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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 483: Reverend Mother Bahasa Indonesia


After giving my disciples their due punishment, I went back to find Odriana and Mother to see what they were up to.

Which ended up with me being hugged by my mother who kept on singing praises about my new position. Not that it is something I’m proud about since I don’t think I earned it.

“Oh, Mama is so proud of you, my darling baby boy!

“I… I get it Mother… Could you stop hugging me, please?”

She pouted at me, “It’s been several years! Let your Mama indulge herself a bit, ok?”

If she puts it this way, I can’t deny her…

And meanwhile, on the other side…

“Fufufufufu~ As I thought, hugging little brother like this is the best~”

Yep, I’m squished in between my mother and elder sister right now, both of them hugging me tightly like their lives depended on it.

“Not fair, Onee-sama! Leave some space for me! I want to hug Onii-sama too!” Elaria whined.

Odriana chuckled, “My, my, doesn’t little Elaria always get to play with little brother all the time? This big sister has been quite lonely being back home you know?”

“Gunununu… Fine…” My little sister pouted, looking away.

“Ok, I think that’s really enough now… Could you two please let me go?”

Odriana stroked my head, “Just a little bit more~”

Mother also followed her daughter’s actions, “Fufufu~ Good boy, good boy~”

Ugh… I guess I’m going to be stuck here for a while.


Mother and Odriana finally let me go after half an hour of head patting and hugging. I didn’t need to read my disciples’ minds to know that they were feeling a bit left out so I made a mental note to head pat them a lot later.

I gestured to my Mother, “I don’t believe I’ve introduced all of you yet, but as you guys might have guessed, she is my adoptive mother, Lidiana Lindulf.”

“Fufufu~ It is nice to finally meet all of you. My daughters have told me a lot about my darling son’s wonderful disciples!”

Clearing my throat, I switched my gaze to my disciples. Introducing each of them in turn to my mother.

“Mother, this is Lian Li, my first and strongest disciple.”

Lian Li bowed her head, “It is an honour for me to finally meet Reverend Mother. I am ever grateful for Master’s care for me. If it was not for Master, I would have never become who I am today.”

‘Reverend mother’? Is that because I’m the head of their religion now that even my family is considered as people of the clergy? Oh whatever, I don’t know this stuff.

Mother smiled at her, “Oh my, how polite. My darling son has really grown to have taught such a nice girl like you! Mama approves of you!”

Well… I can’t really tell Mother that I’m actually technically around her age right now…

And for some reason, Lian Li’s face lit up when she heard Mother’s approval, not sure why though.

“Beside her are Manami and Kiyomi. They might not look like it, but the two of them are actually sisters. They are also… Erm… My mates.”

“Oh, what beautiful tails they have! Both of you must be taking great care of my baby boy, aren’t you?” Mother praised, her eyes sparkling.

“Ara, ara? Reverend Mother has overpraised us. It is Master that has constantly taken care of us!” Manami giggled.

Kiyomi nodded her head, “Master has helped us a lot. We are forever indebted to Him.”

“Ufufufu~ I’ll leave my dear son in your hands then. Mama approves of you two as well~”

Again, my fox disciples also look elated at receiving the approval.

“This is Eris, she is our master swordswoman.”

Eris bowed, “It is an honour, Reverend Mother. It is unfortunate but this one still has a lot to learn from Master to become a true swordmaster. We hope you will grant us your favour as well.”

“Oh my! Do work hard, this mama will be rooting for you as well! Mama approves!”

I’m just going to assume that the approval is for being my disciples.

Trying my best not to comment on Mother’s behaviour, I continued, “This is Diao Chan. She used to be a noble from Dong but came to me due to circumstances and is training as my disciple too.”

True to her former position, Diao Chan did a curtsy, “Good day, Reverend Mother of our beloved Master. I hope you at least find us adequate enough to learn under your beloved son, I could not ask for more than that.”

“Fufufu, you need not be so stiff little Diao Chan. I trust my son’s judgments in letting you be his disciple. Mama approves of you as well~”

I could tell from the slight shiver on Diao Chan that she’s most likely trying to contain her happiness.

Moving on…

“This is Brendan. He is learning alchemy under me.”

Brendan also bowed his head, “Greetings, Reverend Mother. I am Brendan Vera of the Vera Family. It is an honour to meet you.”

“The Vera Family? Oh! You are Dill Vera’s son aren’t you? I heard your Family’s fortune was turned around recently, you have my congratulations!”

“Th… Thank you, Reverend Mother. It is all due to Master’s blessings.”

“Ufufufu~ I see, I see. No need to think too much about it, you have Mama’s approval too!”

Brendan made a rather weird face instead of the happy one like the rest of my disciples for some reason.

And now, moving on to the last cutey who was hugging my leg, “Last but not least, this is little Cai Hong, my adopted daughter.”

“Soooo cuuuuuute!!” Mother squealed, bending down to look at the loli dragon. “Hello Cai Hong~”

Cai Hong hid behind my leg, peeking out at Mother shyly, “He… Hello…”

The little dragon looked up at me for help with her teary eyes.

I patted her head to reassure her, “Mother, please control yourself, you’re scaring her.”

“Oh my! I’m sorry, little Cai Hong. Mama is not scary, see? Mama is a good person~”

“Mama? Papa’s Mama?”

I chuckled at Cai hong’s words, “Yes, Cai Hong, she is Papa’s Mama.”

“Big Mama!” Cai Hong squealed, although she still clung to my leg.

“Ohhhh, little Cai hong is just too cuuuute! Call me Mama!”

Surprisingly, Cai Hong shook her head, “Big Mama is not Mama…”

Oh? Does Cai Hong recognise someone else as her mother? This is the first that I’ve heard of this though.

“Who is Cai Hong’s Mama?” I asked her.

Cai Hong’s face lit up, “Mama is ‘pwetty’! ‘Bwig’! Strong! Flappy wings! Like Papa!”

“Oh my! Such a cute little girl you are! Cai Hong can call Mama whatever she wants~” Mother praised, patting her head.

Oh yeah, I forgot Mother really, really likes cute things.

But who was Cai Hong referring to? ‘Flappy wings’?

Ah, she must have been thinking about a Myriad Colours Dragon, probably the one that passed away to allow her to exist.

Now that I actually have the chance to think about it… Would the other Myriad Colours Dragons take offence to one of their own being here?

What if they request that I give Cai Hong back to them?

Hmm… I’m actually not confident I can beat one of them, even with the Star Power on my side, they are that powerful after all.

No, I’m thinking of it incorrectly, it should be up to Cai Hong what she wants to do.

That’s right, if they ask for Cai Hong to go back to them and she agrees willingly, I would let her go with a smile.

But if they try to forcefully take Cai Hong away…

I would fight them all even if it kills me.

“Papa, huggies?”

I looked back at Cai Hong who was stretching her arms out at me imploringly.

Oh come here you cute little thing, Papa will give you all the huggies you want~


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