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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 701: Granting A Meeting Bahasa Indonesia

The Junior brother looked at the mountain and then at the senior brother.

“Senior brother, should we… ask the man… no, Senior for help?” The junior brother questioned.

But the senior brother didn’t answer right away and stayed silent as if thinking about it.

“Senior brother, you’ve seen how this senior is proficient in the formations. He must be a great formation master. Where else would we find someone that can do all this? Even if we go to your friend in the Long Cloud sect, we have no guarantee that they would be available to do that.

Plus, the time needed to travel back and forth will be more than fifteen days. And even if we manage to convince your friend, I doubt they would be able to set up a tribulation accentuation fomentation array that quickly.

This senior seems like our best choice.” The junior brother pleaded.


“Fine… we will try. But we will not bother him. He has no obligation to help us and seeing his skill and cultivation base, I doubt he is anyone without a background.” The senior brother stated.

“Yes. Of course, the final decision about accepting our request is up to him. But I guess we can try.” The junior brother replied.

“Alright, let’s go and see if he is willing to help us. Don’t talk and let me speak first.” The senior brother ordered.

The two of them then flew to the base of the mountain and cupped their hands while bowing their heads.

“We two are disciples from the Noon grass sect and couldn’t help but notice the senior’s great skill in formations. Can the senior please grant us audience?” the senior brother asked in a humble tone.

His voice was normal, yet it managed to reach all across the mountain. While they were doing this, inside the cave of the mountain, something else was happening.


A man appeared out of the ground and looked at another man who was standing at the entrance of the cave while gazing out. The man who had appeared was none other than Lin Mu of course, while the other being Jing Luo.

“They took the bait. It actually went far better than expected.” Lin Mu spoke.

“Good. Since they are the ones asking us for a request, we will now have an upper hand.” Jing Luo replied.

“Should we let them enter?” Lin Mu asked.

“Not so fast… let them wait a few more minutes.” Jing Luo replied.


“He hasn’t responded yet… is he in seclusion already?” The junior brother asked his senior brother.

“Hmm… it has been an hour since he entered it. I doubt he would start this fast as he would need to set up more things inside the abode.” The senior brother replied.

“Then is he perhaps ignoring us?” The junior brother questioned.

“That could be possible. He doesn’t really have an obligation to help us, anyway.” The senior brother answered.

“Even the name of our sect doesn’t help this…” The junior brother replied.

“Our sect has always been low key and prefers to stay out of conflicts. This also includes any debts and favors. It’s usual for other cultivators to not pay much attention to us at this point.

Some normal cultivators might, due to our identity as one of the top sects, but those who know more will probably not care much about it. Plus, this senior definitely has a much higher identity than us.” The senior brother explained.

Hearing this, the junior brother nodded his head.

“Now that I think of it… doesn’t he look younger than us?” The junior brother compared.

“That’s another way to confirm that he may actually have a higher rank than us. Even if we are the direct disciples of the sect master, there are many geniuses out there in the world. This is one of the things master, wants you to learn.” The senior brother replied.

Despite hearing his senior brother’s words, the junior brother couldn’t help but feel a tinge of envy from comparing himself to the senior who had made the formation array. To him, the beefy man not only had a higher cultivation base than him and his senior brother, but was also of a younger age.

The two of them looked like they were in their late forties right now, while the beefy man looked to be in his late thirties. While they couldn’t confirm his actual age just by this, before one reached the Adult Soul stage of the nascent soul realm, using appearance to judge was still enough.

The junior brother himself was over two hundred years old, while his senior brother was twice as old as that at the age of over four hundred.

Just as the two of them were about to give up, they heard a deep voice come from the mountain.

“Enter!” The voice stated.

The eyes of the junior brother lit up after hearing this, and he looked at the senior brother.

“Seems like we are in luck.” The senior brother said. “Let’s enter. Best not to keep him waiting.”

The two of them then approached the mountain and saw the barrier materialize in front of them. A small door opened up for them and they were able to enter it. Upon entering, they could see the mountain change slightly and the cave which had disappeared was now visible again on the mountainside.

The two of them quickly reached the cave and came to a stop there.

“Senior, may we enter?” the senior brother asked in a polite tone while cupping his hand. His junior brother followed his lead and did the same.

“Come in,” Jing Luo said from the inside.

“Thank you senior.” The senior brother said and took a step in while his junior followed.

Upon entering, they could see the completely different look of the cave. There were several sets of furniture that had been arranged in a simple, yet elegant manner.

Seeing this, the two felt a bit better since they realized that they weren’t being ignored, just that the senior was busy.


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