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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 352: Not Again Bahasa Indonesia

(Brendan POV)

After Master had cured the girls of their hangovers, all of them had decided it would be another beach day for them since the Queen was now with us. They had then dressed the Queen in a bikini and went back to the beach for their playtime.

I, on the other hand, was asked by Master on how my progress with the pill was and had to bring Him back to our room to show Him.

I tried my best to come up with something to cover up what we had did to those unwanted guests yesterday.

“I have a few theories,” I started, trying my best to hide my insecurity. “But it’s all just my guesses after some experimenting… So I was hoping Master would help shed some light on the subject.”

He grinned at me, “That’s not a problem. I would be worried if you weren’t at least trying, that’s what alchemy is about.”

I refrained from telling Master that He was most likely the only alchemist who can say that since He could substitute almost any alchemical component with Quarks. Any other alchemist would have to worry about actually gathering those materials so only the richest or most influential might even consider simply ‘experimenting’ on alchemy.

I materialised my cauldron in the corner of the room, tossing in most of the ingredients that I had used yesterday and leaving out the hallucinogens.

Master nodded, “Good so far, so what’s next?”

“Master gave me a big hint yesterday, so I am guessing the next one to be Dragon blood?”

Master broke out in a smile, “A natural conclusion. Shall I put that in the cauldron to test your theory?”

I hesitated for a second, “If it’s not too much trouble?”

“Oh not at all,” Master reassured me, stepping forward and hovering His hand over the opening. “Alright then, how much Dragon’s blood should be put in there?”

I was prepared for that question, “A cup full would suffice.”

Master’s smile became broader as he nodded at my answer, turning his gaze back to the cauldron.

Light emanated from Him before it got sucked into the cauldron, the entire thing rattling violently for a split second before stopping abruptly.

“That should do it, now do what you need to do,” Master declared, stepping away from the cauldron.

I bowed my head in thanks while I took the place that Master had just vacated, extending my own Pure Elemental Quarks towards the cauldron.

As always, I am still in total awe of Master’s absolute mastery over alchemy, the ‘Dragon’s blood’ he had put in were so pure that if it were crystalized back into its ingredient form, countries might have fought wars for its possession.

To be able to create things using Pure Elemental Quarks alone, alchemists would kill just to be able to do it.

Master was most likely aware of this fact, which is why He is not a registered alchemist and had chosen not to register me as one either.

Pulling back my concentration to the task at hand, I manipulated the Quarks in the cauldron to mix together as I directed, blending everything together as much as I could.

It took about ten minutes before everything was settled and ready, though to me it felt like an eternity with how Master was standing beside and watching over me.

Master stepped forward again, peering into the cauldron to observe my handiwork.

He materialised a glass bottle he brought out from His storage ring that sucked in a portion of the cauldron’s contents into it before handing it to me.

“Well, what do you think?” Master asked, keeping His face impassive this time.

I took the bottle and inspected it, not being able to tell from Master’s reaction if He actually approves of it or not.

The solution seems to have mixed well and was stable, so there should not be a problem with it, right?

When I told that to Master, He merely smiled at me and nodded His head at it, “Want to try it?”

I grimaced, “I er… I’m not sure if I want to change into the other gender, Master.”

Master waved His hand at me, “Oh don’t worry about it, I can always revert you back if anything happens. How would you know if what you did was a success without trying it first?”

“Umm… Master could tell me?” I pointed out hopefully.

“And deny you the chance of learning about it firsthand? No way. Bottoms up, Brendan!”

Since Master had already said it… There’s not much other choice for me but to comply.

Bracing myself, I tossed my head back and swallowed the contents of the bottle in one gulp, trying my best not to think about the consequences.

I set the empty bottle down at the side and waited for the effects to occur, only to have nothing to happen even after a minute had passed.

“Wrong combination?” I asked.

Master chuckled, “Yep, at least for what you wanted to achieve actually. Dragon’s blood was definitely not what you needed to change genders.”

“Ugh… I see…” I muttered, a little disappointed at myself for the failure.

Master clapped me on the shoulder, “Cheer up though! You actually made something else instead!”

My eyes widened at His words, “What… What did I just swallow, Master?”

Master chuckled, “Well, you’re about to find out.”

Unexpectedly, Master also took out a ladle and scooped up some of the brewed potion, drinking it without a shred of hesitation before I could stop Him.

“Hmm… Fire was about two degrees too hot but no matter, it just makes the potion take a while longer to take effect.”

I got even more nervous, “Umm… Master, what really is this potion?”

Master didn’t answer and instead just grinned at me. That was when I realised that Master seemed to be getting taller and taller.

Eh? Is it a growth potion of some sort? Master is like almost twice my height now and still getting bigger.

No wait, everything else is also getting bigger?

I looked down at myself and realised I was the one that was shrinking, my own clothes becoming way too big for me and crumpling into themselves as I shrank.

I thought it would keep going until I stopped shrinking abruptly, my body now similar in size to Cai Hong’s. Maybe even smaller.

“Age regression?” I blurted out without thinking.

Master smiled just as His own body started to shrink as well, “Not quite a full one but close, since you actually keep your mentality. You would need to be boiling the cauldron with Soul Flames if you wanted the full age regression effect for this particular combination.”

I watched in fascination as Master shrunk into a child form of Himself, it just felt so surreal for some reason.

Master looked down at His body, “Hmm… Feels like yesterday that I’ve had this form of mine, how nostalgic.”

Oh right, Master had been in a younger form before, something about him being reborn or something? I wasn’t quite sure of the details myself.

“Umm… Are we able to change back?” I asked, a little worried.

“Hmm? Of course, quite simple in fact. All we got to do is–“

The door was suddenly thrown open with great force, a figure blurring into the room and heading straight for Master.

I tried to block the way with my body but the figure had simply leapt over me and picked up Master into their arms without pause.

“AHHHHH!! I knew my older sister senses wasn’t wrong!! My little brother became cute again!!!” Odriana squealed, hugging the child version of Master in her chest.

As if on cue, the rest of the girls showed up in their swimsuits as well, all of them clamouring around Master while I stood helplessly at the side.

“Master! So cute!!”

“Ahhnnn~ Master touch me here!”

“Muuu!! Papa! Play!”

“Master! Look here! Look at me please!”

For what it’s worth, Master, you have my condolences…


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