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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 437: When You Realised What You Missed While In Jail Bahasa Indonesia

(Brendan POV)

I flinched as the table in front of me was smashed into splinters, trying my best to ignore the lightning that was cackling around my senior sister.

“Say. That. Again.”

I sucked in a deep breath, “The Dongs have been torturing Master. Beatings, electrocution, impalement, lashing, probably even water torture are what I assume Master has been subjected to.”

A bead of sweat rolled past my brow as I felt the air inside the tent get hotter before dropping to freezing in the span of a second.

“Ara… Ara? How… Daring… And where is Master?” Manami asked with a smile on her face, though the smile was definitely not a kind one.

I pursed my lips, “Master told us to go back… I… He stayed behind…”

“Was the mission compromised?” Elaria glared at Sylphy.

Sylphy shook her head frantically.

Even though the girls were not directing their anger at us, it’s still quite intimidating to see them like this.

Diao Chan crossed her arms, “Then why did Master not return with you two?”

I shook my head, “I do not know… Master said there was something urgent He had to attend to before teleporting us away from Him.”

Kiyomi frowned, “The prison had an anti-Technique barrier, correct?”

I nodded.

She tapped her chin, “Then for Master to use a teleportation Technique to teleport not just one but two people at the same time in that state… Master must have used up all of his strength.”

Not really… Master just did it with a snap of his fingers as usual… But there was no way I could say that.

I still have yet to figure out why Master only wanted me to tell my senior sisters only the things I saw there and not what I learnt from Him. But knowing Master, He must have something important planned so I must fulfill Master’s instructions in any way possible.

But to tell senior sisters the state I found the fake Master in and also explain why I did not take Master back with me… Master, couldn’t you have given me a more feasible task that I have a chance of coming back alive from?

“For Master to prioritise Brendan and Sylphy’s safety over His own… Master is really too benevolent…” Eris sighed.

Lian Li turned to me, the electricity still sparking off her body, “You… Told Master what is happening… Right?”

“Yes. I told Him about Dong’s envoy and our escalation to war.”

She clenched her fist, “And yet… Master chose to stay… Why?”

Sylphy stepped forward, “I believe… Master might be planning something beyond our comprehension at the moment.”

Well… Judging by Master’s reaction after He took out a weird, black ball, that may actually be the truth. Although I wonder who Master was talking to when He first appeared in front of us?

“Sniff… To suffer so much for our sake… Master really is too much…” Lian Li cried, wiping her tears away with the back of her hand.

“Then there’s nothing else for us to do but to force the Dongs to surrender earlier,” Elaria growled. “We’ll send them a final warning for surrender before we make a move on their capital.”

Diao Chan raised an eyebrow, “Now? But we still have another three cities in between us.”

“Those guys probably think they’re safe within their city walls. If we show them that they aren’t, they will reconsider.”

“Could your artillery fire all the way there from here?” I asked.

“Don’t be silly Brendan, if it could, we wouldn’t need to occupy those three cities before hitting their capital.”

Manami chuckled, “Ara, ara? Then what do you have in mind?”

This is why I needed the flat ground from their trade city~ We’re initiating an airstrike!”



I teleported myself into the monster den, finding it curiously empty.

Like, empty, empty. Not even a guard was posted here which would usually be the case.

Worried that the portal might have done something to them, I hurried to the sealed room to see what exactly was going on.

It was weird to see this room rather empty as well, since it was usually guarded by Thomas and right now, his giant figure was nowhere to be seen.

Instead, it was just Benjamin pacing back and forth in front of the trap door restlessly.

“Ben? What’s going on?” I called out to him.

Benjamin gasped and rushed to me when he saw me, “Divine One! Oh thank everything you’re alright! Last we heard you were being held prisoner in that despicable human country!”

“Well, I would ask where you guys heard this from and ask where everyone is… But I think we have a more pressing matter now?”

Benjamin nodded, “We sealed the place just like Divine One instructed, but…”

He raised his hand and the trap door was flung open, revealing it to be filled with rocks. But through the small cracks in the pile of stones, I could see the faint glow of pinkish light shining through them and a low humming sound emanating from behind them.

“There was an earthquake and the sound of explosions coming from down there. When I came to check, the light and humming was already there… Since I was the only one left behind here, I wasn’t sure what else to do,” Benjamin explained.

“Yeah, about that… Why are you the only one around? Where’s everyone else?”

He blinked at me as though just realising that fact.

“That is… As I mentioned… Was Divine One not a prisoner of some backwater human country called Dong?”

I nodded my head slowly, “Yes… And I wondered where you learnt of it… And also what does that had to do with anything?”

He tilted his head slightly at me, “Umm… Akari and Shiori were with Divine One weren’t they? They heard the news from your disciples after they got it from… Well they didn’t say who they got it from but they did seem quite serious about it. Then we had some people to check on the information and it was confirmed.”

“Ok… So what did that have to do with everyone disappearing? They decided to run away?”

Benjamin looked at me for a few seconds as though trying to comprehend something.

“Does… Divine One not expect us to try and mount a rescue when we hear that Divine One is in trouble?”

I narrowed my eyes, “Don’t tell me…”

He nodded, “Akari and Shiori rallied us to launch a full scale invasion of those wretched humans from the south of their borders. They were trying to search for your whereabouts while punishing those heathens, Divine One.”

Ugh… I guess monsters will still be monsters no matter what I tell them.

Well… I’ll deal with that later I guess, this portal is the bigger threat right now. The last thing I want would be some being from another Plane crossing over here or even worse, Lilith herself.

Just when that thought crossed my mind, I felt a sudden spike of energy gathering below my feet.

I barely had time to shield both Benjamin and I before the ground below us exploded, sending us flying away and crashing into the far wall.

Seems like I really can’t catch a break around here…

How was it that I was even more relaxed when I was a Dong prisoner?!


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