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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 136: Breathing Is Important For Swordsmen Bahasa Indonesia

(Eris POV)

A stab, parry and an overhead slash enhanced with Fire straight into a backhand slash. [Eris]

Then a pommel smash to the face! Elbow strike and then Imma be sending a knee to the groin! When the person is bent over like a wuss, punch him in the damned face with a Fire clad fist! [Bait]

Switch the grip on the sword to a reverse grip, a swift cut at the neck before stabbing through the chest. [Denna]

Switch grip… Pull out… Behead… [Laverna]

Flick and resheathe. Hmm… I think that was rather ok? [Eris]

This one thinks the grip switching could be a little faster. [Denna]

Eh… I think I need ta’ use some more force on that groin kick of mine. Didn’t feel like it could break the thing from that. I wonder how Cai Hong does it? [Bait]

I let out the breath that I had been holding, wiping off the bead of sweat that had trickled past my forehead.

This method of fighting was taught to me by Master himself.

Master had taught me very early on that one who has truly grasped the way of the sword shall not lose even a single fight.

When I had pointed out the clear disadvantage a non-Practitioner swordsman would face against a Practitioner, Master was quick to chastise me that I had not yet seen the tip of the iceberg.

He told me that non-Practitioners are capable of using something called Full Focus, allowing them to utilise Elemental Quarks to a certain degree during that state.

Unlike Practitioners who are able to circulate Elemental Quarks within their Cultivation Point to form different types of elements easily, non-Practitioners like myself use our entire body as a medium for natural Elemental Quarks to flow through to use them.

It is much more inefficient than how a Practitioner would manipulate Elemental Quarks, seeing how they could just make use of the abundant Pure Elemental Quarks in the air to convert into any other element. Non-Practitioners like myself would have to absorb the minute amounts of the Elemental Quark in the air that I require to convert them into a viable attack.

Even the most proficient non-Practitioner can’t cast something as big as a normal Practitioner can though, but that’s where our other skills make up for it.

In Full Focus mode, my senses are incredibly tuned and sensitive to the point that I could see the flow of Elemental Quarks in the air.

Master had clearly explained to me how such a skill was actually putting any Practitioners I faced at a disadvantage instead.

He first used a Technique on me that mimics the state of Full Focus before throwing a rather simple Energy ball at me. I was amazed by what my eyes could see in that state.

Master’s aura changed colours when he circulated the Pure Elemental Quarks within him to Energy Quarks, and a clear white trail was created that originated from him to me a few moments before the ball flew out, traversing along that trail that I saw.

It was a simple thing for me to sidestep it long before the ball even made half the distance between Master and I.

Master had also told me that Practitioners are not able to access this Full Focus state because of the Elemental Quarks already present within their bodies. It seems that having a Cultivation Point overpowers the rest of their senses such that they are not able to focus properly to enter the Full Focus state of mind.

It was still rather shameful for me to admit that it took me a significant amount of time before I could even maintain this Full Focus state for more than a few seconds even with Master’s patient guidance.

But I recently had a breakthrough by learning to use all of me to slip into the state easier.

I still need to work on entering that Focus state faster. [Eris]

Likewise… [Laverna]

Ugh… If only Master could do it too! I didna’ think there wudda be sumthin’ he couldn’t do… [Bait]

It is only this one’s humble opinion but… Could Master perhaps wish of us to deal with this ourselves? [Denna]

That… Might actually be possible. [Eris]

Independence… Self-improvement… [Laverna]

Dat’s right! We can’t always be troublin’ Master all the time! Gotta make our own moves too! [Bait]

Alright, let’s start from the top again then. I’ll gather– [Denna]

“Is everything alright Eris? You’ve been standing still for a while now,” The unmistakable tone of Master’s voice carried itself into my ears.

I yelped in surprise before looking down towards my left where the small form of my Master stood, staring up at me in concern.

I got lost in his mesmerizing gaze for a moment.

Ummm… Master asked a question. [Denna]

“Ah! I’m fine, Master!” I managed to squeak out. “Ju… Just having a bit of trouble wi… With my Full Focus. It takes too long for me to get into that state…”

Master paused for a moment before scratching his chin, “And how long does it take you to go into your Full Focus state now?”

What should we tell him? [Eris]

Average…? [Laverna]

Eh, we’re always constantly switching wit’ one ‘nother to get that thingy going… I take ’bout ten seconds to git into it. [Bait]

I take about eight. [Eris]

This one is ashamed to admit that twelve seconds is required. [Denna]

Six… [Laverna]

So that brings our average to about… Nine seconds? [Eris]

Correct… [Laverna]

I bowed to Master, “This one reports that nine seconds is required, Master.”

“Nine seconds?” I heard the tone of slight disbelief in his voice.

It seems it was not up to Master’s expectations. [Eris]

Ugh… Now I feel bad for slacking off that day… [Bait]

This one has been negligent. [Denna]

Master looked at us for a moment, “Alright then, what are you dissatisfied with now?”

“If it’s not too much to ask… Could Master help us in shortening the time? We still find it impractical to switch elements mid battle…”

Master raised an eyebrow, “Switching elements?”

I nodded, “Master is capable of multi-casting and my other sisters are beginning to have a grasp on it as well. Yet here I am still stuck with one element everytime I use my Full Focus. Even though theoretically by splitting my concentration, I should be able to draw different elements together at the same time…”

Master muttered something under his breath, though I only managed to catch him saying “interesting…”, “unheard of…” and “testing…”

Master straightened himself and looked at me with serious eyes, “In that case, let’s have a spar. I’ll get a clearer grasp on your current capabilities through live combat. I want you to hold nothing back.”

I panicked, “To… To… To point my sword at Master?! This one does not dare! And… To raise my hand against a child is… A little…”

Master raised his eyebrow, “And you will look down on me that much to refuse even a spar?”

My body froze from his words.

What… What do we do?! [Eris]

C-c-c-calm down… It’s n-n-n-ot like we haven’t sparred against Master before innit? [Bait]

This one… This one does not know what to do! [Denna]

Conflicted… [Laverna]

Master tilted his head at me, “If you can land a hit on me, I will leave tonight’s bed-warming duties to you.”

I saluted Master immediately, “Apologies… I will do my best, Master! Please forgive this one’s insolence! Now Imma be going all out!”

Master took a few steps away from me, his hands behind his back, “Begin when ready.”


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