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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 360: When You Come Back From Vacation And All The Work Piles Up Bahasa Indonesia


It took me half a day to go through everything that was sent by the Grand Sects, opting to leave the Minor Sects for later.

Most of the letters were basically talking about the same things. A few words of greetings, a bit more of simping, then some excuse about their circumstances on why they couldn’t help, then a plea for help on my part with their gifts.

There’s a number of them who had offered their family’s daughters or granddaughters to me as hand servants, all of them either my age or slightly younger than me.

Not like I needed any servants since my disciples take care of me so well.

But since they travelled all the way here, it would be rude of me not to at least meet them first.

That’s why right now I am standing at the corner of my courtyard to meet all the new faces with my disciples.

“Before anything else, I just want to ask one very simple question,” I started, a finger raised in the air. “Who was sent here against their will, either through coercion or some form of blackmail?”

As though surprised by my question, all of them looked at one another before shaking their heads.

Lian Li sidled up to me, “Master… You undersell yourself too much… People would fight amongst themselves to get the chance to serve you. They should be honored to serve you, not the other way around.”

Diao Chan nodded beside her, “That’s why none of the Minor Sects dared to send any such servants, Master. They do not believe themselves worthy.”

Huh… I don’t really think I’m that big of a deal but if they say so.

I did a quick head count and there were a total of eight girls, each of them beautiful in their own way. Of course none of them could compare to my disciples who were absolute darlings.

“So all of you are here of your own free will, correct?” I asked, just to make sure.

All of them nodded in unison.

Hmm… I was hoping that maybe a few of them might have been forced by their Sect to give themself up to come here and serve me, but apparently that was not the case. If that had been true, I could just claim that I didn’t want any servant who was forced to be here to remain and just send them back.

If they are here willingly, it would instead look bad for me if I were to turn them away since that was basically rejecting their goodwill.

This makes things a little bit more complicated.

I scratched my chin, “Hmm… To be honest, I don’t actually need any servants… Laundry is done by the Student Practitioners, we have dedicated chefs for cooking, we also do our own cleaning and my disciples do the other miscellaneous chores…”

One of the servants stepped forward and curtsied, “Master Lin. This unworthy one is Keqing of Heavenly Sword Sect, niece of the Sect Master. Though my own skills are nothing compared to Master Lin’s I was the top student in my batch and am willing to do anything to stay.”

Another one of them moved forward as well, “Forgive me, Master Lin. I am Marie of Lilac Lance Sect. As unqualified as I may be, I do possess skills in cooking, cleaning and sewing. Please allow me to take care of any chores you might have around your house.”

That prompted the rest of them to bow their heads and plead that I let them stay. It seems they are really serious about wanting to stay here to serve us as servants.

Hmmm… Interesting. I suppose if I do have dedicated servants hanging around here, I don’t need to trouble my disciples too much in taking care of the miscellaneous chores they had to take care of before. This should give them more time to train and we’ll also be able to spend more time together.

Win-win in my opinion.

I snapped my fingers, “Alright then. I shall assign each of you to serve under each of my disciples first. If they approve of you, you may stay, otherwise I would have to send you back to your Sects. Agreed?”

My disciples looked at me in surprise, not at all expecting that I would push these servants to them instead.

I believe this would help my dear disciples to learn how to teach others like what Lian Li did with the Queen. Their presence would also give me the chance to learn the real reason why these Sects avoided the war from them, helping me decide which Sects should be spared from the Queen’s purging.

Definitely a win-win for me.

Our new servants bowed their heads, signifying their acceptance to my terms.

I then dismissed them with the order to first clean up my entire courtyard, a few places needing a more thorough cleaning since it has been a while since we got back. I shall assign them to my disciples and have a proper introduction session tomorrow after we all had time to rest.

Surprisingly, they followed the order without a hint of complaint. I thought that there might have been one of those arrogant lady types who thinks this type of work is beneath them. Oh well, that’s a good sign I suppose.

When the servants had gone out of earshot, Eris had turned to face me, “Master… We don’t really need a servant…”

I grinned at her, “Come now, all of you are at least Inner Core disciples already. If it weren’t for all the things that are happening, you girls would be Elite Practitioners by my standards, you should not be spending time washing yours or my socks.”

Lian Li twiddled her thumbs together and muttered something under her breath, something that sounded like “But we like washing your socks…” though I’m sure she said something else.

“Anyway, why don’t each of you watch over those girls for now? Maybe even see which of them you would like to take under your wing? I’ll let you mentor them for a period of time and I’ll assess how well you girls did as your next test.”

I might have imagined it but I think all of my disciples’ eyes shone at my words.

“We will not disappoint you, Master!” They bowed their heads and declared.

“Umu… In the meantime, Elaria, Odriana, could I have a talk with you two for a moment in my room?”

“Oho?! Onii-sama~ How cunning of you~ But we like the perverted side of you too~” Elaria giggled pervertedly.

I pinched her cheek, “It’s not about that you naughty little sister. Now come on, it’s quite important for your future.”

“Ow, ow, ow~ Onii-sama! My cheek~” She whined while I pulled her along, Odriana following a step behind while suppressing her giggle.

I just hope no other problems come up after this, I still have the Minor Sects’ gifts to go through that I have yet to touch as well.

Lian Li had even informed me about the gifts that several Noble Houses had sent as well, though these were more of ‘thank you’ gifts than ‘help us’ gifts since they were loyal to the crown.

Why did so much work appear after I come back from vacation?


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