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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 12: Unum Caput Abscisum Restituitur Bis Bahasa Indonesia


It didn’t take long to find the Dark Sect in the area.

They’re always underground after all, so predictable. All I had to do was to look for some sort of pathway leading downwards hidden behind some bushes and viola, entrance to Dark Sect get.

I descended the stairs cautiously, even if I may be a powerhouse within the Earthen Plane, it never hurts to be more on guard against anything unknown. Or maybe it’s just a habit I retained after being the weakest within the higher two Planes showing itself.

Still, doesn’t hurt to be careful in places like this.

Two guards stood in front of a stone door with various insidious carvings on it. Before they could even raise their voice, their bodies combusted immediately. My Fire quarks burning them from inside out within a blink of an eye, not even leaving ashes behind.

I tried the door and was rather surprised that they hadn’t bother locking it. Oh well, saves me the trouble of kicking it down.

The door opens up to the second level of a hall, it seems to overlook a gathering area of some sort.

At that moment, it was packed full of Dark Sect members listening to who I can only assume to be their Sect Leader. How convenient, I don’t need to go around the place searching for them since they’re all here.

Using a technique I learnt recently, I sent out a small pulse of Pure Elemental Quarks without my killing intent. The Dark Sect members’ Cultivation Point flared, letting me sense their proficiency secretly.

This should feel like a small breeze to them.

Yeah, it’s similar to what I did during the entrance test. I had been too focused on limiting my killing intent to see the secondary effects of the skill, no wonder those geezers were so excited back then.

Still, I doubt they could discern as much information as I can with this pulse.

Oh what’s this? Their strongest is only capable of utilising elements at Journeyman tier? Even Lian Li wouldn’t have a problem here. Easy pickings then, very nice.

Guess it’s a good opportunity to polish my sword skills, never know when you might need them.

I had to depend on only my sword skills after I got crippled after all, not that it was any good against the things in those two Planes though…

Try using your sword against a horde of monsters that have extremely tough mesoskeletons, highly acidic blood and a blade tail that can pierce through seemingly anything.

I’m incredibly lucky I wasn’t in their sights at that time.

Oh well, at least swords will definitely be more than adequate enough to deal with anything on the Earthen Plane.

After taking care of this Dark Sect I could probably loot this place as much as I pleased, there’ll definitely be tons of treasures from all their looting, hehehe.

After all, their proficiency in Elemental Quarks is so low that I’m surprised they managed to form a Dark Sect. That points to them possessing a Cultivation Technique that could gather a huge concentration of Pure quarks around that allowed the Phoenix Ember to grow outside.

It’s showtime.

I dropped down from the alcove to the hall with my sword unsheathed behind them, blocking the door that leads out of the hall.

“Hello there.”


(Manami POV)

I sniffed the air.

The scent of cinnamon and lavender seemed to be drifting further and further away.

I nudged Lian Li who was sleeping beside me, still sniffing her hands that she used to massage our Master.

She shot me an annoyed look, still holding her hands to her face.

“Master is leaving camp.”

That made her shoot out of the tent, frantically looking around the place.

I followed out after her, my nose catching his scent a few meters away.

“Quietly,” I hissed as I motioned her to follow me.

We snuck out of the camp, following Master’s scent that I tracked through the woods.

We finally spotted him kicking around a bush, both of us immediately hiding ourselves from view.

“Hmmm? Perhaps Master is taking a dump?” I suggested.

Lian Li pinched my arm, seemingly offended that I could suggest that such a divine being like Master even needs to take a dump.

Ara? Thinking about it, I don’t think we’ve ever seen Master relieve himself, so that might be true.

We watched on as Master swept the bush aside, revealing a trapdoor that he opened up before descending into its depths slowly.

Lian Li and I waited a minute before doing the same, just in time to see him jump off an alcove ahead.

Worried, both of us sprinted forward to see our beloved Master cutting off the heads of several Practitioners with ease.

“Dark Sect,” I muttered.

Lian Li nodded beside me.

Oh, Master must have realised the Phoenix Ember’s growth was suspicious, signifying the presence of a Dark Sect nearby.

No one likes Dark Sects and it seems Master is no exception. I guess that’s where Master draws the line for his compassion, which is still really high up considering he spared those low life scumbags who robbed him.

Ara? Master looks very displeased.

It seems even the act of killing all these lower lifeforms pains him.

Look at how his face scrunches up whenever he cuts down one of them. The way his eyes narrows and lips curl downwards as he dances through these good for nothings in his deadly blade dance.

How vexing.

It makes me want to hug him and tell him everything is alright.

Lian Li is right, we must protect Master from the impurities of this world. We shall be his sword and shield and Master shall never have to worry about the darkness of this world with us on his side.

Master should remain in the light where he glows the most brightly after all.


(Lian Li POV)

These insects.

These worthless pieces of trash.


His pained expressions… His hurtful visage… Why does Master feel for these scum unworthy of life?

How dare they?


Master only wants the best for this world, why does this world continuously hurt him so?

I see now.

This world does not deserve Master.

Master is too good for this world.


I know my purpose in life now, why I was granted this Divine Lightning.


I am Master’s first apostle, I will spread his Word to the misguided.


I shall create a paradise for my beloved Master.


All the impure shall burn.


All the non believers will be cleansed in death!


The whole world shall be bapt—

A sharp pain woke me from my daydreams, making me turn towards Manami who had retracted her finger from flicking my forehead.

Oh, I almost got carried away and forgot the important things.

It is thanks to Manami that I did not forget that. What a good sister she is.


(Manami and Lian Li POV)

We, as Master’s disciples shall cleanse this world and forge it anew, all for our Master.

Spreading his holy word and burning the heretics.

Only those who believe shall be saved.



Urgh, I need to avoid getting all this blood on me, it’ll be hard to clean off later.

Hmm, this form is not right, I think I should twist my elbow this way? No, that’s not it, damn my sword skills are getting rusty.

And what’s this cold feeling I’ve been having at the back of my neck for awhile now?


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