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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 343: The Witch And Her Hole Bahasa Indonesia


I raised an eyebrow at the two fox youkais, “Did you two… Try to force open the impurities?”

Both of them tilted their heads at the same time.

“Was that not what we were supposed to do?” Kiyomi asked, confusion clear on her face.

I chuckled, “Well, I think you both already know what happens when you bash against the wall with all your strength right?”

They nodded their heads slowly.

“Ahaha, there’s a reason why it’s called impurities, my dears,” I chuckled. “Use your Quarks to chip away at the wall little by little and covert the chipped away parts into your own energy. Slowly, your strength will grow and it will get easier and easier to break down the wall. They aren’t obstacles, they are still a part of you. It’s like dusting your table, you don’t hammer at it to get rid of the dust.”

Their eyes widened in realisation, the both of them obviously having not considered that.

“It is not supposed to be an instant process darlings,” I continued, patting their heads to console them. “But there is also no stress involved, you can do this at your leisure and every subsequent wall will get easier and easier.”

“I am ashamed, Master,” Manami bowed her head.

Kiyomi bowed as well, “So am I, Master. In my bid to get stronger instantly, I can’t believe I made such a simple mistake…”

“Think nothing of it, if anything, it is my fault for not explaining it clearer to you two.”

Manami shook her head, “No… If we require Master to point out every little thing to us then we can never improve on our own. We are forever thankful of Master’s guidance for our lowly selves.”

I gave her a wry smile, “Come now, you don’t give yourselves enough credit. I am also learning from you girls at the same time to be a better teacher. Now enough of the self-deprecating remarks. Try again and let’s see how well you do this time.”

“”Yes Master.””

I let them return to their meditation spots, the two of them not saying another word as they sat down on top of the beach towels a small distance away from me.

Within moments, they had already sunk back into their meditative states, something that normal Practitioners might need a long while before they reach that state.

I was not just giving lip service when I said they were talented, there’s a reason why they got this strong in such a short time, not counting the giant foxes that had been inside them.

“Mmm… Master, seeing them work so hard, I feel kind of left out now…” Diao Chan commented, my Witch pushing herself up against my side. “Maybe I should get some lessons too?”

I scratched my chin with my free hand, “Hmmm… In that case, I think we can get started on your Spell shortening.”

She looked up at me in surprise, “Spell shortening? I thought the one drawback of Spells is the long incantations?”

I nodded, “That is correct. Make no mistake, when I say ‘shorten’, I meant cutting out a few words or syllables, not actually squeezing the whole Spell into one word or a short phrase. Actually, there is a way to do that, but you’re not really ready for that yet.”

“Ohhhh? Does that method involve a lot of pain? If it does, I can take it Master! Especially when you’re the one doing it to me! Maybe we can go back to the bush that we–“

I gave the insatiable girl a flick on the forehead, “No, pain has nothing to do with it. It’s more of your lack of experience that is the issue.”

Diao Chan wiped the bit of drool that had escaped from the corner of her lips with the back of her hand, “Mnnn… Eh? How so, Master?”

“Let’s go step by step, and you will understand,” I beckoned her to follow me a distance away from everyone else.

We went to the other side of the beach, far enough such that the others were small specks in the horizon and barely visible.

Diao Chan was giggling uncontrollably while holding on to my sleeve, “Ehe… Ehehehe… Master, you can just take me whenever you want. I am always ready to receive you~ Maybe behind that rock? Or if you want to do it out in the open, I don’t mind too~”

I gave her behind a spank before pointing towards the ground to get her attention.

Waving my hand in a casual arc, I manipulated the sand to form a small hole about the size of my palm.

“Now do what I did using a Spell,” I instructed, pointing at the hole.

Diao Chan nodded, her face becoming serious.

Yes she is an insatiable pervert, but at least she knows when to get serious.

“‘Spirits of the land, grain of the earth, obey my words and thou shalt be moved. Shifting sands and moving mass, by my will and my power, split thyself and form mine shape! Earth Manipulation!'”

The area of sand directly in front of her shifted, forming a hole exactly the same as the one I had made, not an inch bigger or smaller.

“Perfect,” I praised, it was no less expected of her talents. “Now here’s what I want to ask. I have told you that Spells, even though have to be chanted, are mostly dependent on your intent. Are there any words that you can replace or remove in the Spell you just used?”

Diao chan tilted her head at me, “Removing the words? But aren’t they what gives the Spell power?”

“That is also correct, so here’s a new bit of fact for you. Not all words have an equal amount of power. Depending on your intent and the Spell, each word will have differing levels of power for what you want to do.”

Her eyes widened at that revelation, “That is… Incredible! But… How do I know which words will give it more power?”

“The closer the word is to your intent, the more power it gives. For example, let’s say you wish to cast a fireball…”

I turned myself towards the ocean and stretched out my hand, “‘Spirits of flame, obey. Summon forth the great burning flames! Fireball!'”

A fireball the size of my fist shot out from my palm, exploding against the surface of the sea in a spray of water.

Without missing a beat, I continued, “Now change that… ‘Spirits of flame, obey. Bring forth inferno! Fireball!'”

This time, a fireball the size of a watermelon shot out from my palm. When it hit the surface of the sea, it exploded into multiple smaller fireballs that exploded as well, the resulting spray almost reaching the shoreline.

Diao Chan’s eyes sparkled, “Ooooh~ As expected of Master!”

I lowered my hand and smiled, “If you also noticed, you don’t actually have to string entire sentences together in your chants.”

“Eh?! Did Master not teach me to do it that way?”

I nodded, “Yes, all beginner Witches would need to chant complete sentences to avoid their chants misaligning with their intent. After they are experienced enough, the need for such a thing lessens so your chants can be shortened. But make sure the chant still aligns with your intent of course.”

Yes, Witches basically play with words in their chants as the basis. That is why all accomplished Witches are very well read and eloquent.

With Diao Chan having lived a life in high society, a high standard of education was granted to her which allowed her to craft her own original Spells so easily.

“Now, try to do that for the Spell you used just now,” I instructed.

Her brows knitted together as she thought about it, her gaze directed towards the hole in the sand.

It took her a minute before she raised her hand again.

“All of sand, obey me! Shift and erode yourselves as I will! Sand Shift!”

Instead of a small hole like before, a giant crater of sand appeared under us, the displaced sand pushed outwards to form a twelve foot high wall around the circumference of said hole.

I activated the Technique to levitate us slowly down onto the ground, Diao Chan held safe in my arms.

Yep, this is why I brought her so far away from the rest.

I did say she had talent as a Witch, didn’t I? Just that she needed some special care on the side.

At least she had the decency to look embarrassed.

“I did tell you the intent is still important,” I sighed, raising my hand to try and fix the hole.

Before I could, Diao Chan had grabbed me by the arm, her eyes one that is filled with obvious desire.

“Master… May we? Please?”

It took me a moment to consider the invitation. Oh well, might as well make use of the hole for now…


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