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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 438: Let’s Just Put This Aside For Now Bahasa Indonesia

(Shiori POV)

“Monsters! It’s a monster attack!”

“Everyone to your stations! Fight them back!”

“Why is this happening to us?!!”

“Waaah! There’s no way we can beat such a thing!”

“Run damn it! Get out! Get out!”

Pitiful humans… To think they would dare lay a hand on Divine One so brazenly, they truly did not deserve to live.

I brought up one of my paws and stomped, crushing the insignificant bugs beneath my feet and destroying their pathetic buildings.

Sweeping one of my tails across the ground, their walls crumpling like paper at my swipe, burying the people behind them in an avalanche of stone.

With the wall breached, our army swiftly filed in through the gaps, beginning their slaughter of those who stood against us.

Akari flexed her tails, summoning a giant fireball above her that blasted a huge gout of flame in front of her, completely engulfing half of the town in a sea of flames.

We ignored the screams of pain and despair and advanced forward, leaving the chasing down of any escapees to the others on the ground.

They tried to escape out through the other side of the city but we were not too worried about that.

The Kobolds would be running them down from behind while the Orcs and Beastmen were waiting in ambush in front of them, they were already doomed from the start.

“Master is not here either…” Akari noted, her ears drooping sadly.

I patted her head with one of my tails, “Worry not. Divine One’s disciples are also searching for him. Even if we fail to find him, our presence should cause these pathetic humans to descend into chaos. That should ease the pressure on Divine One’s disciples on their front.”

“Mmm… Stephanie went to their capital city, right?”

“And found out Divine One is not in their dungeons, yes. Or else we wouldn’t be here burning one town down after the other. She’s already trying to find where else Divine One might be, we just need to–“

I stopped myself when I felt a telepathic presence pushing against the edge of my consciousness.

Judging by how Akari paused as well, I was not the only one to receive it.

“Divine One is safe. I repeat, Divine One is safe! I have managed to establish contact with Divine One and he will be returning to home base!”

There was no mistake that the voice belonged to Benjamin.

When Akari and I had heard from his disciples that Divine One was in trouble, we immediately took Melody with us and launched an investigation of our own.

Figuring out that those despicable humans had actually dared to restrain Divine One, we had rallied everyone to begin assaults on those humans.

Benjamin was left behind to hold the fort while continuously trying to contact Divine One through the Sealing Orb in case he manages to escape, he would then contact us like now in the event that it happens.

Just as I was about to issue the command for us to return, he added, “I’ve got bad news to report too. Sealed room looks to be compromised. Divine One is returning to inspect it. Will update everyone when he returns. Take care when returning to home base!”

I didn’t even need to look at Thomas to know that he was nervous. The room was supposed to be his responsibility after all and Divine One had specifically instructed us to seal it.

If Divine One finds us inadequate…

“Call everyone! We’re returning! Abandon the chase!” I ordered through our telepathic link, the rest giving me responses of acknowledgement.

At least we know Divine One is safe now.



“Damn, that was some explosion, you good there, Benjamin?”

“Ye… Yes… Thank you for saving me again, Divine One.”

I pulled him up before summoning a gust of wind to disperse the smoke, revealing the previously filled trapdoor was now free from obstructions again.

I frowned, “You guys filled the entire space with rocks… Right?”

Benjamin nodded, “From the top of the stairs all the way to the bottom. Even the inside of the room as well.”

“And now all the rocks are gone.”

He looked around, realising that even though there was an explosion, the rocks they had used to fill up the hole had not been shot out from the hole.

“What does that mean, Divine One?”

I pursed my lips, “Either they got sucked into that room or they disintegrated in that explosion… Either one isn’t good for us.”

“Could a portal have been formed down there?”

“Only one way to find out,” I sighed, moving to descend down the stairs.

The two of us descended down the stairs cautiously, Benjamin insisting that he took the front and shielding me with his own body.

Where previously the staircase was lit by torches, it was now completely dark so I had to summon a light orb to illuminate the path.

We noticed that the room below now had a purple glow around it which was definitely not there before.

Not taking any chances, I stacked shields on both of us and prepared several Techniques that I could launch at whatever might be in there.

I nodded to Benjamin and both of us continued forward slowly until we reached the point where there would usually be a wall blocking me from proceeding forward.

But even at this distance, I could see that a portal had formed in the centre of the room which was the source of the purple glow.

I tried to lean on the invisible wall to get a closer look, only to have my arm meet empty air and stumble forward.

Benjamin immediately reached out and caught me, though it was unnecessary since Xun Guan had also done the same by solidifying herself.

“Divine One?” Benjamin asked, clearly understanding the implications of what just happened.

“Huh, odd… I guess the wall disappeared after that got activated…” I mused, moving closer towards the door.

Benjamin was immediately by my side as we peered through the doorway to inspect the portal.

Other than the fact that it was sitting in the centre of the room and giving off the purplish light, nothing else was happening.

I guess this was the source of the light that I had seen to be shining through the rocks when it was still sealed, though now the colours are darker and more muted now.

Considering what I figured out the formation was supposed to do, I don’t need to go through that portal to know where it leads to.

The two of us waited there silently, expecting something to come through the portal at any time, only for nothing to happen even after several tense minutes passed.

“Perhaps… It activates at certain times automatically?” Benjamin suggested.

“Hmm… Possibly… Still wouldn’t hurt to be careful. Put more guards on it and watch it more closely just in case. If anything comes through it, call me immediately.”

“Of course, Divine One.”

“In the meantime… There’s a Queen I got to go question. I’ll come back once that side of things have calmed down and remember, don’t touch the portal. Hold the fort, yeah?”

“That is my duty, Divine One. Have a safe trip.”

Benjamin bowed his head just as I teleported away, Queen Guiying really had some answering to do about this war that she started.

On top of that, now I have portal to another Plane to worry about.

What happened to my easy life?


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