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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 351: Entertainment For The ‘Guests’ Bahasa Indonesia

(Bei Diu Diao POV) [The uncle]

I had always believed that life was unfair to begin with.

It is unfair for those peasants and commoners who were not born as a Royal. It was unfair for those powerless and talentless Practitioners to be born into poor, talentless families. It was just plain unfair that I got to where I am purely because of me being born into this family.

It’s just too bad for them and absolutely perfect for me.

All those poor commoners can whine and curse about their sad, sad lives while I enjoy the ultimate luxuries that come from being born into my position!

That was at least my thoughts at first.

So used I was to that privilege that I could not help but want a taste of that pretty maid who happened to catch my eye that day.

I thought I was above consequence. In fact, before that happened, I was indeed above it.

No matter what kind of things I did, everyone simply looked the other way simply because of who I was. It was such a marvel to know that even if I were to slap someone in the face, they would just nod their heads and move on.

So imagine my surprise when that maid actually rejected me and caused my own downfall into ruin.

I was of course both confused and infuriated that someone even dared to deny me. It was only when elder brother decreed my exile did I realise how much my life had turned around.

Suddenly everyone was against me and my birthright mattered no longer where even those damn lowly commoners spurned me.

Everything I did was judged and I could not even take a step to wherever I wanted to without someone watching me.

Elder brother even sent people to track me, making sure that I could not even go to sleep without him knowing exactly where and when I did that.

At least I still had a few subordinates who were loyal to me, the few who I had allowed to indulge in their desires when they had followed me before this happened.

It was when that shady Practitioner came and offered me a solution to my predicament, his words so honeyed that I didn’t think twice before paying him. Who cared about that random passerby I had my followers kidnap for this? He probably wasn’t anyone important anyway.

The first part worked like a charm, I was a new man and free. The Practitioner fulfilled his end of the bargain and we went our separate ways.

I even made sure to send the chopped off head to my sister-in-law, pretty sure she got a good scare out of that one!

That was until I transformed back to my old self after a while, making everything I did up till now pointless.

I thought this would once again make me a fugitive but my subordinate had the great idea of forming a bandit group at the edge of the country. Far enough that we won’t be noticed but yet still within our country’s borders to enjoy the fruits and labours of others that we robbed.

Life actually got better from there, our little group even grew under my leadership, especially mine and mine alone, no matter what my subordinates might say. It definitely wasn’t because of my second-in-command doing everything for me!

We robbed, we raped and we pillaged to our heart’s desire. Well, maybe not pillage but we did take over a small village to claim as our own after we killed off everyone else in it.

Then news of the country’s chaos found its way to me, the best thing I’ve heard was the news about the demise of all the other Royals other than my niece.

I came up with the most ingenious plan to better our position. The plan was definitely mine, mind you, even if my subordinates might say otherwise.

All of us would just move into the Royal Villa as our new base of operations! The place was defensible and we had a reliable escape route if things went awry, it was a good thing I still kept my old Royal clothes and carriage. It was perfect!

Unfortunately for us, I did not expect what awaited us there.

We had retired back to the master bedroom after our tea time, all of us… Ahem… I mean my subordinates, planning what our next step was.

While they were wondering why the men who were masquerading as coachmen have yet to return, the door was shoved open without warning.

My first thought was to rage at the intruder, but seeing who it was made me stop myself for a moment.

An extremely attractive girl with long, black hair that matched her maid outfit was standing there with a serene smile on her face.

My first thought was to ask her to service me, until I noticed the non-human ears and tail present on her.

“Damn monster, don’t you even know it is basic human courtesy to knock on closed doors?!” I roared.

Contrary to my expectations, the wolf monster ignored me and stepped aside to reveal three other non-human maids.

It felt so laughable to see such monstrous creatures in what should have been pristine uniforms, they really taint it with their unsightly forms. I can’t believe even that horse monster is wearing one too.

“Hmm… It seems like everyone is here, that is convenient…” Another voice commented from behind the monsters.

The four of them then stepped aside to reveal a beauty I recognised from this morning.

She had brown hair that was tied in a single braid behind her head and wore what seems to be a cheongsam with a slit at the front to reveal a scandalous amount of thigh. In fact, it was cut so high up I could almost see the fleshy curve of her perfect backside.

She must have caught me staring since she actually pulled the hem of it aside a little to reveal more of her flesh, “Like what you see?”

I gulped, never in my life had I seen such a perfect woman before. I don’t know how I managed to over look her this morning. It must be because of that idiot servant that I couldn’t enjoy the sight of this beauty.

Were the other girls similar in beauty too? I really should go give them a night visit tonight!

Remembering that she asked me a question, I quickly nodded my head, wondering what she wanted.

“Kukuku~ Master sent us here to entertain you all… So entertain you we shall~ Unfortunately, we can’t entertain very well when you are all clothed, so if you would be so kind as to fix that?” She asked with a smile.

I immediately reached for the straps that held my clothes together when one of my subordinates stepped forward.

“Hold on… Why don’t you girls strip first before we do? Let us see a little bit of a show eh?”

Oh, that is a wonderful idea!

The girl smiled at us, “Mmm… But I want to see who has the biggest package. Whoever has the biggest one gets special service from me, you know?”

Hearing that, all of us had hurriedly stripped ourselves bare, showing that we were all raring to go.

It was unfortunate, but the biggest one belonged to a certain skinny subordinate of mine who looked extremely proud to show it off.

No matter, whatever she is going to do to him, I will order her to do to me as well.

Just when that thought crossed my mind, a whip that had thorns all across its length appeared in that woman’s hands out of thin air.

I didn’t even have time to react before she had lashed out the whip towards said subordinate, the length of it curling around the thing between his legs before she pulled back mercilessly.

It was surprising that the high pitched scream he had let out did not send the entire villa running up here.

I turned back to face the girl to see her staring at us with complete contempt, “Master said to entertain you all so that you won’t disturb Him… Oh we will definitely entertain you alright… And even make sure you permanently stay out of Master’s way… Girls, let’s start their entertainment.”

Is it too late to regret coming here?


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