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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 157: When The Yandere Switch Gets Flipped Bahasa Indonesia

(Lian Li POV)

I narrowed my eyes at one of the stains of my past, “You… How dare you still live?”

He took a step back, obviously stunned by my words.

“So it really is you… You survived huh?” He muttered.

I entertained the idea of just smiting him down where he stood, but the thought of this daylight killing complicating Master stopped me from doing so.

“Yes I did. No thanks to you. Could you do me a favour and go back to being dead?”

The scum chuckled, “Hehehe! Still as cold as ever, Lian Li.”

“Don’t you dare speak my name so flippantly like that, you are not worthy.”

“Oh? But you belong to me right? Ever since before you were born, you were already my property, isn’t that right? So I can say your name however I want, Lian Li.”

I reached up to slap him, but his reactions were surprisingly fast.

He grabbed my hand by my wrist, stopping my slap a few inches away from reaching him.

“Oh? Gotten all feisty now haven’t we? I like that. Remember when I tied you up in that forest those years ago? I regret not taking it all the way back then. Heaven must be favouring me to bring you back to me again.”

I sneered, “No, heaven is doing me a favour by bringing you to me so I can do this.”

My knee went straight for his unprotected crotch, the strike consisting of all the strength I could put in.

The loud crack that came with the impact was satisfying beyond measure, watching him collapse and curl up into a ball on the ground was even more so.

“You… You damn… Ugh…Bitch…” He groaned while clutching the area between his legs.

I took a moment to consider what I should do with him.

Since he was my personal problem, I don’t think I should involve Master in it. No, it would not do for Master to know about this scum’s existence.

Maybe I could make use of Delta’s playroom? I’m sure she wouldn’t mind letting me use it for a few days or so if I asked nicely.

Problem is getting him there without arousing suspicion from anyone around.

I noticed a flash of light in between his legs before he slowly got up, grinning at me as though nothing had happened.

“Surprised?” He asked cheekily. “Didn’t think I was a Practitioner did you?”

He’s a Practitioner? So what? What’s so special about that?

Does he not know that I’m… Oh.

He doesn’t know that I’m one too. This actually gives me an idea.

I trembled slightly, but continued to put on a defiant face, “You… What, what do you want to do to me? There’s people around here… You can’t… You can’t touch me.”

“Heh heh heh, how about we finish what we started in that forest and I might just let you go?”

I suppressed the urge to gag at his words, “You… No! I… I will never!”

“Oh? Hehehe, what about now?”

He snapped his fingers.

I felt strength escape from my hands as they dropped loosely at my sides.

My entire body went rigid and I couldn’t move any part of my body that I wanted to.

“Heh heh heh, can’t move yourself right? Really useful Technique I learnt early on to stop my targets from struggling. I’ll slowly warp your mind today and I assure you, by the end of it, you will be the one spreading your legs for me.”

Ignoring his monologue, I analysed the Technique used to bind me, expecting it to be something extremely secure and complicated by his tone of voice.

But, to my surprise, it was just a simple Astral Technique that locks my body’s senses from receiving commands from me while opening up a doorway for a third party to control them.

An extremely simple Technique that even I could cast.

Naturally, it wouldn’t take much for me to break out of it. But knowing how he is, he’ll probably lead me to some secluded area before trying to do something which suits my plan just fine.

As predicted, he turned to lead me away from the main streets and my body followed after him without any prompting.

Perhaps other female Practitioners might become arrogant at this point and think that it is enough know that this binding Technique could be broken out of at any time.

But I am not like other female Practitioners.

Master has constantly taught us to be as meticulous and thorough as possible, something that he has never failed to keep reminding us during our training sessions.

He has told us repeatedly how a single mistake could cause everything that someone has worked his entire life for crumble into pieces.

We originally had thought that Master was referring to Manami, but the far off look in his eyes suggested otherwise.

We made sure to thoroughly comfort Master that night.

With Master’s teachings in mind, I had already contacted my other sisters about my current predicament and let them locate me using a tracking Technique that was inscribed on myself.

Furthermore, I have also mobilised Gamma’s security team as a precaution in the event that he has brought any friends.

Just in case, I also made sure to have Master on speed dial on my telepathy Technique on the off chance I start feeling weird in any way.

Excessive? I don’t think so.

I already go to much greater lengths to make sure Master doesn’t find out about our secret stash of his clothes after all.

And there’s just a certain thrill to peeking on Master when he doesn’t know we’re there, especially during bath times. Mmmm~ Just thinking about it sends shivers down my spine~

Turning into a dark alley, we stopped behind several wooden crates.

