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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 294: That Was Not How The Beat Down Was Supposed To Go Bahasa Indonesia


“You hurt her…” I muttered.

This ugly piece of shit dares to harm my disciple? I’ll make sure it suffers untold pain while I rip each of its limbs out!

What did this thing call itself? Great one? There is absolutely nothing great about this piece of shit other than its overinflated ego and delusion of self-importance.

It turned all of its eyes to me, recalling its tentacles back to its side warily.

“I would’ve offered you the choice of relinquishing your vessel and leaving right about now… But you hurt her, so I’ll have you pay.. “

The tentacle thing laughed, “!flesruoy yb eno taefed ssel hcum ,htgnerts tnerruc ruoy htiw enO taerG a hsinab ot hguone gnorts ton era uoY .staerht ytpme hcuS”

“Then it’s a good thing I’m not alone hmm?”

My disciples gathered below me, all of them glaring up at the world ending monster without a hint of fear.

Even Lian Li was already up and ready to fight, her trademark golden lightning wrapped around her body.

“.nimrev naht erom gnihton eb lliw yeht ,edih s’enO taerG siht hctarcs ylerab dluoc yehT …slatroM”

This thing seems to have forgotten my disciples had blasted a hole through it just a few moments ago. Well, he did heal up quickly from that but still.

I snapped my fingers and prepared to form a portal above the thing, “Talk crap about my disciples… One more time…”

“–pu selbarisednu eseht kcip ot uoy ekil gnihtemos roF .gnitseretni woH ?selpicsid ruoY”

I snapped my fingers again, creating a giant portal that opened up right above its head.

Its hundred eyes only had time to shift upwards before a giant meteor flew straight through the portal and crashed on top of its head.

It flinched back for a second before the meteor disintegrated into dust particles, floating away harmlessly.

“!!UOY NO TSAEF LLIW I” It screeched, throwing a mass of tentacles up into the air.

This thing really likes to talk huh?

It started to levitate into the air, all of its eyes focused on me.

I felt the air around me shifting, the tentacled thing warping reality around me in an attempt to crush me within the warped space.

I reached out my hand and grabbed the air, holding on to the space to stop it from shifting. Gathering my concentration into my free hand, I curled it into a fist before punching forwards.

Nothing seemed to happen for a few moments before the space that had been warping around me flowed towards my fist and blasted itself towards the tentacled freak.

The space hit it in the centre of its body and it caved in, drawing a loud wail of pain from the tentacled thing as it crashed back into the ground with a fist imprint on its face.

Meanwhile, my disciples had just managed to reach it from below.

While that abyssal thing had been looking upwards at me, it forgot about my disciples on the ground which allowed them to get closer to it without it noticing.

Brendan had passed them a strengthening pill each, the girls swallowing it without hesitation while he got busy with placing vials with different coloured gases in them on the ground.

Lian Li clapped her hands together and created giant chains made out of her Divine Lightning, wrapping them around the monster’s upper body.

It gave a growl of pain as the chains electrocuted it, the monster not being able to defend itself from it before it materialised on it.

As though it wasn’t enough, Manami summoned a giant swathe of flames, molding it into chains similar to Lian Li’s and using them to wrap around the tentacled thing’s legs.

Some of that abyssal monster’s eyes lowered down to look at my disciples.

Of course, there was no way in hell I’m letting any of them get hurt again on my watch.

I raised my other hand and summoned a blood red lance, its entire length dripping with what looks like red tar that ate away everything it touched.

Yeah, I copied this from Lilith, sue me.

That thing’s eyes snapped back up to me just as I threw it, the blood red spear embedding itself in one of its tentacles that it had used in an attempt to block it.

The tentacle that had the spear impaled on it began disintegrating, the disintegration spreading from the tip towards its main body.

I was expecting it to at least sacrifice that tentacle to stop the disintegration from reaching it, but apparently it could stop it from spreading by just giving the tentacle a wave.

Ok, that’s just cheating.

Then again, it is an abyssal being anyway.

While it had been distracted by me again, Kiyomi had gone ahead to freeze the tentacled thing’s lower body in ice.

Within the ice, Manami’s fiery chains still continued to burn unhindered while Lian Li intensified her lightning chains.

Diao Chan had also added in by weaving a Spell to intensify the effects of the ice, fire and lightning.

Seeing that it wasn’t in as much pain as it was before, it probably already used something to defend itself against the elements somewhat.

At least it served as a distraction for it.

It still diverted a little of its attention to try and smash my disciples with a few of its tentacles, only for the attacks to phase through them as the hallucinogenic properties from Brendan’s potions took effect.

For this thing to pick a mortal host is already limiting the amount of power it can channel from the abyss. To pick a mortal human host, that’s just allowing itself to have more weaknesses as well.

It still has its abyssal powers for sure, but its own senses have been dampened somewhat, which makes it possible for us to fool and distract it.

Otherwise, there’s no way we could have dragged this battle on for so long.

These things could survive inside the abyss for a reason you know?

It tried to go after my disciples again, creating several spikes made of pure Darkness that would be fired towards where my disciples were.

Not giving it the opportunity, I bent the space around the spikes, letting it wink out of existence before they were even fully formed.

I thought the thing might get frustrated at being thwarted again but it just diverted its attention back to me with clear mirth in its eyes.

“!gniodnu ruoy eb lliw sihT …slatrom eseht rof hcum oot erac uoY”

My heart clenched and it suddenly became hard to breathe, my strength being drained in an alarming amount all of a sudden.

I reached out towards the stars again but to my horror, they were drifting away from me.

Almost instantly, all of my power left me and I dropped from the sky.

I would have crashed into the ground if not for Eris leaping up and catching me.

“Master! Are you alright?!” She gasped, panicking at my exhausted form.

My other disciples also rushed towards me, standing protectively in front of me.

The monster shifted its tentacles to point at us, its body somehow starting to radiate the glow I would have when using theStar Power.

“.ecnetsixe morf hsirep uoy evah lliw I ,woN”

I created a barrier just as the first lasers fired from its tentacles hit us, my shield barely holding for a second before it shattered.

My disciples also tried to shield us but theirs too, shattered upon first contact.

I thought of summoning my monsters but the lasers froze in mid air before it could actually hit us.

“Ofufufu~ You can rest now, Leave this thing to me,” A voice spoke in front of us.

I looked down to see the old woman that I had helped find lodgings not too long ago standing in front of us, her hand raised in the air and a white aura surrounding said hand.

What the…


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