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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 498: Bathing Together Is Normal For Family, Right? Bahasa Indonesia


Well, it’s a little surprising, but my team ended up losing the match.

Despite the fact that everyone else was using Techniques, I chose to refrain from doing so in the fairness of the game and used only the snowball launcher throughout.

We managed to score another point after the first one but ended up losing the next two when Mother focused on keeping me away from their team.

She didn’t do much, just took me to the ruins of a building where no one could see us and started hugging and head patting me enthusiastically, all the while calling me a good boy and how much she loved me.

What was a son supposed to do but let her Mother indulge herself?

The final match was an easy win for them as Manami managed to overpower Kiyomi’s snowstorm and hit her with a snowball.

That allowed her to dominate the arena while Kiyomi had to rush back to our base to ‘revive’, since her fire aura basically melted any snowballs my team tried to fire at her. Manami could then grab the flag and run off with it before Kiyomi could return.

I did give everyone a head pat afterwards so everyone was still satisfied by the results.

Predictably, the prize ended up being that the winners get to spend the night in the resort’s biggest room with me.

And of course, we ended up soaking in the room’s private hot spring bath together.

Shiori and Akari had also joined us, the two foxes floating on the water blissfully.

“Fuuuu… This feels good…” Odriana moaned.

Manami leaned on my shoulder while her fingers entwined themselves with mine, “Ufufufu~ Master… I’m feeling a bit warm~ Won’t you cool me down? Perhaps a kiss?”

It’s a bit embarrassing to be doing this in front of Mother and wouldn’t this just make you warmer instead? Oh well…

I pinched Manami’s chin and tilted her head to face me, giving me access to kiss her on her lips.

“Uuuu… Master… Me too…” Diao Chan begged, wiggling her way to me while tied up in a turtle shell bondage.

Kind of a weird request from her to be tied up while we were bathing but I acquiesced to her anyway.

Of course, I gave my Witch a kiss too, which actually made her break out of her bondage just so that she could wrap her arms around me to deepen the kiss.

Was there even a point of tying her up if she could just get out of it whenever she wanted?

Oh well, better not think too much.

She finally let go before collapsing back into the water, her body twitching from the orgasm she had just from the kiss.

“Master…” Lian Li whispered, tugging on my arm.

Right, right, here you go.

I lowered my head and kissed my golden haired disciple as well, giving her plenty of love.

“Onii-sama! Not fair! Play with your cute imouto as well!”

“Fufufu~ My darling son really has grown up~~”

“Hehehe~ My little brother has indeed grown in all the right places~”

I dutifully ignored my family’s comments.

Mother sighed contentedly, “It’s been a long while since our family bathed together like this.”

Odriana giggled, “Back then, little brother was quite shy too. It took quite a bit to get him to bathe together.”

I grimaced, “Sounds like I was quite the problem kid.”

“Oh, not at all, Onii-sama! After you could walk, you already started bathing yourself!”

Mother pretended to cry into her hands, “My dear baby boy would say it was embarrassing for him to bathe with Mama. Mama was sad, you know?”

I mean, even now it is quite embarrassing you know? I can only put up with it because I don’t actually remember my childhood with you.

Pretty sure normal families don’t have the mother, her daughters, her son and the son’s disciples cum lovers bathing in the same bath at the same time.

Diao Chan suddenly recovered, “Oh! Did I hear stories about Master’ childhood?! Tell us please Mama!”

Since when did you start calling her Mama?

“Ufufu~ What do you girls want to hear? How about the time when my dearest baby boy started walking for the first time?”

“Oh? What was Master like?” Lian Li asked, hugging my arm in between her chest.

Mother smiled at me, “Mama remembers it clearly. Little Odriana was holding her cute little brother with Mama standing on the other side. My darling son only stumbled once before he came to Mama. Then he gave Mama a big hug! He was soooo cute~”

“Ara, ara? Can we see?” Manami pleaded, also wrapping her arm around mine from my other side.

“Ufufufu~ Of course~”

“Mother…” I whined a little halfheartedly.

Manami waved her hand and an image projected itself in front of us, showing a younger version of me and Odriana standing on one side of a rather opulent room.

Younger me had left Odriana’s grasp and took a step towards Mother’s outstretched hands, stopping for a moment to maintain my balance.

He took another step forward and stumbled, somehow managing to remain on his feet even then.

From how the screen shook, it was clear Mother wanted to rush forward to catch younger me before he fell but stopped when it was unnecessary.

Younger me looked up at Mother and slowly walked towards her, taking the final four steps to reach her arms.

He even gurgled in laughter when Mother raised him up to hug him.

“Ahhhhhnnn~~ Master is sooooo cute!!” Diao Chan squealed, leaping up to hug me while pushing her chest into my face.

Manami tugged at my arm, “Ufufufu~ Is it too much to ask for Master to regress your age a little? Just for a little bit?”

Elaria clutched her hands in front of her chest, “Ohh!! That’s a great idea! Could you please, Onii-sama? Okaa-sama never got to see your little form that time!”

I raised an eyebrow, “Really? Right now? Right here?”

“Oya? Does my cute baby boy have a way to turn small?” Mother inquired, her eyes lighting up. “Could my sweet, sweet baby please do it for Mama? Just for a little bit?”

“Please, Master?” Lian Li pleaded beside me as well.

Ugh… There’s no way I can deny that request if all of you look at me like that you know.

I sighed, “Alright, alright. Just for a while, ok?”

I took out the age regression pills from my storage ring and popped one of them into my mouth, swallowing it.

The effects were almost instant as my body shrunk back to the size of a ten year old, everybody suddenly looking really big to me.

I was already expecting my disciples to start fawning over me but no one was ready for Mother rushing up faster than everyone else to pull me into her bosom.

She caressed my head while holding me close, her eyes looking down at me with obvious adoration.

“My sweet, sweet baby… My darling baby boy… Oh my dearest son… How Mama has missed you so…” She whispered while headpatting me.

Right, I forgot Mother is really, really fond of cute stuff.

Guess I’m going to be stuck like this for a while…

For the rest of the night, I was subjected to constant head patting, hugging, lap pillows, fawning, cosplaying and quite a lot of other things that I shall not name.


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