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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 729: Stormy Ocean Bahasa Indonesia

Seeing the world and the cultivators on it, Lin Mu felt a bit overwhelmed. While the general consensus was that cultivators were rare, being one in a thousand, seeing their total population, was still shocking to him.

“They have the same number of Immortal Ascension realm cultivators as us…” Lin Mu muttered.

He then looked at the other red dots that were still big but did not look like beacons. These were the cultivators who were in the Dao Treading realm. Of these, Lin Mu could see about twenty nine dots in the great Zhou continent and eleven dots in the Northern tribes.

“So the total number of Dao treading realm cultivators is twenty nine, huh…” Lin Mu said as he gazed in the direction of the Black Dawn Kingdom.

There his gaze was on a particular location that was close to the northern coast.

“No red dot there. Hmm… if Jing Wei was there, the dot should have been there.. Guess he really is in the ancestral land of the Jing clan. No wonder it doesn’t appear here. But this also means there should be other such Dao Treading realm experts that don’t appear on the map if they are in other such minor planes or worlds.” Lin Mu analyzed.

Lin Mu wondered if he could find Gu Yao with this, but that was a tough thing to do. He knew that Gu Yao had reached the Dao Shell realm, but when he tried to see the red dots for Dao Shell realm cultivators, he found there to be over two hundred.

Some of them even overlapped, so it was hard to tell how many there actually were.

“The actual number is bound to be higher. Plus… there is a chance that Gu Yao might have taken to hiding in a minor plane. It could be one of the reasons why finding him is hard. If I was him and had the information, I would probably do the same.” Lin Mu muttered to himself.

Seeing the entire world at once had given Lin Mu an overview that enhanced his thinking. He could now think from a broader perspective and realized just how little prepared he was for the coming battle.

He knew that the entire world would be embroiled in this. While both the parties had the same number of Immortal Ascension realm cultivators, he didn’t know if they would be able to work together when Gu Yao was sowing discord.

“NO! Rather than that, Gu Yao would never even let them have the opportunity to fight. With the speed at which he is controlling others and taking over sects, he will probably try to neutralize the top sects before they can do much.

They should definitely have something that can restrain or even kill Immortal Ascension realm cultivators.” Lin Mu concluded.

Lin Mu furrowed his brows and deeply gazed at the world, trying to memorize each and every bit of it. He tried to see which places had the most cultivators and why. He didn’t know how he had ended up here, but knew that him being ordained by the world had something to do with it.

‘If I have the opportunity, why not take it… even this much is enough to give us plenty of perspectives.’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

Lin Mu moved from one side of the world to the other and eventually ended up completing it all.

“I’ve done as much as I can right now.” Lin Mu said, but after a few seconds, he wondered something else. “What’s there behind this? This world is a sphere, right? There should be more behind it.” Lin Mu said.

And just as he said this, the world started to turn and showed the side which was hidden to Lin Mu. But what he saw shocked him even more.

“What… is this?” Lin Mu said in shock.

So far, from what Lin Mu had learned, after four of the five continents were combined, only the great ocean was left behind. Lin Mu had thought that all he would see there would be water, but he saw much more than that.

On the other half of the world, a massive storm was churning. It looked like a white vortex that continued to spin in one place. Clouds from all over the world would join it and then get dispersed into the ocean.

At the eye of the storm, Lin Mu could see nothing. It looked like a pitch black hole and no light was seen there. It was like the deepest depths of the sea where no light could penetrate.

From time to time, streaks of light would spread across the storm, showing that it even contained thunder and lightning. The streaks were like dragons swimming in the seas and weaved through the storm.

There were no islands or any landforms that Lin Mu could see on the other side, either. It was as if all of them had disappeared or sunk.

“Is this the effect of moving entire continents, or perhaps something else?” Lin Mu wondered.

But this gave rise to another question for Lin Mu.

“These continents… were they floating that they could be united? No… that doesn’t make sense. If they were able to float, they would have to be far lighter. But then how would one move something that is attached to the ground?” Lin Mu pondered.

It was now that Lin Mu noticed another thing. The color of the water was different, or rather the shade of blue was different in the different parts of the world. The water around the continent was of a lighter shade than the water in the depths of the ocean.

Lin Mu realized that the further one went from the continent, the darker the color of the water got. Then arrived the storm where everything was white due to the clouds. And in the center of the storm, in its eye, there was just pitch black darkness within which nothing could be seen.


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