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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 127: A Doomed Man Bahasa Indonesia

(Random Orc POV)

My name is Guzash, supposedly the son of the Orc chief of this village.

I say supposedly because my real name was Leo Fowler, a former resident of Earth.

Life had been rather normal for the thirty year old me. I work a normal job, had a small group of people I might call friends and also not a girlfriend in sight.

Yep, life was normal for the virgin me up until I got a seizure from a jumpscare video and passed away in front of my computer while surfing through porn.

Yeah, my death was really anti-climatic, I know. At least truck-kun gave me a pass, so I think I’m already a little better in that regard.

But of course, instead of just dying, I got to be transmigrated like all those stories I’ve read about these days.

It’s common for isekai protagonists to be aware they are being transmigrated so that there isn’t a need for them to be confused about it right? With just a simple backstory of them reading about these kinds of stories, the author doesn’t need to spend time to make the character be in denial about the transmigration.

Heck, the protagonist could even be welcoming said transmigration and know everything there is to know about it.

So simple and effective.

I even met someone who called herself a goddess who claimed I’m some special person with good karma and I deserve another chance at life.

I won’t even bore you with the details on how she gave me a supposedly cheat system and sent me to this new world to do whatever I want with my new life.

What she didn’t tell me was that I wasn’t transmigrated as a human, but some kind of Orc monster instead.

On the plus side, the system I got seemed to be the real deal.

It is entirely similar to all those RPG games I used to play and there’s even an evolution system where I can evolve myself the longer I survive.

Yes, I play games. Thus we can cut the content about me stumbling over the stat values and wondering what to do with the system. How convenient.

I learnt within the first few days that Orcs were considered to be monsters because of their simple-mindedness.

I can see why though.

Within the tribe, other than the Orc chief, everyone else seems to lack even basic cognitive functions outside of their instincts.

Apparently normal orcs were pigs that have been mutated by quarks and transformed into this kind of monster that survive mostly on instinct. If an Orc gains enough power, it might gain enough sentience to form a tribe.

Fortunately, the system seems to recognise the tribe as my ‘followers’ and I could spend points to upgrade them as a whole.

I decided to let my ‘father’ stay as chief since he knows more about the world than I did at that point in time. Of course, once I gained enough power, I fully plan to take over this tribe and build my own piece of paradise here like those transmigrating protagonists!

Thanks to the system, our little tribe expanded after absorbing the other Orc tribes into our own, increasing my followers.

I managed to gather enough points to evolve all the Orcs to at least possess basic intelligence, allowing them to wield weapons and form organised raiding parties.

Our achievements got quite a lot of attention however, since we’ve unofficially established ourselves as the apex within these plains.

First one to seek us out was the dragon that had swooped down on top of our village one afternoon. I needed to have three orcs pin my father down before he did something stupid like charging at the dragon unarmed and pissing it off.

Since it had chosen to land in our village instead of burning it down from overhead, it must definitely want something from us.

My hypothesis was proven right when it demanded us to recognise it as the lord of this land.

He would grant us protection in return of us worshipping him and presenting him tribute at the end of every week.

Since we had less to lose from accepting, I made the entire village subordinate to the dragon, intending to kill it eventually when I’m strong enough one day.

Next, it was a robed human that had approached our tribe a few days later, not at all concerned that they were walking straight into a village full of monsters.

I managed to hold my ‘father’ back again to meet with the stranger in place of him. At this point of time, he had become nothing more than a figurehead for the tribe. I still kept him fed and satisfied seeing how I was using him as a scapegoat in case anything goes wrong in the future.

Seeing as how he’s the only one not recognised by the system as part of my followers, I have a feeling I shouldn’t keep my ‘father’ around for long.

The robed person made a deal with us: our cooperation in assaulting a town nearby and slaughtering its inhabitants. In return, we can use the town as we saw fit and they will provide us with food, equipment and materials we needed to keep the town running for the next year.

The system had scanned that person as an entity even more dangerous than the dragon so I decided it was a better idea to go along with that person’s plans for now.

It was also beneficial to us since we needed a more permanent base of operations anyway.

Once I voiced my consent, the hooded human introduced me to this pair of father and son who would be in charge of our supplies that we will need to take that town.

Unfortunately for me, both of them were weirdly arrogant about their position, talking down to me like I was inferior to them.

It seemed like they were under the impression that we were here to take over the village for them, though why they would think that way I hadn’t the slightest clue.

I wisely decided not to correct them on that point however, since I believe the hooded human intended for us to get rid of these two once they’ve served their purpose. A decision I can wholeheartedly get behind of.

Everything was proceeding as planned until a request came from the father and son duo. Apparently a kid was coming through the valley that they needed to get rid of no matter what.

I chalked it up to some political issues they had in their midst and decided to just accept it. The pay was good and it should be an easy task right? I mean, it’s just a kid.

Well… A day after accepting that request, the system issued a new mission for me.

[You done screwed up]

Objective: Survive

Rewards: You live

Penalty: You a dead boi and your soul gets sent to the abyss.


Well… Aside from the fact that it’s just stating the obvious for the objective, reward and penalty, the fact that it claims that I screwed up was a little worrisome.

Not to mention the fact that my soul will get sent to the abyss is another crappy deal.

Just what did I do to trigger this event?!

I made everyone go on full alert, putting them to maintaining the weapons that we were provided with and doubling the patrols.

Could it be wanting to kill the kid?

I decided then not to involve myself with hunting that kid, I’ll just report that we failed or something. That should work right?

Just when I feel more assured of myself, my scapegoat got killed that very same day.

Apparently his head exploded in an extremely gruesome fashion while he was in the middle of demanding for meat.

His death suggested that someone might have thought he was the leader and killed him to sow discord amongst us.

Deciding that staying was a bad choice, I gave the order to pack up and leave the very next day.

But before we could even vacate the area, four otherworldly beauties and a little girl showed up at our doorstep…


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