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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 293: Touching The Reverse Scale Bahasa Indonesia

(Lian Li POV)

Divine. Absolutely Divine.

That was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw Master floating in front of us while His body glowed with an ethereal shine.

Master in all His Divine Glory… It was glorious.

Kiyomi had told us about this once and we drilled her mercilessly for all the details, hoping that one day we would get to see it up close as well. But nothing prepared us for this.

The aura, the sight, the feel… Master practically exuded Divinity!

It reaffirmed our belief of Master’s divinity and I swore that we would double our efforts of cleansing this world of its filth for Master!

I did not even need to look at my fellow sisters and brother to know that they thought of the same thing, the chorus of gasps that we had let out unintentionally was enough to show what we thought.

Only Kiyomi had a different reaction, opting to give a moan of appreciation instead.

Meanwhile, the tentacled freak raised one of its many giant limbs, bringing it down on top of us without warning.

As expected of a heathen… We really need to cleanse them all so that we can properly bask in Master’s divinity without interference.

Master pulled back a fist before punching upwards, a shockwave blasting out that mysteriously avoided affecting us.

The punch deflected the tentacle back into the air before crashing into a few of the houses nearby, flattening them like pancakes.

The monster let out a growl, clearly pissed at having its attack so easily repelled.

“I will need to draw an inscription to create a barrier, prevent it from escaping from here since it can create portals to teleport,,” Master stated, his voice as melodious as a symphonic orchestra. “Can you all hold that thing back for a few minutes?”

“Could… Could we even stand up to that thing though?” Brendan asked, a little unsure of himself.

Master chuckled, “It has just merged with its vessel, it wouldn’t be able to pull most of its power here yet. Since its host is also human, it will also decrease the senses it has access to which makes it very easy to distract. Make use of that.”

“Yes, Master,” All of us answered.

Master floated up into the air, the ground beneath us starting to glow as giant runes started to imprint themselves onto the ground.

“!degac eb ton lliw I !?enO taerG a egac ot kniht uoY”

The monster roared and summoned forth multiple black holes around its disgusting body.

“Not on my watch!” I roared, charging my entire body up with Divine Lightning.

Slamming my palms together in front of me, I created a blast of Lightning that struck the centre of the monster.

It roared out in pain, causing all of the black holes to flicker before winking out of existence.

I looked down at my hands, surprised at the sudden increase in power.

“Master’s power…” Kiyomi gasped, her body giving off a light glow when she summoned small icicles around her… It’s flowing through all of us.”

“Ara? It must be Master’s essence within us, ufufufu~” Manami giggled.

We turned to look at Brendan who was distinctly not glowing.

He just rolled his eyes at us, but proceeded to drink a portion while pouring another vial on the ground.

I clad myself with an aura of Divine Lightning as I turned back to face the monster in front of us, “Like Master said… Let’s beat the shit out of this thing.”

The monster roared and reared all of its tentacles into the air, each one of them bigger than a house.

I led the charge with a roar of my own, my fellow sisters charging alongside me.

All at once, the monster thrusted its tentacle limbs down towards us in a single mass of inky blackness.

Eris rushed ahead of me, her blade clad with white coloured flames.

She swung the blade around, bracing the flat of it against her left arm just as the dark mass crashed into her.

Our swordswoman grunted with effort as she diverted the strike with the flat of her blade, pushing the tentacle mass to her left and barely missing us.

I leapt into the air, Divine Lightning coursing through my body as I reached out my hand to charge up the air directly above the tentacle monster.

A black portal appeared beside the tentacled thing and fired a pulse of black energy at me, aiming for my head.

Eris changed the white flames on her sword to a golden aira, leaping up to smack the projectile away.

Manami and Kiyomi were quick to leap ahead, the two fox sisters floating shoulder to shoulder while balls of fire and ice revolved around them.

The fox sisters spun towards each other and held hands, pulling each other close in a rather affectionate embrace.

Their fire and ice melded together to form a gigantic pale blue flame above their heads, bathing the land with its blue glow.

Manami whispered something and Kiyomi nodded, thrusting her right hand out that was still clasped around Manami’s left to point at the monster.

The orb above them rippled, as though its surface was some sort of liquid. The ripples converged on a single point before a beam blasted out of it.

The monster turned its eyes towards the beam, the air shifting around it to form some sort of invisible barrier.

Manami and Kiyomi’s combined attack crashed against its barrier, the flames burning and freezing it at the same time.

Unfortunately, even with their best effort, the barrier held strong.

“… Stand in place, all motion shall cease and seek no solace. Dimension Lock!'”

Everything around the tentacled monster froze.

The monster itself was still moving, although much slower than before.

It’s eyes shifted towards Diao Chan, “…elbissopmI ?ereH …hctiW A”

At that moment, my Lightning was fully charged and I punched my fist downwards.

A giant pillar of lightning came down from the sky, its size big enough to engulf the entire monster within its electrifying pillar.

Its barrier shattered within contact of the lightning, bathing the monster with the lightning.

A few of its tentacles were vaporised instantly and the thing let out a low growl of pain, its tentacles shifting to create another barrier around itself to negate my lightning.

As though to laugh at its efforts, Kiyomi and Manami’s beam struck it from the side, piercing through its body to end up on the other side.

It roared and there was the sound of breaking glass in the air as the thing broke Diao Chan’s Spell, reeling in a tentacle to smash into the ground.

The impact threw up a dust cloud that blocked our vision of it, although I still stubbornly maintained the Lightning in hopes of at least hurting it.

Another cracking sound echoed through the air and I was absolutely unprepared for the tentacle that came exploding out of the dust cloud, completely ignoring me and going straight towards Master who was still busy laying the inscriptions.

“Master!” I yelled out in alarm, watching helplessly while the tentacle got closer and closer to our beloved Master.

“I got it!” Brendan growled, moving his hands in a pattern that summoned a wall of water in the tentacle’s path.

Did Brendan really expect a wall of water to stop that thing?! That thing could rip apart–

Brendan tossed another vial on the ground in front of his water wall, the contents spilling and mixing with the other potions that he had been pouring out since the fight began.

There was a small explosion of smoke and his water wall became rigid, not even budging when the tentacle crashed into it with full force.

“Temporary petrification seal, only lasts for a second but whatever is affected in that smoke can’t be moved,” He grinned.

I breathed a sigh of relief, an action I immediately regretted as another tentacle smashed itself against my chest from my blind spot.

I was flung away and my lightning got cut off, freeing the thing from its electrified prison.

I vaguely heard my sisters calling out my name in alarm, as I was flung through the air.

My chest felt like it was on fire and I’m pretty sure a few ribs were broken.

I braced myself for the crash, expecting the pain that came with it.

But before I hit the ground, my body slowed down before stopping in midair, allowing myself to be picked up by Master.

He looked at me with His glowing eyes while cradling me against His chest.

“You’re hurt…” He stated, his hand on my chest to heal it.

I gasped, feeling my bones knitting themselves back together and the flesh reverting back to its original, unharmed state.

“Th… Thank you, Master…” I muttered, a little embarrassed.

Master nodded before placing me gently on the ground, flying up to face the monster.

He snapped his fingers and the ground lit up, the runes he had inscribed glowing an iridescent red.

Light rose up towards the sky to form a dome around us, locking all of us inside and away from the rest of the city.

Master glared at the thing with the intensity of an angry God, His form glowing brighter with each passing second.

“You hurt her…”


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