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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 415: Slime’s Predicament Bahasa Indonesia

(Xun Guan POV) [The slime girl]

I am Xun Guan, the slime that currently has the honour of being my Master’s living clothes.

After my dearest Master gave me my name, I found out that I could now transform myself into objects I previously could not. Anything I could think of, I could morph myself into.

Though I have not yet tried since being Master’s clothes was the most important task for me at the moment.

Such a change was unheard of, if I could stay by Master’s side, I might even be able to learn even more things and experience more wonders! That was the thought that made me devote myself to Master from then on.

Although it was true at the start that I had trouble transforming back into a humanoid form, I managed to overcome that problem just a few days later.

I feel just a little bit guilty about lying to Master for that.

But… His skin… His aura… Just… Just everything about him. It felt so nice, so warm, so… So safe… I couldn’t bear to leave that if Master knew the truth.

Those times where I had ‘accidentally’ stumbled into his room to request to sleep with him was nothing more than trying to get information about him on my part. But now I know why his disciples loved him so.

The feeling of home… Somewhere that was safe and I can look forward to returning. I never had that before.

Now I have found a home on Master’s body, there is no way I’ll let that go now!

I would gladly take any punishment Master would give me just to stay on him for a while more.

I knew that Master already knew I was lying to him, but he had chosen to remain silent about it.

In return, I made sure to serve him as dutifully as I could. I studied really hard on clothing materials and made sure the clothes I transformed into were of the finest silk I could imitate while also being able to transform them into diamond level hardness if need be.

In the short time I had been with Master, I have also learnt a lot of things.

One of them was the fact that Master seemed to like talking to his fox familiars. I’m not sure if it was just a monologue on his part or that only he could understand the foxes since all they said back were soft fox whines that I didn’t understand.

Another thing was that Master and the Queen were really close.

Like really, really close.

The Queen that everyone else probably knew of was a stern, unforgiving and cold woman. It wasn’t that surprising considering she had lost her entire immediate family to the Dark Sect and now has an entire country to shoulder.

And yet in front of Master, she was just like a giggling school girl.

The next thing I most definitely did not expect to learn about was Master’s monster army.

I was still in the midst of wondering just where Master had teleported to when a giant Hydra appeared to loom over us.

Sensing that Master had not at all adopted a battle stance, I thought it might have taken Master by surprise and got ready to defend him.

Instead, Master simply raised his hand in greeting, “Oh hey, Sarah, Sally, Sandra, Serena, Scarlett, Stella, Sabrina.”

The middle head lowered itself to Master’s level, “Divine one, we bid you welcome. Issssss there is sssssomething you might require of ussss?”

Master shook his head, “Nah, Benjamin called me here to see something, no need to worry about it.”

The right most head slithered its way forward, “Undersssstood. Sssshall we give Divine One a ride there?”

Master reached forward and patted the Hydra’s snout, “It’s fine Sabrina, no need to trouble yourselves over this. I’ll walk there.”

All of the heads bowed low, “Take care Divine One.”

I was still in shock over the existence of the Hydra that it took me a while more to realise Master was moving through a throng of monsters as casually as someone walking through a garden was.

What’s more, all the monsters bowed to him and showed just as much reverence as the Sect members in Heaven Sect.

Just how far does Master’s influence reach?!

Master suddenly turned his head to the white fox, listening to it whine.

“Hmm? I don’t see why not. I doubt there’s any danger here anyway. Just let me know when you’re done.”

The red fox also started mewling before the white fox smacked it on the head with a paw.

The two of them then leapt off Master’s shoulders and transformed into gigantic versions of themselves.

The giant white fox stretched itself, “No need to wait for us, Divine One. We will find our way back to you when we are done.”

“Mou…. Why can’t I stay with Master…” The red fox whined before following the other fox out of the corridor.

Those… What were those two… I don’t… All this time? I… Ah…

I’m having trouble comprehending things now.

Master suddenly reached up and patted me on the chest, “Looks like it’s just you and me for now, Xun Guan. I’ll bring you around later, just in case you have to seek shelter here next time.”

I don’t even know how to react.

Somehow, I had a feeling that the monsters around us might not be friendly if they realised someone like me was being worn by Master, so I simply squeezed his shoulders a little.

Master seemed to be satisfied with my response and continued his way past a group of orcs that were twice his height, all of them greeting Master with absolue reverence.

He continued down the corridor, the confidence he had in navigating the place was a clear indication that this was not his first time here.

Eventually, we reached another big hall where a monster as big as the Hydra was waiting.

“Hey Thomas, everything good?”

“Well met Divine One, the Aether shines brightly within you today as well. I assume Benjamin had told you about the runes?”

Master nodded, “That’s why I’m here.”

The giant monster lifted one of its paws and shifted it to the side, revealing a trapdoor below it.

The monster’s paw glowed and the trapdoor spring open.

“Please,” the monster gestured to the trapdoor.

Master gave it a casual wave before descending into the depths, the trapdoor closing shut behind us.

“So what do you think of the place?” Master whispered, not slowing down his stride.

I shivered, “I… I didn’t know Master had a place like this.”

He grinned, “Not by choice, mind you. They had nowhere else to go and I sort of freed them from their prison. So I gave them this place to live and avoid causing trouble to anyone else.”

“I… I see… And Master wanted to send me here?”

“Initially, yes. But well… I guess you still can’t transform into any living thing yet, right?”

I tactfully remained silent.

Master chuckled, “Haha, then just remain as my clothes for the time being.”

“If Master wishes me to.”

We continued in silence until Master reached the bottom of the stairs, finding some monster with tentacles on its face as well as what looked like a Lich waiting for him.

At this point, I really don’t know what else can surprise me anymore…


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