of Quarks, maybe even the lowest of all Planes. Thus we, who have managed to cultivate under those extreme conditions, would become much stronger when we enter the other Planes since they have a higher concentration of Quarks.”

That… Actually makes sense.

I scratched my chin, “And those people who had managed to find their way to the Earthen Plane…”

Xun Guan sighed, “They probably became even weaker than the mortals of our Plane because of the sudden harsh conditions imposed on them…”

Muon raised her hand, “Forgive me, Senpai… But who are you talking to?”

My travel cloak shifted and a miniature Xun Guan appeared on my shoulder, waving at the girl in front of me.

“Muon, this is Xun Guan. I suppose you can say that she’s my guard. Xun Guan is a slime youkai and she usually transforms into my clothes to protect me.”

Muon waved back at my slime girl, “I… I see. I never noticed her presence.”

Xun Guan bowed her head, “Nice to meet you, Muon. I am Xun Guan, my specialty used to be assassinations so I’m adept at hiding my presence.”

I gave the slime girl a flick on her head, the girl yelping in pain when I did so.

“Don’t mind her, she likes to talk nonsense sometimes,” I explained quickly.

“I see… Umm… Is… Is she from the Earthen Plane too?”

I nodded.

“Understood… Pleased to meet you, miss Xun Guan.”

Xun Guan nodded to her before absorbing herself back into my travel cloak.

With the introductions out of the way, I brought the conversation back to the problem at hand, “So… I guess we figured out the reason behind the Earthen Plane’s ‘Legendary’ status. I always thought we were the lowest Plane, since… You know… The name suggests we’re the lowest on the ground while everyone else is up in the sky.”

Muon scratched her cheek, “Umm… I think it was called that because it brought many of the experts in the other Planes down to earth… Since most, if not all, of them were literally brought to their knees there.”

“Ah… I suppose that makes sense… By the way, I believe almost every Practitioner within a hundred mile radius would be rushing here after what I did, won’t they?”

She nodded, “They definitely will. But I guess they will be drawn to the town and start their search there. The citizens would be questioned first.”

“Then shouldn’t we put as much distance as we can from the town?”

“If Senpai does not wish to be found… If I use my Origin powers, I could hide us in a cloaking field and prevent any of them from finding us. But I’m admittedly not very good at using it so I can only keep it up for a while. But if it’s Senpai…”

Ah, right, I can do it.

“Sorry, I’m still having the mentality that my Cultivation was suppressed,” I admitted, preparing the Technique to hide our presence.

Muon took one look at me and her eyes widened considerably.

Before she could voice out what she had in her mind, my cloaking Technique was activated and everything around me disappeared.

And by everything, I really meant everything. Even the ground beneath my feet disappeared, leaving me standing in a blank white space.

Ah… That was too strong wasn’t it?

I actually made everything around me ‘impossible to be perceived by anyone’s senses’.

Let’s err… Dial that down by a bit…

The white room became a little less white.

Guess a bit wasn’t enough… Ummm… How about this much?

I decreased the strength of the Technique by ten times and everything finally popped back into view.

Muon was still standing at the same spot but her underlings were sprawled out on the ground, screaming their lungs out while failing their arms around.

Ah… Since the ground disappeared for them, they must have thought they were falling into a white abyss. Poor things.

Seriously though, it’s embarrassing that I’m having this much trouble controlling my strength right now, if I’m not careful I might just summon a meteor big enough to wipe out all life in this Plane…

Better not jynx it, I already feel like a toddler who just learnt how to walk.

“Sorry Muon, seems like it’ll take some time for me to get used to controlling my strength,” I apologized sincerely.

“Ummm no… I suppose it’s to be expected of senpai after all… Just in case… Could I ask if you have ever used your Origin power before?”

“Hmm? A few times I suppose, why?”

“Could I ask what aspect of Origin are you granted?”

I gave her a wry smile, “You’re going to need to explain more about that, Muon. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as ‘aspects’.”

“Aspects are like… A specialty of the Origin Power that your Patron has granted you. For example, mine is the ability to manipulate probability to a certain extent. If Senpai could not hide us, I could have lowered the probability of us being found.”

To demonstrate, she pulled out five copper coins and tossed them into the air.

Her body glowed bluish white for a moment before the light subsided, just as all five coins landed on the ground.

Both of us knelt down to inspect the coins to see all of them had landed with the ‘heads’ side facing up.

“Wouldn’t this make you perfect for gambling? Ah, there’s that blue glow that would give it away huh?”

She smiled, “Actually, only people like us can see the glow of someone using Origin. So yes, I am actually using it to earn money through gambling.”

“Oh, could this also be related to your Patron? Since yours is the god of fate if I remember correctly.”

“Yes and no. Our Patron can still grant us another aspect like time manipulation or physical enhancement even if it’s not their domain. But if they do grant us their aspect, it’ll be much stronger than if another God granted it.”

“Huh, so you could actually figure out your patron from your aspect?”

“You could, but even if you’re granted the power, there’s also your own personal capability to utilise said power effectively.”

“I see… In that case, I have been using mine to summon meteors all this while.”

Muon scratched her chin thoughtfully, “In that case, Senpai’s aspect might be Space. You can also control gravity to an extent, right?”

I nodded.

Muon pinched her chin, “Then it might really be Space. I think there’s only a small handful of Origin Wielders who have the aspect of Space as well. Senpai really is special…”

Just as I was going to ask her for more information, several groups of Practitioners flew overhead of us, heading towards the still burning city.

Guess we should concentrate on hiding now, questions can come later…


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