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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 484: Bringing The Son Back Home Bahasa Indonesia


After the meeting between my disciples and Mother, Mother had gleefully requested that she visit Heaven Sect to “see my dear baby boy’s current living conditions”.

By now, a number of our Sect members have returned, though most of the other Masters, Elders and Sect Master Qing were still away. They were staying behind in the new country of Lin to supervise the construction of the new capital city and the new Sect and should remain there until it is completed.

From what Elaria told me, their help might shorten the expected completion time by half.

I still think we should rename the country but I think at this stage it’s a little too late for that.

“Oh my! So this is Heaven Sect! What a wonderful place it is!” Mother praised, looking up at the entrance of the Sect. “I expected no less from my darling son’s Sect!”

I coughed to get her attention, “Just in case, Mother… I am not the Sect Master here, I am merely a Master, so please don’t say anything like me owning the place because I most certainly don’t. The others might get the wrong idea.”

Mother seemed to take offense at that, “What?! How dare they?! I demand to see your Sect Master at once! How dare they not give this Sect to my darling son?!”

Elaria went up to pull at Mother’s arm, “Calm down Okaa-sama! They wanted to let Onii-sama have the position, but Onii-sama was the one who didn’t want it!”

Mother tilted her head at me, “Oh? Is that true, dear?”

I nodded at her, confirming what my little sister had said to be true.

“Ahh~~ As expected of my darling son! So humble and modest! Mama is so proud of you!” Mother praised, hugging me again.

Right, I don’t think I should tell her that the reason why I rejected the idea was because it was too much of a bother for me.

“Welcome back Master Lin.” The guards at the gate greeted me once we got closer.

Finally there’s someone guarding the gate. Hopefully, these guys could take over me in turning away all those future ‘visitors’ trying to disturb me for the healing pill.

“Umu, when did you guys return?” I asked, since we had been away for a few days to attend Guiying’s coronation.

“Oh, just yesterday actually. Although we did take some time to… Err… Figure out Master Lin’s lock inscription…”

Hmm? It should be quite simple isn’t it? The lock inscription would detect the presence of a Heaven Sect member and it would ask a question of who the Sect Master of Heaven Sect was. Answer it correctly and it should undo itself.

Maybe they thought it was a trick question since it was too simple? As long as they managed to get in I guess.

“Oh, Sect Master Qing left a message for you as well, we left it on your table in your study.” The guard continued.

“Umu, thanks. By the way, my mother and sister are visiting, hope you guys don’t mind?”

The two of them took one look at them before turning back to me quickly.

“Of course it’s alright, Master Lin. There’s no reason for us to reject your family coming to visit you in your Sect.”

How nice of them, though I’m going to ignore the part where he called it ‘my’ Sect.

“Fufufu~ This is definitely my darling boy’s Sect~” Mother chuckled mirthfully, which I dutifully ignored and led the way in.

Our motley group made our way back into my courtyard, the few Sect members whom I passed greeting me respectfully when they saw me.

For every Sect member that greeted me, Mother’s smile got wider and wider until she was practically beaming with pride.

I covertly whispered to Elaria when she wasn’t looking, “Why is Mother like that? I don’t remember her being so prideful?”

That question made Elaria grin at me, “Oh Onii-sama! Okaa-sama has always been proud of you! But because of the… Ahem… Because of father and brother being idiots, she hasn’t had the chance to showcase her pride for you! Now she can finally be herself again, of course she would be happy!”

Ok… I guess that’s a mother for you. I really don’t think there’s anything that I’ve done so far that is worth being proud about, at least during my childhood days.

After reaching my courtyard, I gave my disciples the rest of the day off, already anticipating Mother to occupy the rest of my day.

Most of them headed back to their room while Elaria brought Odriana to somewhere else, leaving just me and Mother.

“Welcome to my home, Mother,” I smiled at her before gesturing to the dining table. “It’s nothing much but do take a seat, I’ll make tea for you.”

“Oooh, how cozy. It feels very homely, just like you, dearie.”

“Ummm… Thanks. Here’s your tea, Mother.”

“Ufufufu~ I think this is the first time you’ve actually served me tea,” Mother mused, sipping it.

I raised my eyebrow, “Really? I must have been a rather bad son then.”

“Fufu, not at all. We never really had much of a chance to be together alone, especially with those two idiots around. Them being the close minded conservatives, they couldn’t see the good in the changes and clung to the old ways.”

Huh, seems like father and elder brother were quite hated.

I poured more tea for Mother while opening up the letter Sect Master Qing had left for me. It was just a simple report about the status of what they decided to call ‘Holy Lin city’. I have to remember to ask them to change the name for that.

Putting aside the letter, I turned to Mother, “Well, how are things back home? Things must have changed a lot for Mother since it’s been a long time Mother has returned there?”

“Oh, it’s very wonderful now! Everyone is praising my darling son and giving you the recognition you deserve! Mama couldn’t ask for anything more!”

“Hold on… Praising me? Why?”

“Hmmm? Everyone else knows that you are the one that brought about all the changes, my dear. So of course they would praise you!”

Oh good, I thought Elaria had done something unnecessary like Guiying by putting me as the head of another religion or something. That would have sucked.

“Maybe you should go back and take a look, the city has changed quite a bit now, my dear,” Mother suggested.

“Hmmm, maybe I will. But I’m expecting some visitors coming within the week so maybe next time.”

Those guys from Mei will definitely come back and ask for the healing pill again so I have to be here for that.

Mother sighed “Oh, that’s a shame. We actually finished the hot springs resort and all of us insisted that you be the first one to soak in them. I guess we might need to postpone its opening for a while.”

Hold up, hold up.

Did Mother just say hot springs?

“Mother, I changed my mind, let’s go tomorrow!”

Hey, it’s hot springs! I need the break man! Those guys can wait for me to come back!


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