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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 229: A Compensation Of Blood Bahasa Indonesia

(Diao chan POV)

Manami flung the trash that showed us his memories away, his body smashing into the crates and toppling all the antiques that were stacked on top of them.

These pieces of trash… They wanted to hurt Master right behind our backs? Do they think we will allow this?!


Right now Master could be in trouble! We must go back and save him!

“How… Dare… You…” Lian Li whispered, glaring at Hector.

“First of all, I had nothing to do with this,” Hector argued, raising a finger into the air. “Second of all, do you girls actually think you possess the power and influence to go against the Merchant’s Guild?”

I stepped forward, my hand reaching down to pull out a knife I had strapped to my thigh.

I slashed out my hand in an arc, my knife cutting that little piece of trash’s wrist.

It took him a moment before his tiny brain registered the pain. His head turned towards his wrist while his eyes widened in surprise and the blood flowing down his arm.

I giggled, “Do you think we can’t? We know who you are, but you don’t know who we are~”

The scowl on his face melted into one of terror when he saw me stalk towards him with my knife held at my side.

He dared to look down on us with those disgusting eyes? I will string him up and skin him slowly, making sure I can do at least a thousand cuts on him before he bleeds to death. But first will be his face, yes it must be his face first then I will move to his–

“Diao Chan, we have no time to play with this trash, Master needs us,” Manami reminded me.

Ah… That’s right, I almost lost myself in my hobbies… Master’s safety comes first before anything else.

“Should I kill him then?” I asked, storing my knife back into its sheath.

“Just cripple him, we will come back for him later,” Lian Li decided.

Cai Hong tilted her head at us, “Cai Hong eat?”

“Don’t eat such trash Cai Hong, he’s not worth it,” Kiyomi patted her head.

“Heh heh, that means me,” Eris giggled, drawing her own blade from her waist.

Hector’s eyes widened and the little piece of trash actually turned to run.

Eris had expected it though and a quick slash from her sword had the tendons on his legs cut, sending him sprawling onto the ground.

Eris turned back to face the fox sisters, “Kiyomi? Could this one request for an ice spear to impale him, please?”

Kiyomi clapped her hands together, the temperature around her dropping significantly before a rod of ice formed in front of her.

She gave it a wave and the improvised ice spear pierced through the little trash’s leg, pinning him in place. That should keep him there for a good while.

I wouldn’t have attributed the shrill scream he gave out to the face he had been showing us moments before though. Sounds like a pig squealing at a slaughterhouse if you ask me. Now I really want to keep him and play with him, he’ll definitely make such delicious noises!

We turned back towards the entrance, all of us preparing to rush back to the previous room that we came from to rescue our beloved Master.

Unfortunately, it seems that little worm’s screams have drawn the attention of a few guards who now stand in our way.

“All of you hands in the air! You’re all under arrest!” The lead guard shouted, his spear pointed towards us.

“We can kill these ones right?” I asked hopefully.

Lian Li shook her head, “Master is still here, we should just maim them.”

I made a face, “Oh fine… ‘Once you were dust so be again, by my call and will, you shall contain; dust to dust, ashes to ashes, all that stands will combust. Disintegration’.”

With a snap, all of the guards’ legs were separated from their bodies, causing the top half of their bodies to tumble on to the ground.

The legs then began to flake away into dust before quickly burning up into nothingness.

Some of the guards were now crying out for mercy while the others still have yet to register what has happened to them. Since none of them were our concern, we simply stepped on them to head towards the door.

Just as we were about to reach it however, the guide that had brought us in from the entrance appeared at the doorway, a rather short and fat man following closely behind him.

Both of them seem to have ran here with all their might, since both of them were gasping and panting for breath pathetically.

“Noble ladies! Noble… Huff… Huff… Ladies… Please… Wait…” The guide gasped, raising his hand to stop us.

Manami narrowed her eyes at him, “Ara, ara? Move aside insect, or we will dispose of you.”

“Wait… Huff… We… We didn’t know! We didn’t… Ha… Huff… We didn’t know it was Master Lin!”

All of us visibly tensed, expecting the worst news possible.

Did they do something to Master already? By all that is holy and blessed by Master, did they hurt Him?!

I was going to grab him but Lian Li was a step faster.

She lifted him up by his collar with one hand while charging up her signature golden lightning in her other, “What did you do to Master?!”

“No… Nothing! We didn’t do anything!” He cried, flailing his arms around.

“Lies!” I seethed, no one can hurt Master! Only he is allowed to hurt others! “Master had no intention of revealing his identity! You must have done something to Master!”

“Ladies… Please…” The fat man groaned. “I… Huff… I am the Guild Master… Of the Merchant’s Guild. I… I sincerely apologize on behalf… Huff… On behalf of my incompetent staff. It was I who recognised who Master Lin was and my staff were quite rude to him. Master Lin has already forgiven us for that.”

Kiyomi lowered the icicle she had been pointing at him, though it still remained hovering in the air, “Yes, and you planned for us to become indentured servants by forcing a debt onto us for breaking some of these… Counterfeits.”

“That… I will admit that had been my intention…” The guide croaked, still being held in the air by Lian Li. “But please! I… I did not know who you were! I did not even know that Master Lin had disciples!”

Eris pointed her sword at him, “That is irrelevant. What we want to know is what did you do to Master?!”

He gulped, “No… Nothing, I swear!”

Manami sighed, “Let me, Lian Li.”

Lian Li dropped him on the ground, allowing Manami to use her mind reading Technique again.

And of course, the first thing we saw was the most unacceptable thing of all.


The fat man yelped, “I’ve… I’ve already given Master Lin the appropriate compensation! He is collecting it as we speak!”

“Ye… Yes… The… The compensation is worth a substantial amount of gold…” The trash gasped, pushing himself off the ground.

I stepped closer towards him, “You think… This can be solved with money?”

I unsheathed my knife and stabbed it into his thigh, twisting it viciously.

The little trash screamed his lungs out. Normally I would revel in the screams of my playthings, but now… Now all I can feel is even more rage!

To threaten the one we adore so much… This trash will suffer for as long as he lives.

“Money will not move us, insect,” I growled, twisting the knife the other way.

The supposed Guild Master took a step back, “What… What do you want then?”

“This little waste of space for one,” I said, pointing at the trash that was still screaming out in pain from being stabbed. “In addition to every single guard that had pointed their weapons at Master and every single staff that had disrespected Master in that room. We want them all.”

He gulped, only now realising the state of the guards who had tried to stop us from leaving were in, “What… What do you want to do with them?”

“That is none of your concern if you still want this place to be standing by sunset,” Lian Li growled.

All of them will SUFFER!


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