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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 730: World Nexus Bahasa Indonesia

“So the farther one goes from the continent, the deeper the ocean becomes and the storm should be the deepest part of the ocean.” Lin Mu understood.

Having seen this though, Lin Mu realized another thing.

“Hang on… if the red dots are the markers where there are cultivators and shows their cultivation base, then where are the beasts? The population of beasts should be far more than humans.

Especially the ocean, it should be filled with strong beasts, shouldn’t it?” Lin Mu questioned.

He even looked at the great southern forest, but didn’t see any markers for beasts there. In fact, there were only a few red dots dispersed in the entire southern forest. It looked rather empty, which looked strange to Lin Mu.

“Those few red dots should be the cultivators who entered the forest to get the resources. But then, where are the beasts? Why does it now show beasts?” Lin Mu wondered..

Sadly for Lin Mu, this question remained unanswered and his vision turned to white again. The next time he blinked his eyes, he realized he was back in the real world in the palace of the Hong Lin kingdom.

The people around him were looking at him in awe, and he didn’t know why.

“Senior Lin Mu, what was that? How did you make the oath so strong?” King Hong questioned while the rest looked on.

Lin Mu though, didn’t answer and had a question mark in his mind.

“Senior Xukong what happened?” Lin Mu asked.

“Just as I had expected, with the oath you managed to trigger the world’s will to descend. Now with it as the witness, no one will be able to break the oath since they will all be observed by the world.” Xukong spoke.

“No wonder they looked like this…” Lin Mu muttered.

“And what about you? Your mind disappeared for about ten seconds there.” Xukong spoke, finding it to be strange.

“Wait senior, you didn’t see it?” Lin Mu questioned.

“See what?” Xukong asked.

“Hang on, let’s deal with this situation first and then that.” Lin Mu said as he began to focus on the task at hand.

He looked at King Hong and spoke.

“I just used an oath that my master taught me. It’s stronger than the normal oaths and should protect us better.” Lin Mu answered the King.

“No wonder. Of course, senior Lin Mu’s master must be far beyond us.” King Hong nodded his head.

They didn’t know who Lin Mu’s master exactly was, but hearing that he had one meant a lot to them. If Lin Mu was so strong, then they thought his master must be beyond what they could imagine.

This gave them an additional sense of security that they didn’t even know they needed.

“Well then, now that this is done, we can get back to work.” King Hong said to everyone.

“Yes, Your majesty!” Everyone replied.

Lin Mu also sat down and listened to their plans. There was little for him to do other than to speak at a certain moment when King Hong and adviser Liu sought out his opinion on a few matters.

Most of the matters were just internal things that related to the kingdom, but there were also other matters which were more of a diplomatic nature.

For example, what do they do if someone they know is being controlled? Or if a person from a sect arrives that they know is being controlled.

They needed to know how to behave during these times and that was also where they asked Lin Mu’s opinion. The entire meeting lasted over twenty hours and only stopped because it was midnight now.

Once it was over, Lin Mu got to leave and went to the courtyard that he had Jing Luo rented out. King Hong had just gifted it directly to Lin Mu after having bought it from the previous owner, who was actually one of the ministers.

They owned several properties across the capital and the kingdom, and thus doing something like this was very easy. Lin Mu had become something of an unofficial elder of the Hong Kingdom by now.

“So what is it that you saw?” Xukong questioned Lin Mu after he sat down in the room.

“Why don’t you take a look, senior?” Lin Mu said as he moved some of his memories to the shared mind space they had.

Xukong read through the memories and saw all that Lin Mu had seen; the world, the beacons, cultivators, the storm, and the shades of the water. He saw everything. After he was done, he couldn’t help but be internally shocked.

‘Why did this happen? How can he see something only a celestial should be able to see? Even if he is ordained by the world, something of this sort is impossible.’ Xukong thought to himself before turning back towards certain direction.

‘Unless it’s something you intended to do…’ Xukong said while looking at the ethereal altar.

“So? What do you think, senior?” Lin Mu questioned after a few minutes.

Xukong had been silent the entire time, so Lin Mu wondered if he was done or not.

“Hmm, the most I can tell you right now is that you have seen something that should have been impossible to see. Not just for you but the world itself.” Xukong answered.

“Huh? What do you mean, senior?” Lin Mu asked for clarification.

“What you saw was the world, or rather its representation. In the higher worlds, it is known as the world nexus. It is something every world has, but only a few worlds can actually access it or see it.” Xukong replied.

“You mean to say senior… only a high leveled world should be able to see it?” Lin Mu asked.

“Indeed. If it has appeared and you managed to see it, that means…” Xukong stated.

“The world has been growing and has reached a new level.” Lin Mu interrupted.

“Indeed. Even if it hasn’t fully reached it, it is close since the nexus is still not complete. That is also the reason why you could only see the humans on there.” Xukong explained.


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