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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 128: A Damned Man Bahasa Indonesia

(Guzash POV) [The same orc from before]

“Hello,” The one with golden hair greeted with a full-face smile. “Is there anyone here capable of holding a conversation? Or at least, isn’t a complete savage?”

For four sudden beauties to appear… Could this be what the system was talking about?

By ‘surviving’ it means to survive being doted on by four heavenly beauties?

This must surely be the start of my harem route!

Why else would four beautiful women show up on the doorstep of this isekai protagonist?

And here I was, worried that the only harem I might have is from other orcs! Thank you goddess for sending me not one but four girls to service me!

Oh, and the little girl is cute too but that’s not an issue, I can wait.

Time to turn on my charm to the max and court them!

I took a confident step forward, “I can, is there anything I can help you ladies?”

They looked surprised at my answer.

“Ara? There really is one?” The nine-tailed fox commented, leaning her head on a palm. Oh what I wouldn’t give to feel those fluffy tails of hers!

“And I went and thought Master was even playin’ with us. Ah well, it makes things interesting at least!” The one with the sword on her waist laughed.

A tomboyish beauty… Heh heh heh… I can already picture her making a bashful face when she’s talking with her love interest.

But wait… Master? Are they students of someone? Oh! There’s the teacher route as well isn’t it?! I bet the ‘Master’ is also a heaven shaking beauty just waiting for me to embrace!

“Kukuku… I wonder how I will be punished for my impure thoughts against Master~” The one wearing the qipao muttered, wiping a trail of drool off her face.

A masochistic pervert, man I hit the jackpot didn’t I?

“Big sis… Cai Hong play?” The little girl asked, pulling at the sleeve of the golden haired one.

Ah~ Of course a cute little girl who refers to herself in third person to cure my heart’s weariness! That’s important too!

Thank you goddess and system!

“Yes, Cai Hong can go play. But leave that hideous one alone for now, ok?” The golden haired girl answered.

I guess she must be the leader of this little group. The golden aura she was radiating looked so godly I would cut off my left hand if she wasn’t related to some heavenly being in some way or another.

The little girl’s face brightened and skipped towards me. That’s right, come to papa!

Her body shifted like smoke before the little girl in front of me was suddenly replaced with a giant dragon standing on its hind legs.

My mind could barely comprehend the scene in front of me before a blast of fire was let loose from its mouth, burning everything behind me.

The dragon leapt over me, landing in the midst of the blaze and started trampling everything down, killing off any survivors of that initial blast.

If it wasn’t for the low rumble of laughter that was coming from the dragon, I wouldn’t have thought the dragon was enjoying what it was doing.

The girl with the sword unsheathed her blade, “You… Leader…?”

I understood she was double checking if I was the leader of my tribe of orcs.

I hesitated before quickly shaking my head, “Umm… Our village chief was killed yesterday, we don’t have an official leader yet…”

What did they want from the ‘leader’?

A hostage? Interrogation? Revenge?

I don’t remember offending any of them though?

“Interesting… Manami, would you be a dear?” The one with golden hair asked, turning to the fox girl.

The fox girl said nothing as she extended a palm towards me, her eyes glowing red.

Right at that moment, unimaginable pain assaulted my senses causing me to drop to my knees. It felt like thousands of needles had stabbed themselves into my cranium repeatedly without mercy, the pain was unlike anything I’ve ever felt.

It couldn’t have been more than a few seconds, seeing as how the dragon was still rampaging behind me, but it felt like an eternity had passed when the pain finally subsided.

“Ara, ara? This is more interesting than I thought… Someone quite powerful has locked your memories? I think only Master himself can unlock them.”

Ah… So the Master is a guy, what a letdown.

Wait… Someone locked my memories? Could it be the system or the goddess? They probably don’t want the denizens of this place to know that I came from another world.

“Eh… So what we gonna do wit’ him, Lian Li? Just end him?” The one with the sword asked, her hand visible twitching near her sword.

