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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 361: And The Little Sister Joins The Group Bahasa Indonesia


Sitting both of my sisters down at the table that was still half stacked with letters, I took my own seat opposite them.

“Alright, there’s no point beating around the bush, so I’ll just say it. Elaria, won’t you stay here and lea–“

“Yes! Yes! YES! A million times yes!!” Elaria cried out before I could finish my words, my sister leaping out of her seat even.

“I didn’t even say what I wanted you to be here for…”

“Oh! But I know Onii-sama! You can’t bear to part with your really, really, really, extremely cute imouto! That’s why you want me to stay here!”

I looked at her for a moment before reaching across to pinch her cheeks.

“Ow, ow! Itai, itai, itai!! Onii-sama itai!!”

I let her go after a while, “I was going to say if you wanted to stay here and be one of my disciples as well.”

“Ara? Does my little brother not want his beloved older sister here as well?” Odriana giggled.

I tilted my head at her.

“Fufufu~ I was just kidding. I know that little brother knows if both little sister and I were gone from the town, not much would be done there.”

Actually, the town’s progress isn’t really what I was worried about. I’m more worried that the town would get out of hand without one of them there and Odriana was the more restrained one of my sisters.

Without Elaria there to make things even more crazy, I was hoping that I could educate Elaria a bit more to slow things down a bit before letting her go back. It would be best if I could get her out of her ‘other world’ obsession and bring her back to focusing on this world before she creates weapons of mass destruction.

Yep, I’m basically fixing what the past me failed to do, or rather didn’t have the chance of doing.

Elaria finally recovered from her shock, “M… Me? As… As Onii-sama’s disciple? But… But I don’t have any talent as a Practitioner!”

I patted her head, “There’s other things I can teach aside from just being a Practitioner you know? And need I remind you who taught you all of what you knew?”

She let out a gasp, “Onii-sama! Has your memory returned?! That’s great news!”

“Well… No. But umm… I suppose if you’re near it might help me to remember more?” I suggested.

Ok, that wasn’t really my intention but I needed some kind of reason for her to stay, ok?

Elaria actually leapt across the table to hug my waist, “I won’t let you down, Onii-sama! I’ll make sure your memories return! I’ll be the best little sister disciple you ever had!!”

That’s not that difficult since I only have one little sister you know? So technically you already are the best little sister disciple I have.

She looked up from where she was snuggling against me, “So, what should I do, Onii-sama?! Do you have some secret Technique that can grant me Practitioner powers?!”

I hesitated for a moment.

Ok, truthfully… In theory if I had access to the full extent of the Star Power, it should be possible. But right now as I am, I do not dare to attempt it since I remember my time of being a cripple way too well. One wrong move and I could potentially cripple her for life and that god pill might not even work on her.

I’ll have to test it extensively before I can say for sure.

I ended up just patting her head with a smile, “I can’t do that, but I take it that both of you are ok with this arrangement?”

Elaria went back to hugging me, “Of course!! The imouto should stay with their Onii-sama! This is the best place for me!!”

Odriana nodded her head at me, “It would be good for dear little sister to learn more from little brother as well. We already have a council set up to take care of most of the town so I can handle the place by myself.”

Hmmm… Something tells me that I should be worried about this ‘council’ of theirs but not like I can do much about it anyway.

I should just stick to the plan of educating my little sister back into a proper citizen that wouldn’t think about orchestrating any genocides. That should be enough right?

Still, I can’t help but be curious though, “So what did you two have planned for the town?”

Odriana moved to sit beside me, using my shoulder as her headrest.

“Fufu~ It’s not much, but we did draw out some five year plans that would help with the town’s development as well as the surrounding areas. Would dear little brother like to hear what we have in store?”

I raised an eyebrow at her, “Well… I guess why not?”

Elaria leapt back to her feet excitedly before plopping herself down to sit on my lap with a bright smile.

“Oh, you’ll definitely love this Onii-sama! We’ve already successfully integrated Monster Cores with our tech and things are just proceeding extremely smoothly! We basically skipped over the energy crisis and we even have an energy farm going already!”

“Fufufu~ I claim credit for the industrialization of the entire town too~ We actually cut most of the ‘five year plans’ in half the required time because of it.”

Elaria nodded her head excitedly, “I believe we’re already skipping ahead in terms of civilization age! We’re already diverging away from the atomic era into the Magitech age!”

I have no idea what she was talking about so I could only stare at her with a blank look.

“Fufu~ Don’t worry about it, little brother~ Once we are done with our preparations, there will no longer be any need for you to concern yourself with such trivial matters,” Odriana commented offhandedly, gesturing to the letters that were still on the table.

Ok, now I’m a little bit worried about what exactly that entails. Should I be worried? I should be worried right?

“I already have the plans drawn up for the drive! It will change the entire world as we know it!” Elaria beamed at me.

I could not help but ask, “What drive are you talking about?”

“Oh! You know! I think it was the NG drive or something? The name wasn’t really that important. It’s just a power source that we are working towards, Onii-sama!”

“If you say so… In that case, I guess starting today you are now officially my disciple,” I announced.

“Yay!! I get to stay with Onii-sama forever!”

That… Isn’t how it works… But as long as she’s happy I suppose.

Now I need to figure out what the hell I can teach or come up with something that can bring Elaria back to normal…


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