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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 503: First Encounter Bahasa Indonesia


After running away from our drop location for a bit, we came across a path that seemed to lead in the direction we were heading to.

A path meant civilization, so we decided to slow down and follow the trail.

“Master… What if she was sent somewhere else like you and the portal isn’t there either?” Xun Guan asked.

I shrugged, “If that’s the case, we’ll just need to find another solution. But that’s our only lead right now and I’m quite weakened in this state, so best not to stand out. On that note, could you transform into less conspicuous clothes? Maybe something like farmer clothes or something?”

“Understood…” Xun Guan obeyed, transforming from my Master robes to a simple tunic and pants.

“Perfect. Hopefully I can pass myself off as a normal mortal with this.”

“Doesn’t Master have that superpower that can destroy worlds or something? I think no one would be able to stand against Master in that form.”

“I really don’t want to test myself against the people here. You heard my story about my past right? Maybe it’s because I was viewing them as a cripple back then, but even the weakest disciples of any Sect were leagues above my peak back at the Earthen Plane.”

“I… It is difficult for someone like me to fathom anyone stronger than even Master. Please forgive this one’s ignorance.”

I don’t blame her for that, of course. The Earthen Plane is a really peaceful place compared to the others.

But when you have seen things I have, you’ll know that there’s always someone out there that’s stronger than you. So it’ll end up quite badly for you if your head gets way too big and pisses someone off.

Even Lilith was just playing around with me back then. If she had used her full power, I would not even have stood a chance.

That’s why it’s still a good idea to maintain a low profile here. Hopefully I can just go there, find the portal and hop in before anyone even knows I’m here.

And of course, life just doesn’t go the way I wanted to when I sensed someone fly overhead, stopping mid flight, and then landing in front of me.

“You there! Male! Stop right there!” The female Practitioner demanded.

I stopped walking, just as more of them dropped from the sky. Really thankful that I changed my clothes before they appeared.

I noted that all of them were women.

“What seems to be the problem, my lady?” I asked, trying to make myself look as harmless as possible.

“Did you see anything while walking here? Any other Practitioners or monsters?”

I shook my head, “Not at all, my lady… I have been alone on this path ever since I stepped foot on it. Didn’t see a shadow of anyone until my lady showed up…”

One of the girls nudged her, “Maybe he’s the cause of the energy spike?”

“Don’t be ridiculous, he’s a male,” Another one admonished her.

“I don’t think he’s trustworthy. Who would travel alone on this road and he doesn’t even look like he’s carrying any supplies for travelling. We should bring him in and interrogate him back at the Sect.”

I raised my hands in surrender, “I assure you ladies, I mean no ill. I was separated from my travel companion and we agreed to meet up in the Spiritual Capital city in the event that happened… Just a few hours ago, I had been robbed by a few bandits who took most of my belongings, but I’ve learnt from my father to survive in the wild so I could still continue my travels living off the land…”

“What are you going to the capital city for?”

“I’m just a simple villager, sister… My companion and I wanted to go to the city to try for a new life there…”

All of them looked me up and down, not even bothering to hide their looks of disdain.

“A little bit of advice, male,” The first girl frowned at me. “The capital city is not for talentless commoners like you. You might live a better life going back to whatever village you’re from. Let’s go, sisters, he’s obviously a nobody.”

Just as sudden as they had arrived, they leapt back in the air and flew off.

I waited until they were completely out of sight before continuing my way.

“That went better than expected,” I commented. I had fully expected them to still take me in despite my explanations, knowing that’s usually how things go around here.

I guess they must have decided I was not worth their time.

“Master seems to be quite experienced in dealing with them… Has Master been to that capital city before?”

I nodded, “That’s where I worked as the archivist for the Spiritual Royal Family, you could say it was my home for a while. It was a gamble for me to throw that name out though, since I wasn’t really sure if this road even led there. If it didn’t, I would have just said I was meeting someone else.”

“But… If Master willed it, I could have dealt with all of them for you if needed…”

I raised an eyebrow, “You sure are confident huh? Aren’t you able to sense their strength at least?”

“Was Master not able to?”

I smiled wryly at her, “My cultivation is suppressed, remember? I wouldn’t even be able to sense their cultivation even if I was touching them.”

“Oh! Forgive me, Master! I forgot!”

“Not a big deal. So what were their cultivation levels?”

She paused for a moment, “If I had to say… I think they are similar to the Outer Core Practitioners of Master’s Sect. Their quark concentration isn’t really that dense, so maybe that’s why Master did not sense them?”

I frowned, “That’s not possible, we’re in the Spiritual Plane you know? These people are supposed to be much stronger than any of us who are stuck in the Earthen Plane. Not to mention, no one in the Outer Core level should even be able to fly.”

Xun Guan seemed to hesitate for a moment, “I’m… It may just be due to my own inexperience Master… But that was what I genuinely felt. Perhaps they are so much stronger than I am that I could not sense their real strength…”

That seems to be the most likely reason.

I patted her on my chest, “No need to feel so down. This place is technically a new world for you after all. Just leave it to me.”

“Understood Master. Please rely on me whenever you want as well.”

How reliable, I’m truly glad that I’m not alone on my trip here this time. If Xun Guan wasn’t there to calm me down back then, I might really have done some stupid things.

“We still have some problems though,” I pointed out, keeping up with my leisurely stroll down the path.

“What is it, Master?”

“The fact that this road leads to the capital city. It’s not really a place I wish to return to because of my bad memories there but… Well, let’s just see how it goes. I’ll really be depending on you, Xun Guan.”

“Of course, Master!”

Let’s just hope nothing happens there…


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