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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 158: The Legendary Immortal Bahasa Indonesia


Elder Gong decided to suspend lessons for us today, opting to let us explore the Sect by ourselves instead.

He claimed that “To have an adventurous and inquisitive mind is the first step to cultivating” before promptly leaving.

I’m not sure if he actually meant what he said or he’s just saying that to escape the responsibility of taking care of this little conflict here.

Since I’ve never been in this situation as a student, I don’t actually know how the ‘talent class’ is inducted into the Sect normally.

And since I was supposed to be new here, I had to pretend to be as clueless about the place as they were, marvelling at every single thing we saw.

Not really difficult since they were too distracted by everything else around them anyway.

Except for that Tekiteh guy limping slowly behind us while clutching his stomach, I guess Brendan hit him harder than I thought.

Both of them seemed to have come to a ceasefire at least, so they’re just keeping away from each other right now.

“This place is amazing…” The only girl in our group gasped, looking up at the mountains that our Sect was built into.

“Hey where do you reckon we’ll be staying?” Chris asked.

“I don’t know, but I sure hope it’s some place with some great air!”‘Chris with a K’ replied with a wide grin.

We were now in the gardens where the giant peach tree was, all of us taking a break from our ‘exploration’ beside a small pond.

Due to a force of habit, I went ahead to pluck a peach from one of the low hanging branches and began munching on it.

Brendan frowned at me, “Are you sure that’s allowed?”

I looked down at the peach, realising my mistake.

“Err… I think if we weren’t meant to pluck any it would be cordoned off? It’s just a peach.”

Brendan shook his head, “I understand that the reality has yet to dawn on you, but we are standing in Heaven Sect, where the Legendary Immortal Master Lin himself is staying at. I think it would be a good idea to be a bit more prudent in your actions instead of being like our fellow Tekiteh there.”

I almost choked on my peach.

This is the first time I heard of ”Legendary Immortal Master Lin” before. I remember that back in my past life, all I ever got known for was being a genius but at the same time, extremely studious and reclusive.

Well, I guess it could be attributed to the fact that I don’t really go out much back then.

“Why… Er… Why is he ‘Legendary’ and ‘Immortal’?” I chanced asking.

Almost immediately, all of them minus Tekiteh turned to me like they just saw me for the first time.

“You… You don’t know? Do you not know who Master Lin is?” Brendan gasped aloud.

“You haven’t been living under a rock, have you?” Sylphy accused.

Ok, no need to go that far and make myself unnecessarily stupid.

“No, I know who Master Lin is.” I explained. “But it’s the first time I heard of the words ‘Legendary Immortal’ being attached to his name.”

A sudden look of understanding crossed their faces.

“Mmhmm, that makes more sense, right Kris?” Chris nudged his brother.

“Indeed, Chris, it would be such a heresy for a Practitioner to not even know who the great Master Lin is!”‘Chris with a K’ laughed.

Brendan nodded to me, “I suppose you don’t follow current affairs much. It was during the Heaven Sect’s New Year celebrations. Some Dark Sect troublemakers wanted to kill everyone there and Master Lin sacrificed himself to stop them.”

Oh… It’s because of that event? But I basically just ‘died’ there didn’t I? What’s so immortal and legendary about it?

‘Chris with a K’ continued, “Yeah! Just before he disappeared, he summoned a huge dragon to fight off the demon! It was totally supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!”

His brother nodded in agreement, “Ain’t no way anyone could top something like that! He came back from the dead right after that too! What else other than immortal and legendary could be used to describe him?!”

Summoned a dragon? What? Hold on a moment, where the hell did a dragon come from?

They can’t be talking about Cai hong right? She’s so smol and cute!

Did I mention precious? Because she’s absolutely precious.

Nah, definitely can’t be her.

I guess one of my disciples must have used a Technique that looked like a dragon and the rumour mill got out of hand with that info.

But still… Who the hell gave that name to me? It’s so embarrassing!

“Huh… He just sounds like an arrogant stuck-up to me,” Tekiteh sneered.

The four of them swivelled their heads to him in shock.

“You did not just say that!” Brendan gasped. “Do you know how much he has changed and revolutionised the Practitioner world?!”

Tekiteh shrugged, “I don’t know, neither do I care. He’s probably a decrepit old man, isn’t he?”


Well… To be fair, I’m actually older than what everyone else thinks me to be, so there’s that.

But come on, I’m still young at heart ok? And I still have a long road ahead of me!

“You are just a sad, ignorant, little boy,” Brendan sighed.

Tekiteh growled at him, “You think you’re some big shot huh?!”

Brendan shook his head slowly, “You’re like a puppy barking. But at least a puppy would be much more of a threat than you will be.”

Oh, this Brendan guy has no chill.

Tekiteh stepped forward, swinging his fist towards the well-dressed kid’s face.

The swing passed harmlessly through the air when Brendan took a step back to avoid it.

Unfortunately, that movement caused Tekiteh to lose his balance and trip on Brendan’s outstretched foot, sending him sprawling forward to crash into Sylphy.

The poor girl was sent splashing into the pond behind her before I could catch her, soaking her from head to toe.

All the males just stared at her as her clothes became more and more transparent from the water.

She stood up, clear indignation plastered on her face, “How dare you?! You commoner trash!”


Please keep me out of this, thanks.


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