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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 497: The Snowball War Bahasa Indonesia

(Eris POV)

Tch! Watch the left! [Bait]

Elaria’s still firing at us! Duck! [Eris]

… Below… Jump… [Laverna]

This one humbly thinks it might be a good idea to be more aggressive. [Denna]

I leapt behind a wall to avoid Lian Li’s snowball again, reloading my snowball launcher with more snow that I grabbed from the ground.

Cai Hong covered for me, using her small form to her advantage by dodging all the snowballs shot at her by Lian Li, Elaria and Odriana, counterattacking with her own launcher to force Lian Li to back off.

I jumped out from my cover again, shooting more snowballs at my senior sister, all of them either dodged or blocked by her lightning.

Elaria tried to fire a snowball at me but Cai Hong was there to intercept it with an air shield, giving me time to realign my next shot at Lian Li.

She lowered her snowball launcher and fired one at me before I could, forcing me to dodge out of the way.

Brendan had chosen that time to fire his own snowball launcher, the alchemist staying invisible with the help of his invisibility potion. He only becomes visible again when he tries to shoot his snowball launcher.

Lian Li’s eyes shone with a golden light and her body became clad with her signature lightning.

The ball he had fired bounced off her lightning armour harmlessly, exploding into white mist when it hit the wall nearby.

I reloaded my snowball launcher before firing again, Lian Li rolling to the side to avoid it, taking the opportunity to reload her weapon as well.

Cai Hong had taken advantage of that by flanking her left, setting up her launcher to fire a small barrage of snowballs at her.

Lian Li made a face as she clad her fist in lightning and punched the ground, throwing up a wall of snow that blocked the balls from getting to her.

Seeing that her top was open, I chose then to jump up in the air above her, firing a barrage of snowballs of my own down at her.

Senior sister looked up at me with her golden eyes and shot a barrage of snowballs as well. She must have enhanced her senses as she shot down each of my attacks accurately and even had one extra snowball as a counter.

I kicked the air and propelled myself back to the ground, barely avoiding the snowball that whizzed past my ear.

Seems like she’s going all out as well… This will be troublesome. [Eris]

Heee… Even with all of us workin’ together, she’s still holdin’ us back like dat’. Guess dat’s Master’s strongest disciple fer you! [Bait]

Watch left… [Laverna]

I ducked underneath the snowball fired by Odriana, clicking my teeth at their coordination.

This one thinks it’s because of sister Elaria and sister Odriana’s support that she’s doing so well. [Denna]

Kiyomi and Manami are at a standstill too. Even with Kiyomi’s snowstorm, Manami’s firestorm is just melting all the snow around her. [Eris]

I turned to look at the other side of the arena.

One side of it was covered in flames while the other was frozen solid, the two fox youkais staring at each other with all their might.

Yeeeeea… That looks pretty intense if ya ask me. [Bait]

Speaking of which… Has anyone seen Revere– [Denna]

My vision became filled with white mist when an unseen snowball exploded on my back.

Both Cai Hong and Brendan were similarly hit at almost the same time, neither of them even getting a chance to react.

I looked behind to see Reverend Mother standing there, dressed in a skintight black suit.

“Fufufu~ Do forgive this old lady for resorting to such tricks~ But Mama still wants to bond with my dear son~”

How did she sneak up behind us?! [Bait]

… Ninja? … [Laverna]

Lian Li strolled up to the flag and plucked it off the pedestal with a grin, “Seems like the first point is ours~”

She just managed to turn around when a snowball hit her on the chest, the ball bursting into a puff of white mist and surprising her.

Master strolled out from the shadows, His snowball launcher still smoking.

“Well, took a while to circle around and take out Odriana and Elaria, but I’m glad I made it in time. Also, what are you wearing, Mother?”

Mother did a spin, “Does it suit Mama? Mama was worried it might look weird.”

“I’m actually not sure how to answer that. Are you supposed to be a ninja?”

“Ufufufu~ Of course my darling boy would know~”

“Ok… Anyway, I’ll be taking that,” Master declared, taking the flag from Lian Li.

“Ehh? Re… Reverend Mother?” Lian Li gasped looking at her for help.

“My, my… There is no way Mama can shoot at my own baby boy you know~ Even if it’s a game. My baby must have the same thoughts as well, am I right, dear?”

Master smiled at her, “It would indeed leave a bad taste in my mouth. So I’ll just be taking this.”

Reverend Mother pouted, “Won’t you even tell your Mama that she looks good? Even this is embarrassing for me you know?”

Master made a face, “Well… I do think that Moth–“


A snowball hit Master on the back.

All of us turned to see Diao Chan standing a short distance away with her launcher out.

“Oh noooo~~ I hit Master~~ I’m going to get puniiiished~ Could I request for spanks?”

Master turned back to stare at her, “You already revived yourself?”

Diao Chan nodded, a drool escaping from the side of her lips, “Yes, Master! I rushed back here as quickly as I could to ambush you! Could I get spanked now? Please?”

Master chuckled, “Why would I spank you? You did good. It was my fault for letting my guard down. I guess you guys get the first point this time.”

“Eh? EEEHH??” Diao Chan screamed. “I don’t get any spanks?”

“If you want some, I can give you later.”



Diao Chan got hit by a snowball mid cheer.

Right after that, another one hit Reverend Mother on her back as well, effectively eliminating the other team.

“Fear not Papa! Cai Hong came back!” Our little dragon shouted, dashing out from the direction of our base.

Eh… Looks like little Cai Hong snuck back to base to revive while we were busy talking here. [Eris]

Hell yeah! You go show ’em little Cai Hong! [Bait]

Cai Hong ran up to Master and stretched out her hand, the little dragon making “buu, buu, buu” sounds.

Master understood what she wanted and handed the flag over to her while patting her head.

She gave a little “Ehehehe” laugh before sprinting back to our base, scoring the first point of our match.

“Well, guess we got the first point instead. Shall we reset for the next round?” Master suggested, recovering from the surprise faster than anyone else.

As expected of Master, this one thinks He has already expected this outcome. [Denna]

Master… God… [Laverna]

Yeah! It’s a little unfair, but I think we got dis’ win in da’ bag! [Bait]

And we’ll get Reverend Mother’s secret prize too,this plan is perfect! [Eris]


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