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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 342: Special Training At The Beach Bahasa Indonesia

(Manami POV)

I was so close.

Master had instructed us on how to improve our Technique casting time by quite a bit with just a simple method.

Simple in theory that is.

Both Kiyomi and I were once again astounded by how vast Master’s knowledge was.

Master had instructed us to circulate our Quarks through our Quark veins in a specific pattern, stating that there were impurities that were blocking them and upon clearing them would vastly speed up our casting speed and strength.

When Master had told us He would be inspecting our Quark veins to help us improve our Quark circulation, I had immediately started to strip myself until Master stopped me.

Apparently Master did not need to touch my bare skin nor even grope me in any way to inspect me, a quick scan with his own Quarks was enough.

I will admit I was a little disappointed at that fact, I would have very much liked Master to stroke me everywhere while I moaned as lustfully as I could to tempt Him.

Ah, but little Cai Hong was there too, so maybe I could get Master to do it later on tonight? Ufufufu~~

Master had quickly pointed out various points on our bodies that he sensed impurities, myself numbering twelve and Kiyomi fourteen points in total.

He made sure to mention that the number had nothing to do with talent or skill at all to assure us, saying it was just something people were born with.

Mnnn~ I actually did jump on Master then and gave Him a lot of kisses before letting Master go.

Kiyomi and I had quickly got to our meditative trance to do as Master had instructed, trying our best to clear the blockages that Master had pointed out for us.

With how casual Master had instructed us, I had thought it would have been an easy thing to do as well.

Upon reaching my first blockage however, it felt like I had just slammed myself into an impenetrable wall.

Even after I reared back and rammed it with as much force as I could, the wall remained unmoving.

It seems like even though we were on vacation, Master is still as serious in His teachings as ever. It just goes to show how much Master actually trusts in our abilities and there is no way I will disappoint Him now!

A wall standing in my way? Ufufufu~ I will tear it down brick by brick if I have to for Master!

I had manipulated my Quarks to inspect the wall blocking my path, finding no way around, over or under it, meaning the wall has to come down for me to go through.

Feeling the wall’s surface with my Quarks, I looked for any signs of cracks to find absolutely none.

Ara, ara? I suppose brute force is the way to go.

I imagined myself pulling back my fist and punching it straight into the wall, this time with as much force as I could muster.

The wall remained still but I would not be daunted so easily.

I hammered my fist against it, pummeling it again and again until finally, a small crack appeared on the wall for all my efforts.

Encouraged by the progress, I continued hammering on the same spot, the cracks spreading wider until it seemed like it was covering the entire wall.

Just when I landed the final hit that should have shattered the wall, the feedback from the punch shook me out of my meditative state instead. The last thing I saw was the wall fixing itself again, all the cracks disappearing as though they had just been an illusion.

I cursed under my breath, only to hear a similar frustrated noise coming from my left.

“Ara, ara? Is my little Kiyomi facing some problems?” I chuckled.

“It sounds like you are having troubles of your own, dear sister,” Kiyomi retorted.

I was about to say something back in return when I noticed the clear absence of Master and Cai Hong.

“Ahem… If you’re looking for Master and Cai Hong… You already missed them. It’s already Cai Hong’s nap time since ten minutes ago,” Diao Chan informed me, the Witch sitting just a short distance away.

I frowned, “Weren’t you supposed to wake us?”

“I would’ve… But Master instructed us not to disturb you two at all since He said you were in a rather… Delicate state. Master also insisted He take Cai Hong to bed and for us to rest. I’m no Practitioner and the Abyss would need to spill over before I even considered disobeying an order from Master.” she explained.

Behind her, a clearly exhausted Eris nodded her head, Elaria and Odriana right next to her.

Hmmm, I guess that’s true.

“So where are they?” Kiyomi asked.

“They already left for our room some time ago,” Elaria explained helpfully.

“Diao Chan tried to volunteer to do it but my dear little brother insisted, so there isn’t much that we could do,” Odriana added in, not looking up from the novel she was still writing.

Ara? Doesn’t that mean Master is taking Cai Hong into the room where Lian Li and Brendan were preparing the poison?

I immediately activated my telepathy Technique, connecting myself with Lian Li.

‘Mmm? Manami? Did something happen?’

“Master is taking Cai Hong there. I apologise, I was too deep in my meditation to notice.”

‘Oh. Master already came and left, don’t worry about it.’

I sucked in a breath, “The tear?”

‘Brendan managed to ask it from Master without arousing suspicion, so it’s fine. In fact, Master gave so much that we don’t need to dilute the solution anymore.’

I let out the breath I was holding, “That’s good to hear. I was afraid that we might have to scrap our plan because of my mistake.”

‘Hehehe, don’t need to worry. In fact, Master actually inadvertently gave us an idea that we can use in the future. Assuming Brendan here can do it, that is.’

“What is it?”

‘I’ll tell you later, I believe Master should be reaching you soon?’

I looked up and sure enough, Master’s glorious figure was on the steps coming down to the beach.

“So it seems. We’ll talk later then.”

I cut the call just as Master reached us, His head tilting slightly at us, “Hmm? Did you two make progress?”

Both Kiyomi and I bowed our heads in shame, “I apologize Master… But it seems both of us have trouble unlocking even the first node that you pointed out.”

I thought Master would show at least a miniscule of disappointment but He had just merely patted our heads with His usual smile, “Don’t be sorry, that’s why I’m here to teach you, right? Now let’s see what you did wrong, shall we? Since Eris still seems a bit worn out from our spar anyway.”

The swordswoman gave us a weak wave from where she sat. I idly wondered just what happened to make her that tired since I didn’t get to watch their spar.

Kiyomi bowed her head, “We shall be in your care once again, Master.”

“Ufufufu~ Does this mean Master will need to examine our naked bodies with your hands to see what’s wrong with us?”

Master held my gaze for a moment then broke out in a smile, “You really want it huh? Well I suppose it’s not good to hold back too. We’ll do it on the beach towel there.”

I actually let out a squeal. Truly, Master is the embodiment of benevolence!


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