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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 444: A Very Touchy Reunion Bahasa Indonesia


Well… That was a rather intense reunion.

I had to satisfy six naked girls’ need for skinship and one loli dragon’s need for headpats.

Since we have been separated for quite a while, I went ahead and indulged them all until they were thoroughly satisfied.

Brendan had tactfully left the tent shortly after I had appeared, apparently already knowing something like this was going to happen.

The girls were satisfied for now, though I know they would definitely want more later since I merely gave them some light petting as Cai Hong was still there. I’m glad that they held themselves back because of her but I still need to scold them for stripping themselves like that.

Well, at least they look quite satisfied for now.

“Master~ I love you~ I love you~ I love you~” Lian Li confessed, kissing me tenderly on the lips with both her hands caressing my cheeks at the same time.

Manami leaned against me, her hand caressing my chest while she peppered kisses along my neck, “Ufufufu~ *Kiss*. This big sister missed you, Master~ *Kiss*”

“Dearest sister.. *Kiss* *Kiss* We should not inconvenience Master so much… *Kiss* *Kiss*” Kiyomi told her sister off while also doing the same thing.

“Ehehehe… Papa warm~” Cai Hong muttered in her sleep, her head resting on my lap and using it as a pillow.

She was the only one that was still fully clothed though I wondered where she got that military uniform from. She looked really cute in it though so I can’t complain.

“Master…. Mmm… This one is… Ahnn…” Eris moaned as she rubbed herself on my arm, positioning herself such that her bosoms were strategically located to embrace my arm fully.

“Mmm~ Ehehehe~ Master’s scent~ *Sniff* *Sniff* Master’s taste~ *Lick* Mnnnn~~ Ehehehehe~” Diao Chan moaned, licking and sniffing my other arm like a perverted old man.

Elaria snuggled against my back, rubbing her cheek on me, “Ahnn~ Onii-sama’s back~ Mmmm~~ This is the best~~”

“Alright girls… Are you all satisfied now?” I asked.

“No~~” All of them answered simultaneously, cuddling even closer to me.

“Ok… Umm… We’ve been here for about two hours now…”

“Make it four,” Lian Li sighed contentedly, kissing me again.

I kissed her back, “Mmm… Don’t we have other things to do?”

Manami caressed my neck, “There’s nothing that’s *Kiss* more important than what we’re doing now~ *Kiss*”

Kiyomi moved her hand onto my chest to caress me, “Mmm… *Kiss* *Kiss* Very, very important… *Kiss* *Kiss*”

I smiled at them, they really are cute.

Well as much as I really wouldn’t mind spending another two hours just pampering the girls, there really are other things I need to do.

“Come now, I’ll indulge you girls even more tonight, so let’s stop here for now, ok?”

The girls groaned but obediently left my side to get themselves dressed, except Cai Hong who remained curled up in my lap and asleep, a big happy smile on her face.

I noted Brendan returning back to the tent only after the girls had finished dressing, taking his position by the back to avoid standing out.

“Mmm… Is Master really alright?” Eris asked in concern. “Brendan said Master suffered quite a bit while inside the Dong’s prison…”

I raised an eyebrow at Brendan, did he not tell them that the Dong’s had tortured a fake body and not me?

He caught my eye and nodded his head at me.

Ah, that means he did tell them, so I guess the girls were just referring to the fact that I had to sleep in such a place for so long.

I patted her head, “It’s fine. I can take such a minor inconvenience if it’s for my cute disciples.”

“Ma… Master…” She gasped.



All of my girls suddenly hugged me tightly, though they were still careful not to wake up Cai Hong who was still asleep.

“Master! Please… Please don’t burden yourself with such things again!” Lian Li cried.

Eh? Was sleeping in a jail cell that big of a deal?

Ah, maybe it’s a matter of pride or standing kind of thing. Like your Master getting jail time was not something they want others to know about since it’s an embarrassment?

Damn… I should have thought of that… Maybe I should go back and eradicate all those people after all?

“Yes! Let me take your place next time, Master! I will gladly do so in your stead!” Diao Chan requested, hugging me tighter.

Eh? No way I’ll let any of you girls sleep in such a place, you know? I’m only fine with it because Xun Guan acted as my bed there.

If any of them actually slept there, they would definitely have muscle cramps and back aches. No way in hell I’ll let that happen!

“Onii-sama! Your imouto will definitely, definitely, definitely get back at those stupid Dongs for you! Just you wait!”

Hmm… I’m not sure what she wants to get back at them for but as long as she’s happy?

“To make our destined mate suffer so… They do deserve as much of a punishment we can give them, ufufufu~” Manami chuckled, her tails enveloping around me protectively.

“They are nothing but powerless fools who are envious of power…” Kiyomi said dismissively, her tails curling over me the same way.

Mmm… I don’t know what they’re talking about but their tails are really comfortable.

Eris muzzled my neck, “Master. Please punish us useless disciples for letting you suffer so…”

I really don’t think this is worth punishing them over though…

Hmmm? Why is Brendan making such a complicated face? Does he want a hug too?

Well… Sorry, it seems like the place is a bit full. I’ll give you a hug later for making you bring the news to me, so just wait for a bit ok?

I let the girls stay for a minute more before wriggling out of their embrace, still careful not to wake Cai Hong.

“Don’t worry girls, I’m alright now. I’m sorry for worrying you all.”

Lian Li wiped her tears away with the back of her hand, “Sniff… Could I ask what made Master stay behind?”

Ah, why didn’t I come back with Brendan right? I guess I should just tell them a little bit about it since it might involve them in the future.

“Mmm… I had one of my associates monitor a portal that could potentially be the entrance to a higher Plane. It was activated recently so I had to stay behind to monitor it to see if anything happened. Don’t worry, nothing happened.”

“Master… Please let other people do such menial tasks in the future instead…” Lian Li suggested.

Well, that’s not possible but… I suppose I could agree with her just to put them at ease. Anything coming through that portal would be nothing but bad news and I don’t think anyone else can handle that.

“Mmm… I’ll do that. In the meantime, why don’t you all tell me what you’ve been up to so far?”

My disciples looked at each other before collectively sighing.

Lian Li scratched her head, “Where do we even start… I suppose when we received news of your capture…”


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