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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 502: Assembling A Task Force Bahasa Indonesia

(Lidiana POV) [MC’s Mama]

Fate is cruel.

It first blessed me with such a wonderfully cute son before forcing me away from him. Then allowing us to reunite again before making him disappear once more.

If I could shoot fate in the face I would have done so a million times already. Damned useless bastard.

“So… You’re sure you or your people aren’t involved this time?” I asked, propping my head up with a hand.

“No… I… We really had nothing to do with it this time…” The whore muttered.

What was her name again? Mei Bian? Stupid name.

She should thank her ancestors that she still has some use, or else I would have just told my people to chop her fingers off and dump her in a lake somewhere.

I stared at her for a long minute in silence, scrutinizing the bitch who dared try to take advantage of my dearest son.

When she did not look away, I knew she was telling the truth.

“Fine, I suppose I’ll keep my side of the deal. You’re free to go,” I made a shooing motion at her.

“Eh? Not… Not that I’m not grateful but… Just… Just like that?”

“Yes, just like that. Because this Mama has more important things to worry about compared to a nobody like you. But I’ll be keeping this of course,” I gestured to a golden weighing scale on the table beside me.

“Umm… Of… Of course…” She muttered, clearly not entirely happy about leaving this treasure behind.

It’s an interesting little thing, this one.

According to her, it’s a cursed object that some demons had made from ages past to make deals with humans. It has the effect of forcing both parties to uphold an agreed contract, both verbally and written.

This little bitch had thought to use this on my darling son to get him to give her what she wanted. Good thing Mama was there to protect my baby!

“Make no mistake though,” I added. “There will be no ‘next time’. Do something like this again and we will reduce your entire country to rubble. Understand?”

She nodded meekly.

I raised my hand and made a shooing motion, showing that this meeting has come to an end.

Two of my guards came forward and took her away, bringing her back to where her followers were to be escorted out.

My cutest, littlest daughter came in just as she was being brought out.

“Okaa-sama? Was it her?”

“No, it truly wasn’t her for this one. Maybe Mama is really getting old to mistake her like that,” I sighed melancholically.

“That’s not true, Okaa-sama! Okaa-sama is still young and healthy!”

“Ufufufu~ Hearing my cute daughter say that is really reassuring. But now I suppose we should listen to my darling son’s fox spirits.”

My little Elaria followed me out of the dungeon, climbing up the stairs and appearing in the office of the hot springs resort.

Yes, this is a resort but also doubles as our hidden dungeons. Any important people we want to get rid of will be sent here to enjoy the facilities before being taken away to the basement in the middle of the night to be taken care of.

This was what we used to get rid of the troublesome nobles that were uncooperative with queen Guiying.

It’s still true that the resort was not completely built at that time so Mama did not lie to my cute son about him being the first to use the completed resort.

The two of us continued out to the dining room where my future daughter-in-laws and son-in-law were waiting.

“How is it, Reverend Mother?” Lian Li asked, obviously worried.

“It’s not them,” I told her with a slow shake of my head.

“Hmmm… I suppose there’s no need to subject any countries to eternal winter for now,” The white fox spirit mused.

If it wasn’t for my daughter-in-laws vouching for them as my darling son’s pets, I would have had a harder time trusting them when they suddenly spoke aloud to us.

The two foxes had then told us of their origins and how my sweet baby boy had an entire army of monsters whom he had saved from the Dark Sect, earning their loyalty.

It sounded entirely impossible since there has never been anyone who could make friends with monsters, much less make them their followers. But since this is my dearest baby boy. Mama believes he could do it.

The fact that they called him ‘Divine One’ and ‘Master’ was evident enough that they loved my dear son as they should too.

“Ara, ara? I was also hoping to burn down a country or two in Master’s name. How disappointing…” Manami chuckled.

How nice to know that my cute son has so many people who love him just as much as Mama does~

And yet fate still chose to take him away from Mama. How cruel this world is.

I turned to look at the foxes, “So, you were saying my dear baby boy is currently lost in another place?”

The white fox nodded, “Divine One had found a portal within our Sanctuary and he used it to go through and take a look. He had tried attaching a rope to himself before going through to ensure that he could return… But the rope was cut immediately after he went through.”

The red fox chewed on a piece of fried tofu sadly, “Master told us that if he didn’t come back after twenty minutes… We should come here and tell you what happened… Sob… Master… Sob…”

As cute as these foxes are and how huggable they look, I don’t have any desire to do that while my darling son is missing.

Eris stood up, “Well! It’s obvious what we gotta do, ain’t it? We just need ta’ go where Master is!”

The white fox looked at her, “Going through that might also mean you may not return here you know?”

“A place without Master is hardly a place worth living at all,” Diao Chan said resolutely.

“Ufufu, Mama has the same thought too. I have just been reunited with my cutest, most darling son. There is no way I will allow him to suffer alone anymore~” I chuckled.

The red fox’s ears perked up, “Oh! Oh! We can go through the portal together to find Master! The more, the better, right?”

The white fox’s tail waved slightly, “We can organize a few of us to go through together, pick the ones best at tracking and find Divine One to bring him back.”

Elaria raised her hand, “I will need a bit more time before I can go though… We’re working on something really big right now and it would help Onii-sama a lot in the future…”

I reached out and patted her head, “Don’t need to worry my sweet, Mama will be here to take care of you~”

As much as I want to rush there and see my baby boy again, I know my own limitations and did not want to drag my cute son down. Instead, I will focus on making a home he can return to proudly!

My daughter-in-laws will go and save my son, then when they come back home, Mama will be there to welcome him back, just like a proper Mama would!

Yes, Mama will make the perfect home for you, my sweet, sweet baby boy~

So please come back to Mama.


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