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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 135: There Is No Such Thing As Too Much Mofu Mofu Bahasa Indonesia

(Kiyomi POV)

I felt the warmth leave my belly as Master withdrew his hands.

Somehow, I managed to restrain the mewl of disappointment from spilling past my lips.

“Interesting…” Master muttered, tapping his chin with a finger. “What can I do with you…”

There was the slight feeling of fear that Master might feel I was unworthy to teach at this point. After knowing about Master’s exploits from elder sister Manami and Lian Li, I came to realise how much I had underestimated Master.

Even factoring in the fact that he had single handedly beaten back a monster that shouldn’t even exist in nightmares, he was also a treasure trove of knowledge and techniques. Both of them had told me how he was the main reason for the town’s development and how he had helped his disciples advance far beyond their expected capabilities.

I have come to regret knowing so little about the Practitioner world, if only I had been a little more diligent I could have avoided making such a fool of myself back then.

I watched with bated breath as Master took a moment to consider something before reaching out for my hand again.

“I will send a trickle of energy through your Quark Veins. Remember the route it takes as it will be the best path for you to gather your Elemental Quarks to materialise your Techniques.”

I nodded to show I understood, tuning my senses to track the energy Master had mentioned.

The warmth travelled up my arm and into my chest before following a winding path down towards the bottom of my spine.

The heat gathered at the base of my spine, sending a tingle of pleasure throughout my entire body. My toes curled and my tails froze in the air, my entire mind focused on the pleasing warmth that had spread throughout my body.

It remained there for a few moments before travelling up my other arm to disperse out into the air.

“Remember that feeling, now you have to make sure that this is your most natural way of gathering and circulating Elemental Quarks to feed the fo… I mean… Cast your Techniques,” Master instructed.

My sight was fixated on his lips. They were slightly wet with moisture and looked entirely kissable from where I sat.

“Yes, Master.”

“Good, call me once you get a hang of i–“

I threw caution to the wind as I pulled Master’s small form in for a kiss, my entire body shivering in the pleasure that this action alone gave me.

Master was surprised by my action at first but slowly leaned into the kiss, his hand patting my head softly.

I broke the kiss after a while, licking my lips to enjoy the taste.

“Thank you for the meal,” I whispered sultrily.

Master just smiled and scratched me behind the ears, “If you need help, don’t hesitate to call me.”

He gave me one last pat on the head before making his way towards Manami.

I ran a finger across my lips, the taste of strawberries still at the tip of my tongue.

Kukuku~ I could get used to this~


I gently tapped Manami on her shoulder, bringing her out of her meditative state.

She looked at me with a puzzled expression, “Is something wrong, Master?”

“No, I just need to check something, let me hold your hands.”

Manami licked her lips, “Ara, ara? If Master wants, we can do it right now. The other girls have seen everything already anyway~”

I flicked her on the forehead, “Stop talking nonsense, put your hands on top of mine.”

She pouted at me but complied without hesitation.

I repeated what I did with Kiyomi in searching for her Cultivation Point, a little surprised that it was located at the same place as well. Even if they were twins, the similarity is quite uncanny.

Once more, I let my consciousness be dragged into her Cultivation Point, already expecting a similar scene as Kiyomi.

But what I least expected was to be dumped on to something soft and squishy.

“Hmmm? Is that you, Master? Eh? How did you get here?” The mass of fluff spoke.

I turned my head towards the source of the voice to see a red fox’s head staring back at me.

Wait… Isn’t she supposed to be sealed? Or did I get pulled inside the seal with her?

I glanced around the place, finding the torii gate I was looking for a short distance away. The only difference was that this one was destroyed completely, only a small section of the pillars were left standing..

I turned back to her, “What happened here?”

“Ah! You must be confused why I’m here right, Master? Erm… I’m actually a being from another Plane that was sent here by–“

“I already know,” I interrupted her. “I met the Immortal White Fox just a while ago.”

“Ehhhh?! You talked to my sister before me?!” She screamed in disbelief. “That’s so unfair! Even though I met you first! Please tell me you have yet to stroke her tails!”

“Well… She’s trapped behind some sort of seal that looks like the broken torii gate over there, so I can’t get to her.”

“Hmm? She hasn’t broken through the barrier yet?” She gasped. “I’d thought from how her host is acting, the two of you might have done it already!”

“I’m more surprised that you chose to remain in here after breaking out of the seal though. Couldn’t you have just left Manami’s body any time you want?”

“And risk bringing trouble for Master when everyone in this Plane knows of my existence? I would never dare!”

“Ok, putting that aside for now, why are you even calling me ‘Master’? I don’t remember accepting you as a student.”

“Oh no no no!” She denied quickly, her head lowering to the ground. “I wouldn’t dare presume myself to be one! This one is just a pet! I wish for nothing but the night sessions to continue!”

It took me a while to understand what she was referring to, “Why?”

The fox broke eye contact, “Ummm… I feel everything that my host does and… I… Really like the night sessions… Ehehehe~”

Right… So she’s a perverted fox. Who would have guessed? I had even been betting on her being a tsundere.

“And you broke out of the seal by yourself?”

She shook her head, “It was during your first night with Manami! The energy that you filled her with overloaded the seal and it broke apart just like that! It was the best night of my life!”

I chose to ignore her comment on that, “So you’re just fine with staying here?”

“If… If Master doesn’t mind coming in to give me a head pat or two once in a while… If it’s not too much to ask? I won’t cause any inconvenience to Manami!”

That reminds me…

“Since your seal is broken… That means you can talk to Manami right? Does she know of your existence?”

“Er… Not exactly… I might have spoken once or twice when she was troubled by some things but I made her think it was just some stray thoughts or her conscience talking to her. I figured it might be a good idea to just lay low in case she rejects my presence…”

“Then were you the reason she had her accident that crippled her Quark Veins?”

Her ears drooped, “No… If my host dies while I was sealed, I would have just been ejected out of her body and back into that prison ball. I had to bypass the seal as much as I could with my power to preserve her life, or else Manami would’ve ended up worse than just crippling her Quark Veins… But because she was crippled, I was starved for those years as well.”

I see. She actually helped Manami during that accident.

I reached out to pat her snout, “Even though you might have done it for self-preservation… Thank you for protecting Manami.”

“Fuwaaah~~ I… Master… Is petting me~”

Her tails waved around, some of them curling around me softly and embracing me with their softness.

Well, I guess I can indulge in these foxes once in a while.


I just realised… If I can get both of them out of my disciples while shrinking them into smaller sized foxes… I’ll have more than a hundred fox tails to mofu mofu with!

I don’t want them to regress back in age since that would regress their number of tails too… I’ll have to figure some other way to do it. Creating a new kind of Technique perhaps?

Guess I’m still going to be busy when I return to the Sect…

Oh well, problems for another day, I’ll just live in the present for now.


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