The one named Lian Li tapped her chin with a finger, “I suppose we can make an example out of him? He does feel like someone important after all. Make everyone here know that if they dare target Master this is what happens to them.”

A chill went down my spine.

“Alrighty then! Let’s have some fun!”

The girl lashed out her blade and there was a twinge of pain in my left wrist.

I looked down and found the hand that was supposed to be attached to me was now gushing out blood on the ground.

My mind has yet to comprehend the state I was in and failed to register any pain.

Or maybe, the pain I felt from the fox girl trying to read my memories destroyed all the pain receptors I had?

I noticed four pairs of delicate feet at the edge of my vision.

Looking up, I found the girls staring down at me with a crazed smile plastered on their face.

The brown haired girl was licking the flat of a knife she was holding, “To have set your pathetic sight on our beloved Master… Kukuku… We’ll punish you real good. You’re going to squeal for me, little pig.”

Eh? Wasn’t she a masochist? Why the sudden turn around?

The girl with the bob-cut hair sheathed her sword, “To think Master would have to dirty his hands if he were to meet you… Truly upsetting. We shall cleanse this plateau in place of Master.”

And this girl… Wasn’t she supposed to be tomboyish? Why is she so refined now?

My other hand was suddenly pinned to the ground and pain erupted from all of my other limbs.

“Ufufufu… We’ll make sure everyone who comes here is purged of such despicable thoughts of going against Master.”

Her tails… Pierced my limbs? She isn’t mofu mofu?

The Lian Li girl bent down to smile at me, “Hehehe… Painful isn’t it? Don’t worry, we’ll have a loooot of time to play with you. Ahahaha!”

Ah… I understand now.

I had came across a pack of yandere girls… I’m not sure who you are, Master of these girls, but I sincerely respect you for managing to control them.

But if they think they can just end me like this, they’re sorely mistaken.

I’m an isekai protagonist, of course I have tricks up my sleeve!

System, activate skill [Protagonist’s Second Chance].

{Command recognised. System user will now be unconscious and revive in the same body in four hours.}

I collapsed into blissful unconsciousness.

When I finally returned to my senses, I realised I had my hands tied to a pole that was staked into the ground.

Judging by the amount of blood splattered all around me, I’m pretty sure I had died at least once because of those girls.

It’s thanks to this trump card of mine that I managed to escape this death. It was one of the skills the Goddess had granted me before I came here but it can only be activated once every twenty-four hours.

Pretty OP huh?

I’m an OP isekai protagonist after all!

Oh well, now I just have to get myself free, increase my levels even more and then I’ll go and cuck those girls from their supposedly ‘beloved’ Master.

Revenge is best served cold, heh heh heh.

I wonder what kind of faces they will make? I don’t think I’ve seen someone successfully corrupt and convert a yandere before. Guess I’ll be the first!

But just when I had that thought, there was the sound of a finger snapping and the ground beneath my feet lit up.

Is that a giant explosion inscription?

When the hell did someone–


[Mission – You done screwed up (Failed)]

The next thing I know there was a giant demon wearing a loincloth with four arms and a bald head towering over me.

“Greetings mortal,” His voice boomed. “I am Abaddon of the Abyss. As by the contract you have signed to allow you to be brought to this world, your soul shall be consigned to the aby– Wait a minute…”

He crouched down and looked at me.

“Aww hell no… You messed with boss man, didn’t you? Ok, you’re out of my hands, get the hell out of here. Nope, nope, nope. Mistress! I got a code BB here!”

With those words, he disappeared in a puff of red smoke. Replacing him was an extremely attractive elf with silver hair appearing from within the smoke.

I noted that she was dressed entirely in a skintight leather suit with a whip hanging on her waist.

“A bad boy hmm? Time to put High Priestess Diao Chan’s teachings to use,” she giggled, pulling out the whip and cracking it against the ground.

What did I get myself into?

System? System?! Syyyystem!!!!


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