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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 515: When You Find Out You Were Playing On The Hardest Difficulty All Along Bahasa Indonesia


“Sorry, I must have misheard you… I thought I heard you say that the Earthen Plane doesn’t exist?”

“Yes… Umm… No, I mean… To us… Well, at least the denizens of this Plane, the Earthen Plane is akin to a fantastical place that only exists in myths and legends.”

I was giving her my best ‘what the hell are you talking about’ look.

She quickly waved her hands in front of her, “Ah! I’m not calling Senpai a liar! It’s just… Ummm… It’s like suddenly hearing that someone is from Heaven you know?”

I scratched my head, “So… Earthen Plane is so insignificant that everyone else thinks it’s impossible to exist, huh?”


I looked up at Muon after she made that gasp of surprise, finding a bewildered look plastered on her face.

“What? Is that not the case?” I asked.

“Umm… Is Senpai not aware? The Earthen Plane is said to be the highest of realms where everyone there are godlike beings…”

I couldn’t help but let out a “Haaaah?”

What godlike beings? Aren’t we just the weakest Plane in existence? We have normal mortals you know? Like people who can’t even cultivate you know? How is our world filled with godlike beings? Is this a prank? This is a prank right? This is most definitely a prank.

“Where did that idea even come from?”

She pursed her lips, “That is… I’m not sure of that either but… There are some records saying that anyone who came from the Earthen Plane are absurdly powerful, though such claims have no proof to back them.”

I nodded, “So it’s just dumb rumours then.”

“But… There are people who have claimed to have visited the Earthen Plane, these people who were supposed to be the strongest experts of their Sects. They come back as broken husks of their former selves, claiming that they were bested by even the common peasants within the Earthen Plane.”

I shook my hands at her, “No, no, no. The commoners in our Plane are not even Practitioners you know? How can they beat up the Practitioners of this Plane? That’s definitely not possible.”

“Ummm… I’ve never went to the Earthen Plane so I’m not sure… Isn’t Senpai insanely strong though?”

“Woman,” I gestured to myself. “Do you even sense any cultivation from me? I’m no different from the other men right now you know?”

“Ummm… I can’t deny that… But that’s because you took the form of a male right? I had the thought that you were using this form to suppress your power but I never imagined that you were actually from the Earthen Plane…”

I frowned at her, “Are you saying… No, that can’t be right? Let’s try changing my gender for a bit then.”

I concentrated my Quarks to activate my storage ring again, materialising the pill bottle that held my gender change pills.

“Ummm… Senpai?” Muon called out just as I was about to open the bottle. “Did you… Did you just activate your storage ring?”

“Err… Yes? I’m still a Practitioner you know, even if this Plane has a law that suppresses a male’s cultivation. It might be a bit more difficult but I can still do it if I concentrate hard enough.”

“Oh… Erm… That’s incorrect, Senpai. This Plane does not have a law that ‘suppresses male’s cultivation’… It’s a law of ‘Males cannot manipulate Quarks’.”

Wait what?

“But I just did though?”

“Ummm… I… I guess… As expected of Senpai to be able to break the Plane’s laws…”

No, no, no, don’t say such scary words so easily. A Plane’s laws are absolute, you know? That’s like some mortal deciding that gravity doesn’t apply to them and it just suddenly doesn’t.

“No, maybe it’s because I’m from a different Plane that the law doesn’t fully apply to me… I think?” I muttered, desperately tried to convince myself.

“Ummm… Maybe… If Senpai says so…”

Ughh… She definitely doesn’t think that’s true, there’s absolutely no way whatever I said was true, completely impossible you know?

Let’s not think about it too much or my head’s going to hurt…

I popped open the pill bottle and threw one of it inside my mouth.

The effects were almost instantaneous as my features softened, my legs grew longer, my chest expanded and my manhood retracted.

“How do I look?” I asked in my new, feminine, voice.

She looked at me with wide eyes, “Was that… A gender change pill?”

I nodded, wondering why she would ask that question.

“So… This is how Senpai would have looked like if Senpai had been a girl… Umm… If I didn’t know it was Senpai… I’d be really envious of you…”

“Huh? Why?”

Muon pointed to my chest, “Why do you get them so much more bigger than me? That’s so unfair…”

I looked down at the mammaries hanging in front of me, I never really thought about it but… They’re really big huh?

“And what’s with that smooth skin… And those long legs and wide hips… Senpai is way too sexy…”

Ok… I’m not sure how I should feel with Muon complimenting my body so earnestly like that, could she be interested in the same gender?

“You know just eating some pills would give you almost the same body right?”

She actually pouted at me, “It will not be the same! Senpai’s are all completely natural you know?”

“Woah alright then, sorry I asked,” I apologised quickly, sensing that this was a rather sensitive topic.

I wonder if my disciples ever felt that way when I changed genders? I don’t think they do since all of them were too busy burying their heads in my bosoms when I did change myself.

“Umm… So how does Senpai feel now?”

I stretched out my arms to the sides, concentrating on the Quarks in the air.

Hmm? Wait a minute, the Quark concentration feels really really rich here. Like… Almost ten times more concentrated than the Earthen Plane’s.

I tried to summon a small ball of light in my hands and…

The entire area around me lit up like the sun, engulfing the entire place in scorching white light.

I quickly shut the Technique off just as screams of pain echoed throughout the area.

Thankfully my eyes were somehow protected from any damage but anyone else in the area had their retinas burned to cinders, even Muon was affected by it.

Panicking slightly, I quickly casted an area wide healing Technique which surprisingly healed everyone up immediately.

Eh? Even trees and flowers were starting to sprout out around us?

The trees… They’re getting taller and taller…

EEEHH??! It’s going all the way up into the sky! What the hell is going on?!

Ummm… Quickly, a disintegration Technique… Target the surrounding plants… And release!

Oh good, the trees all turned into ashes and disappeared.

No wait, the ground is starting to crack…

What the hell?! The entire place became a dried up wasteland!

Ok, calm down… Use the minimum amount of power… About… One percent… Then rejuvenate the land.

Ok, ok. It’s fixed now, it’s fixed now.


Yep, everything’s all back to normal… Even the town that had been burning was restored back to normal where the buildings had all magically fixed itself too.

What the hell was all that?!


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