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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 414: Make Sure To Finish Your Side Quests Before Moving To The Next Area Bahasa Indonesia


I was seated in Sect Master Qing’s room, the man himself serving me tea as I told him about the favour Queen Guiying asked of me.

“Ah… I see. Thank you for telling me, Master Lin,” Sect Master Qing nodded, setting the tea bowl down. “Is there anything I, or the Sect, can do for you?”

I took a sip of my tea before setting it down, “There is one thing actually. I haven’t told anyone yet, but I know who the mastermind of the assassin is.”

Sect Master Qing paused, “Oh? Wasn’t the assassin that Zhiyang girl from Nirvanic Gate Sect?”

“Wait, how did you know?”

“Elder Feng told me when I visited him. We are making preparations to confront the Sect Master of Nirvanic Gate Sect about it.”

My robes tightened slightly, pausing in massaging my shoulders.

Oh shit. I shouldn’t have procrastinated on this matter…

I shook my head at him, “No, no. She isn’t the main culprit, she was set up.”

“Huh? You mean the assassin was not Zhiyang?”

“Ah, the assassin was her, but it was not the Sect Master of Nirvanic Gate Sect that sent her.”

“I see… Then who is it?”

I tapped my cheek, “It’s our new guest, Elder Feng.”

The silence between us stretched for a few seconds, enough time for me to take another sip of my tea and placing the cup back down on its saucer.

“Elder Feng?” Sect Master Qing repeated, still a little stunned.

I nodded, “Elder Feng.”

“I see… To think that a heretic was under our nose all this while… Maybe… Re-education… Torture…”

“Hmm? Sorry what? I didn’t catch that.”

Sect Master Qing shook his head, “Oh! It’s nothing Master Lin! Just me talking to myself. I will see to it that Elder Feng will be brought to justice.”

Huh, for a moment I thought he said ‘heretic’ and something about torture? Must have been my imagination.

I waved my hand at him, “Oh, no, that’s not why I told you about him. Right now our merger with Phoenix Sect isn’t exactly stable yet, right?”

“Ho? Master Lin is aware? We’re still operating as two independent Sects but we are already working on integrating them at least.”

Integrating them? How are they… You know what, nevermind. Must be some inter-Sect thing that I don’t know about.

Instead, I just nodded my head, “If we are to out Elder Feng now… The former Phoenix Sect members might take that as an insult and paint us as the villains, destroying the relationship between our two Sects.”

Sect Master Qing stroked his beard thoughtfully, “Hmm… But Master Lin. Do you not remember that their fate literally rests in our hands? The Queen has only just finished her purge of the Noble Houses so the Sects should be even more worried about themselves now.”

“That would normally be the case, yes. But the Queen could only keep them under control because of my presence, right?”

“That is… Ah, I see… If they knew Master Lin was away, they might try some things…”

I chuckled, “The more intelligent ones might still hold themselves back for fear of retaliation… But the impulsive ones would be emboldened and stir up trouble that we would have to fix later. The damage might even be too big for us to fix even.”

“So it would be better to preserve the status quo in the meantime… I understand. As expected of Master Lin to be able to see the bigger picture.”

“No, no. This much is natural for anyone.”

“Hoho! Master Lin is just as modest as always. Well then, what does Master Lin suggest we do? Elder Feng has already told us the culprit behind the assassination, it would not do for us to remain silent.”

I grinned, “That’s easy. Just say that it’ll have to wait for my return.”

“Hahaha! Indeed! We should wait for the central figure to return before making such decisions! That would definitely buy us time!” Sect Master Qing laughed.

I smiled at his words.

If only things were that simple…

Well, one can still hope and dream I suppose, and things might actually go smoothly this time.

“Oh! Is that why you made Elder Feng stay in our Sect?” Sect Master Qing exclaimed suddenly.

I nodded, “To place him under pseudo house arrest, yes. They do say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer, after all.”

“I see, I will have some people keep watch on him in that case, tell him it’s for his safety in case the Nirvanic Gate Sect sends someone else.”

“That will definitely help, Sect Master Qing.”

I downed the last of my tea before standing up from my seat, “I will have to take my leave now, Sect Master Qing.”

“Oh? Already leaving, Master Lin?”

“Yes, thank you for the tea. Unfortunately, I do still have things I need to prepare before my embarkation to Dong.”

“Hoho, Master Lin truly is a busy Go… Busy man. This old man shan’t hold you here any longer in that case. Have a good day, Master Lin.”

“Likewise, Sect Master Qing,” I greeted back before whistling.

Shiori and Akari, who had been laying by the corner all this while, immediately ran towards me, climbing up onto my shoulders to lay there.

I made my way out of the courtyard after giving Sect Master Qing another wave.

“Mmm… So what is our next course of action, Divine One?” Shiori asked, rubbing her face on my cheek.

Akari mirrored her sister’s actions, “I heard we’re going on a trip! Is that right, Master?”

“Mmm… I would be going on it alone, though,” I told them, giving each of them a pat on the head.

“Eh? Not even taking us along?” Akari gasped in shock.

“Unfortunately, I can’t. For this trip, I need to make myself as non-threatening as possible, so I can’t take anyone with me.”

Shiori curled her tail around my neck protectively, “But Divine One… Forgive this one’s impudence… I believe it would be better if you at least have an escort.”

I shook my head, “It’ll be fine. No need to trouble anyone else.”

“Mmm… If Divine One says so…”

Just then, I felt someone prodding at the edge of my mind.

I summoned the Sealing Orb into my hand and let the telepathy connect.

“Ah, Divine One. I hope I did not call you at a bad time?” Benjamin asked over the telepathic connection.

“No, is something the matter?”

“I’m just here to tell you that we have completed the recording of the runes within the room and… Well… I thought you might want to come see it for yourself?”

I looked at the two foxes who stared back at me in turn.

Hmm… I think it’ll be a better idea to get this thing sorted out first before I leave. I could also take this chance to introduce Xun Guan to them as well.

“I’ll go there now.”

“Ah, excellent, Divine One. We shall wait for you in the chamber itself.”

I cut the call and double checked my surroundings for anyone watching before teleporting myself there.

I wonder what they had found in the room?


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