The scum turned to me with a disgusting grin plastered on his face, “Heh heh heh, no one will bother us here now. Strip for me.”

As expected of scum like him, no wonder he has to resort to these little mind tricks to get laid.

“No,” I said simply.

He frowned at my defiance, snapping his fingers again, “I said strip!”

Since I’ve already torn his mind control Technique from the inside, his order does not have any effect on me.


“Damn stubborn little… Strip!”

My body spasmed a little before my hand reached upwards slowly to the top of my shirt.

His smile stretched wider and wider the closer my hand got.

Just as my hand reached the first button on my shirt, it curled into a fist and struck straight towards the scum’s face.

He screeched in pain as he tumbled backwards on to the dirty alley floor.

He looked up to see me cracking my knuckles, slowly advancing towards him.

“How?! You should still be under my control!” He screeched.

“Maybe you just suck as a Practitioner, you never were good at anything when we were young after all.”

He stood up and gritted his teeth, “Not good?! I’ll show you something good you damn bitch! Let’s see how cocky can you get when half your face is burnt off!”

He raised his hand and a ball of black coloured flames gathered above his palm.

“Hell Fire!”

Oh, it’s an Intermediate tier Darkness Technique. To think he has that level of mastery in the time we were separated, I suppose he has some skill at least.

Not that it will save him.

The ball of flames flew towards me slowly.

So slowly in fact, that I had enough time to think about if I wanted to rip his toenails off first or his fingernails before deflecting the ball back to him with the back of my lightning-clad fist.

The ball accelerated back to him and he barely had enough time to hit the dirt before it sailed over his head to explode against the wall behind him.

Now his face was full of fear when he looked at me, “You… You’re a Practitioner too?”

I let sparks of Divine Lightning appear around my hands, “All due to my most benevolent Master’s guidance, I am no longer the naive village girl bound by circumstance. You are but a mere insect to me now.”

“Di… Divine Lightning?! You… Wait… Can we… Can we talk about this? I… I’m sorry for what I did, I… Er… It was just a prank!”

I sniffed at him, “Tell that to someone who cares, scum.”

“Wait! You’re a kind person right?! I’ll go! I’ll go and you’ll never see me again! Don’t let my death stain your conscience! You’ll regret it!”

“HAHAHAHA! You?! Your death will stain my conscience?!” I laughed at his face.

I lunged towards him to grab him by the neck, lifting him above the ground and giving him the full brunt of my electrocution.

“Listen here you piece of shit, you are as insignificant as the dirt that I tread on. But you remain as a stain on my life, for because of you, I could not wholeheartedly serve my Master on my first night with him!”

I slammed him into the wall, hearing the satisfying sounds of his bones cracking.

He groaned out in pain as I shook him, “I will not kill you. I will put you through all the pain you’ve caused me until you beg for the sweet release of death and even then, death will scorn you like every other girl you’ve tried to court with your damn face.”

“Please… You’re… You’re not like this… Spare me…”

HAHAHAHA! Look at this scum! Begging for his life so pathetically!

“Spare you? That’s a nice idea. Did you spare any girls who said that to you?”

He gritted his teeth before spitting at me, “You bitch! I’ll kill you! I bet that Master of yours is just some useless piece of garbage too! You’re all trash!”


Did he just…

But why?

Why would he even think about defaming Master? He hasn’t even met him much less seen his glorious visage.

Why? Why? Why? Why? WHY? WHY? WHY?!!


He must have lost his senses!

In that case… Here! Let me punch some sense into you!

There! There! And there! Oh, some of your teeth fell out but I think it’s fine right? Have you come back to your senses yet?

Hmm… His screams are starting to get on my nerves.

I’ll just take out one of my little knives I have and just… There.

No more tongue for you~ Hehehehe~

Ah, why are you still blubbering like some drowning fish? Do you want it back?

Alright then, here, eat it!

Don’t say that I’m unkind now!

Aaah? Why did you spit it out?













Ah, I think I broke something.

Hehehe… Oops. Luckily I know how to heal you!

There you go, good as new~

Now where was I?

Ah, could you hold my knife for me, please? Here, I’ll just stab this in your eye, thanks~

Oh, how about we play a little game?

I’m sure you’ll love it!

I remember playing this little game with all those different shit stains oh so long ago and they all loved it! Scum like you should be no exception!

Your right little finger first? Or your left little finger?

Hehehe~ After this, I’ll even bring you to somewhere nice. You’ll like that won’t you?

I have the whole week to do this!


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