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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 443: There You Are Bahasa Indonesia

(Manami POV)

Lian Li raised an eyebrow, “They aren’t surrendering?”

Elaria shook her head at me, “It seems our bombing was a little… Too successful… Their king was heavily injured in the bombing so now everyone’s running around like headless chickens not knowing what to do. They are currently split in opinions on whether to hang on to their foolish pride and fight to the last man, or surrender to our terms.”

I rested my chin on my palm, “Ara, ara? Whatever shall we do then? I think we should just go and burn every single one of those little insects for their transgressions against our beloved Master~”

Lian Li chuckled, raising her hand to let several sparks of lightning fly between her fingers, “I am in accord. If that small bombing was not enough to get them to surrender… Let’s just level the entire city!”

My cute Kiyomi raised her hand, “If I may suggest something… Perhaps it would be a better idea to go to where Master is and liberate Him?”

Diao Chan tapped her chin with a finger, “Umm… But Master is planning something right? If we were to mess up Master’s plans, we might get… Hehe… Puni… Ehehehe… Punished… Ehehehehehe~~”

Eris sighed, “Haa… We all miss Master that much huh…”

I hugged my bosoms, “That goes without saying… We’ve gone on for so long without Master’s touch… I hope Master doesn’t mind me being a little rough when we reunite, ufufufu~”

Mmm… Just imagining Master’s strong hands on mine… Absolutely perfect~

Lian Li shook her head, “Diao Chan has a point. Master must have something in mind to keep Himself there. If we were to ruin it, Master’ situation just might take a turn for the worse.”

I glanced at Brendan who had been unusually silent all this while.

For someone who had seen the tortured state of Master, I thought he would be the most vocal about Master’s current state.

Yet our alchemist remained silent even at this time.


Very, very odd…

Almost as if… Brendan isn’t concerned about our Master’s safety?

Could that be possible? That our Brendan would actually feel nothing when Master’s very life is in jeopardy?

No… The normal Brendan would be just as worried.

Even if Master had told him to leave him there, there is no way Brendan wouldn’t at least look a bit concerned instead of being this neutral about it.

I summoned a fire spear and pointed it at Brendan, everyone freezing up when they saw my actions.

Surprisingly, Brendan reacted just as fast and materialised several potions from his storage ring, holding them all in between his fingers.

“Ara? Did you think you can don the face of our brother Brendan and get away with it?” I asked. “Speak, who are you and what have you done with Brendan?”

Brendan sighed, “Ok… Let’s calm down for a bit… I am really Brendan. Really.”

“Ufufufu, would Brendan really stay this calm after knowing Master’s status? I find that highly unlikely, don’t you agree sisters?”

There were murmurs of agreement from them.

The fake Brendan groaned, “There… There’s a good reason, ok? But I really am Brendan. You have to believe me.”

Ara, ara? This fake still dares to pretend? Ah, but I know the perfect thing to expose him, a simple question will do.

The answer for that question would only be known to someone who was familiar with Master and knew what we do. This simple question would prove without a doubt if he was real or fake!

“What is the colour of Master’s underwear?” I asked.

Brendan blinked at me, “He has a few? Black, grey, red and blue?”

I frowned, dematerializing the fire spear.

“What is wrong with you, Brendan?” I questioned, a little disappointed at him.

Brendan stored his potions away, “Like I said… There’s a reason for why I’m… Well… Not as flustered as you girls I suppose… But… I can’t say why.”

Cai Hong actually growled at him, “Where Papa? Cai Hong want see Papa!”

Brendan shook his head, “I’m sorry little Cai Hong… You will need to wait for a bit longer for Master to come back.”

“Buuuuu! But Cai Hong wants Papa now! Papa! Papa! Cai Hong wants Papa!” She whined, stomping her foot on the ground.

Ara? It’s rare to see Cai Hong throw a tantrum like that. I guess Master’s absence really is getting to everyone.

I went up and patted her head, “Now, now Cai Hong. Master is also worried about you, that’s why He is doing this. You don’t want Master to be sad now, would you?”

Cai Hong sucked on her finger, “Muuu… Cai Hong no want Papa sad…”

“Ufufu~ Then let’s do what we can to help Master on our side ok? So that Master can come back and see what a good girl you are.”

“Mnn! Cai Hong will be good!”

That’s the good girl we know. I’m just a little concerned what Master would think if He found out that Cai Hong has been fighting on the front lines.

Even worse is that she is truly another person while in front of her assigned platoon of Practitioners.

I recall the first day she was given command of them, almost all of them had dismissed her, thinking it was a joke that we had put a ‘hapless little girl’ in the front lines and also in charge of them.

Cai Hong had, in her child form, beaten down the offenders with her fists alone, many arms and legs were broken that day.

None dared to doubt her after that.

She refers to her platoon members as ‘useless maggots’ most of the time, which actually sounds rather cute with that childlike voice of hers.

“So what are our plans now?” My cute Kiyomi asked.

Elaria considered for a moment, “We can continue our push to the capital, maybe initiate an airstrike on the other cities as well. Even if the capital refuses to surrender, the lords of those cities might just surrender willingly and put pressure on the capital to end the war.”

Lian Li nodded, “And free Master in the process of course. Let’s go with that. Which city should we be targeting next?”

Elaria pointed to the map in front of us, “It’s another trade city just north of us, probably a two day journey so we’ll be able to take it in three days after another siege. Assuming there’s no more surprises like that General Han or whatever his name was.”

I glanced at the map, “Mmm… Then let’s do this as quick as possible so that Master can–“

There was a sudden distortion in the air and everyone leapt back, drawing our weapons or preparing our Techniques just as a portal appeared in the tent.

“Oh, this is where you girls have been. I’m back,” Master greeted us casually, not a hint of injury that Brendan had described evident on Him.

All of us took a few seconds to register the fact that Master was standing in front of us in the flesh.

My clothes were quickly tossed away before I leapt towards Master, the other girls also doing the same.



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