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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 13: Auction Bahasa Indonesia


What a good haul today.

Even though the Dark Sect was filled with small fries, the things they had stored in their vault were quite impressive.

My storage ring was filled to the brim with all the gold, cursed weapons, cultivation techniques and manuscripts they had. I could probably sell most of these in Jin city for a good price while keeping the ones useful to us.

I’ll read through the Cultivation Techniques later, there’s definitely something good among them that I can make use of.

After disintegrating the corpses by burning them, I returned to the camp to realise it was already early in the morning. I must’ve spent too much time collecting all the loot.

Manami and Lian Li were already up and preparing breakfast.

Oh well, I guess I can say I was out taking a dump if they asked.

Contrary to what I thought, my cute disciples didn’t even ask where I was at night, welcoming me back with bright smiles and a bowl of hot stew.

Ahh~ Having such cute disciples is really the best.

I need to spoil them properly later.

It was midday when we reached Jin city, the city guards welcoming us the moment they saw my Heaven Sect Master’s seal.

While I was wearing my normal Heaven Sect robes, I had given Manami and Lian Li Outer Core Practitioner robes to wear.

As a Master, I can immediately promote Student Practitioners to Outer Core Practitioner at my own discretion once they fulfil the requirements.

To advance to Inner Core Practitioner, they would need to pass a test within the sect but none of us were in a rush to do so anyway.

The Sect robes were convenient since it has a hood to cover the face, hiding their world shaking beauty from view to avoid unwanted attention.

It’s been a long while since I’ve been in this city and I believe Manami has never been here before. Lian Li on the other hand seems rather familiar with the city with how unimpressed she was.

“Lian Li, you have been here before?” I asked.

Lian Li seemed surprised by my question as it took her awhile to react, “Umm.. Ye… Yes, Master. I lived here for some time.”

“That’s great, you can guide us around then,” I laughed, patting her head.

Lian Li nodded enthusiastically, quickly guiding us around the city.


(Lian Li POV)

Uwah~ Master is depending on me!

The four years that I’ve spent here were actually able to be put to use!

Don’t look down on slum squatters! We need to know where everything is to navigate the city safely after all! Ah, but I’m not familiar with the higher class areas though, I should visit a few ‘acquaintances’ later to get information for Master.

In the meantime, Master told me his interest in visiting the auction house which I was extremely fortunate to know the location of.

With Master’s status, we were guided to the VIP area where we were given a room of our own.

Giving an excuse of visiting the washroom, I slipped out of the auction house to find my ‘acquaintances’.

Moving through the alleyways that I was most familiar with, I went directly to the main hideout for the city’s syndicate.

Just because they have a few rather skilled Mercenary Practitioners, they could suppress the powerless masses of the slums all this time. Unfortunately for them, I’m powerless no more thanks to my most benevolent Master.

Cracking my knuckles, I proceeded with my information gathering and conversion.

This is not revenge, this is the beginning of our crusade.



Seated within the VIP area of the auction house, I completed the listing of all the items I wanted to be sold with the extremely helpful receptionist.

Most of the items I sold are useless to my disciples and I, like cursed swords and impractical Cultivation Techniques. Best for me to use them to scam… I mean, sell them to others who can probably make better use of them.

I recommended her to take note of her posture since she seemed to be constantly thrusting her chest out which should be bad for her back.

She left with a smile after that.

Taking a seat within the room, I looked out of the window to see the auction hall currently filling up with guests, the auction should start in another half an hour.

I see Manami brushing her tails with a hair brush in the corner of the room, it must be hard to maintain those number of tails. The fur on her tails always seem pristine and soft after all.

Noticing my gaze, she coyly asks if I could assist her in brushing her tails.

Seeing no reason not to, I told her to sit in front of me so that I could help her with it.


Her tails are so fluffy!

Ahh~~ I want to just sink my face into these mounds of fluff!

No, no, control myself. My image of their Master is at stake here.

But I can’t believe how much I’ve been missing out on this fluffiness! Just stroking it with my hand is already so comfortable.

Ahhh~ Look at how her tail is curling around my hand! So fluffy~~

Mmm… While I’m at it, I brushed Manami’s hair as well.

Her twitching ears are cute too. I had to hold myself back from touching them.

Yep, this is the easy life that I sought for!

Oh, the auction is starting already, regrettably, I asked the fluff… I mean Manami to take a seat behind me.

Oh, Lian Li has returned too, I didn’t even notice she was already sitting behind me as well. Either I was too distracted by Manami’s fluffiness or she has the skills of an assassin. I’d like to think it’s the former.

“Welcome to the Golden Auction House! We have a huge selection of items for auction today! I hope all of you have come prepared as some of these are only seen once in a lifetime!”

Oh, the announcer is a two-tailed fox youkai, what a coincidence.

“The first item of the day! This fire element sword crafted by the renowned craftsman in…”

I yawned, I wasn’t interested in these low class items that I could probably forge myself. If I don’t see any good treasures to buy for my cute disciples here, I’ll just buy some materials to forge my own.

The items I listed were sold at good prices as well, earning me a hefty profit from my looti… I mean items I liberated from the evil clutches of the Dark Sect.

After a few more necklaces, talismans and random scrolls, one of the objects caught my eye.

“Excavated from the ruins of Mount Yin itself! This beautiful opal stone was painstakingly transported all the way here! Our city’s jewellery experts have said it’s a new kind of gemstone that is unbreakable! The colours on the stone also shift from time to time! It is perfect as a decoration in your home! The starting bid shall be fifty gold!”

I almost lost my cool there.

That stone that reached around half a human’s height is not an opal stone.

That’s a damn Dragon egg! Specifically a Myriad Colours Dragon!

I’ve only heard of them being spoken about in the Cloud Plane! How the hell did one of their eggs end up here?! It’s the first time I’ve seen one but there’s no doubt about it, the shifting colours is their most defining features after all.

These people have no idea what they’re bidding for!

I raised my hand immediately, “Five hundred gold.”

The whole auction house became silent.


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