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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 336: Do Not Piss Off Your Chef Bahasa Indonesia


“Mnnn… Papa cook?” Cai Hong muttered sleepily while rubbing her eye with a hand.

I had moved the little dragon to my back, letting her hug me from behind instead to allow me space to prepare the meals.

I threw in the eggs that I had beaten earlier, letting them sizzle on top of the oiled pan which filled the air with its aroma.

It took about a few seconds more before Cai Hong jerked herself completely awake, “Mnnn!! Papa cook!”

I picked up a piece of bacon that I had prepared beforehand and guided it to her mouth, the little girl immediately chomping down on the meat happily.

“Yay~ Nom nom nom… Yummy!” She squealed.

“Master… You really shouldn’t… Let us do it instead…” one of the chefs offered hesitantly.

“Oh, but I said it’s fine. I do quite enjoy this you know?”

“But… the honor of serving you…”

I raised an eyebrow at him, “What? Is that something worth bragging about?”

The chef and everyone else behind him nodded their heads vigorously.

“Hmmm… Alright then. I won’t cook for myself. You guys can handle that then. Would that be fine?” I conceded.

That seemed to be exactly what they wanted to hear, judging from the victory cry the chefs roared out before firing up the stoves enthusiastically.

“Don’t make it too fancy you hear,” I warned them half-heartedly, flipping over the egg. “It’s only breakfast so please, not some five course meal or whatever you guys are planning.”


Cai Hong looked up at me, her bacon still clutched in her dainty hands, “Muuu? Papa no eat?”

I smiled, “Papa will eat later with your big sisters and brother.”

“Muuu! Papa eat!” She protested, waving her bacon in front of me.

Giving in to her, I bit a piece of the meat and chewed, Cai Hong giggling merrily when she watched me eat the bacon she fed me.

I flipped the pan over, depositing the eggs on to the waiting plate next to me on the counter before lifting Cai Hong off my back.

“Be a good girl and wait for Papa here ok? Papa will come back after bringing these outside,” I asked, patting her head.


I levitated the plates of food to follow me out of the kitchen, intending to serve these foods to our ‘guests’.

Curiously, when I asked the chefs what happened to the servants, they just shrugged and said they did not even know they were gone.

Interesting, maybe they’re all outside mowing the lawn?

They did make quite the compilation of conflicted faces when I said I would personally serve those guys, even turning down their offer of help. All of them apologized for the disappearance of the serving stuff despite my multiple assurances that it was fine.

Deciding that the service staff’s disappearance didn’t matter for now, I made my way out to the dining area, just as my disciples appeared as well.

“Finally! Food and entertainment! I was getting tired of waiting!” Diu Diao growled, leaning back on his chair.

I frowned slightly, raising a finger, “Do not be mistaken, they are the guests of Queen Guiying that I have told you about. I would advise you not to disrespect them for your own good.”

He looked at me as though I had grown a second head, “Ha? Who are you to decide what I can or cannot do?!”

I contemplated once more to reveal my identity there but I refrained from doing so just in case it sparks off something that Guiying can’t fix.

Instead, I narrowed my eyes at him, “Remember well, Diu Diao, you are currently only allowed to stay due to the whims of our guests. If they were to think it better that you leave, you’ll need to vacate the premises.”

The guards stood up and glared at me menacingly, their hands on the pommel of their swords.

“You and what army?” Diu Diao smirked.

I raised my hand with my palm facing the ground, concentrating for a moment before pushing downwards.

“Sit down,” I ordered.

An invisible force pushed all of the guards down, forcing them back to their seats against their will.

A few of them tried to stand up again but the force pushing them down was too strong for them to even budge against.

Diu Diao stood up, “What are you–“

“You sit down too,” I exerted the same force on him.

His knees buckled and the man dropped back down onto his seat rather comically, his chair almost tipping over from the sudden force of him sitting down.

It was almost hilarious to watch him strain from the effort of trying to stand only to fail at it.

Making sure their attention was on me, I warned them once more, “I say again. You are not guests. You are not welcome here. The only reason why you are even allowed to step in here is because of your supposed relations to Queen Guiying, nothing more and nothing less.”

I flicked my wrist, letting the plates of food float in and arrange themselves on the table in front of them, which consisted of just simple eggs and bread. The bread wasn’t even buttered either.

“Now, shut your mouth and eat. Any complaints and I’ll toss you guys out into the ocean, the Kraken can take you then. Am I clear?”

Diu Diao gritted his teeth, “You can’t do this to me! You are but a commoner! I am a Royal! You should be honored to even stand in my presence! How can you even suggest disrespecting me!”

I smiled at him, “Your position means nothing here, especially since you’re an exile and not even supposed to be here.”

“My exile only applies to the previous king’s reign! Now that he’s gone, my exile status is also gone!”

I tilted my head at him, “I’m pretty sure that’s not how that works but ok. If you’re not going to eat that, I’m taking it away.”

“Grrr… I am!” He growled, picking up the bread and stuffing it into his mouth.

I hope he chokes on it, should have added more laxative or something in his plate.

“Should we come back later, Master?” Lian Li asked, eyeing the crowded dining table.

“Oh no, please right this way. It is a little unfortunate but we shall have to eat in the kitchens this morning.”

My disciples nodded and filed into the kitchens obediently, a few of them sending looks of spite in their direction.

I thought I heard some of them muttering “making Master serve them… Unforgivable…”, “Definitely going to castrate him first…”, “Lopping his head off…” and “poison him later…” but I’m pretty sure I just misheard them.

Upon entering the kitchens, they were greeted by the sight of fluffy pancakes, steaming hot toasted sandwiches, savoury egg benedicts, peppered bacons and waffles topped with whipped cream. Beside that were freshly squeezed fruit juices and milk.

However, on the other side of the pile was an even more impressive pile of food that consisted of various cuts of meat that were smoked, boiled, fried and even seared, creating a small mountain of meat. Beside that mountain were even more variations of sandwiches, eggs and salads.

No guesses as to which one is my portion.

“You know… I did tell you guys not to prepare that lavish of a breakfast for me, didn’t I?” I asked, looking pointedly at the chefs.

At least they have the sense to look embarrassed.

“Papa! Big sisters! Big brother! Eat!” Cai Hong called out, waving us over.

Eris looked at their pile of the prepared food in wonder, “Master… You went all out yourself… The pancakes… They are so soft!”

“Well yeah, no way am I letting my disciples eat the same kind of food I gave those guys outside right?”

That actually got me a group hug from them, the girls purring into my embrace.

Well, at least there’s something good about today.

Now then, let’s eat!


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